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Vapour lounges are at the forefront of our recent cultural revolution. Washington and Colorado took the plunge as the first two American states to legalize marijuana, while others seem to be largely following suit progressively by decriminalizing it. Legalization talks are more and more present in Canada as Federal Liberal Party leader, Justin Trudeau, is very much in favour of the move.

The gruesome concomitants of the war on drugs were on display yet again last week in Mexico, where gangs continue to terrorise the public with impunity. The decapitated body of a crime-awareness blogger was found in Nuevo Laredo, the third of such killings to occur in the city over the last month.

Whether it's overseas in foreign countries like Iran and Malaysia, where drug trafficking is punished with the death penalty, or here at home in North America, where police SWAT teams kick down doors with guns blazing, the Drug War Executions continue.

More people are dealing drugs as the economy worsens and Toronto police say it has set off a string of violence.