Stroup & Rosenthal to Open Office in Stewart Mott Building

On 1/12/11 7:35 PM, “Ed Rosenthal” wrote:

Dear Mr. Stroup,

I am writing to inquire whether u would like to open a patient care center with me. We could call it the Nor-Green Center For Truly Alternative Medicine. We would try to rent basement space from the Stuart Mott Foundation building near the Supreme Court so govt. bigwigs wouldn’t have to go far to get their medicine. Of course we would accept government funded health insurance and Part D as long as our invoices were accepted.

I am sure that once a single person in any given office tries it, many more people in the offices will realize how sick they really are and they will hold medical self-help meetings where all the sick people in the Congressional offices, including many of the interns and others will commiserate about what ails them. These meetings can be held in private meeting rooms set up for patient groups.

Eventually the Parliamentarians will show up, and as John and Yoko said, “The WAR IS OVER- If you want it.

What do u say? Lets do it!

Yours truly,

Ed Rosenthal, President For Life

American Society for Medical Marijuana For Pets and Wildlife (ASMMFPW), pronounced ASMFW.
(Local Chapterships Available in Your Area. Act Now!)

Date:Thu, Jan 13, 2011 7:00 am


How could I turn down such an attractive offer?