2010: Anonymous Volunteer Wall of Honor Inductee #6

The latest inductee to the Anonymous Volunteer Wall of Honor is DONNIE W. who destroyed 2.5-3 lbs. in 2010.

Statement: “To protect my anonymity I only provided my tool of choice- thermal papers. I am serious about my work and carry them around at all times in case I need to use them”

Donnie W. has worked diligently to rid the streets of marijuana. Donnie understands that the DEA has a much more important job to do, such as sit in makeup chairs while being paid through taxpayer dollars to get ready for their reality show cleverly named “DEA” on the SPIKE Channel. What could be more important to the DEA than glamorizing their jobs on national TV to make themselves look like heroes and boost their already self inflated egos?! While the DEA gets all dolled up in their makeup chairs to appear on the small screen, Donnie has volunteered his time to do their actual jobs. Thanks Donnie!

If you would like to nominate yourself or someone else, please send the pertinent information: your real name (such John S.), a photo of you or simply your instrument of hazardous material destruction, and your statement. We will be happy to post you to the Anonymous Volunteer Wall of Honor.