The DEA Listed Me #2!!!

The holidays have been very happy for me and everyone here at Quick Trading. Not only has Celeb Stoner listed Marijuana Grower’s Handbook as the Best Cultivation Book of 2010, but I also recently received a copy of the DEA Position on Marijuana report (July 2010) and found that they named me second under Biggest Threats: The Legalization Lobby.

It reads:

“Ed Rosenthal, senior editor of High Times [they are a little out-of-the loop], a pro-drug magazine, once revealed the legalization strategy behind the “medical” marijuana movement. While addressing an effort to seek public sympathy fo glaucoma patients, he said, “I have to tell you that I also use marijuana medically. I have latent glaucoma which has never been diagnosed. The reason why it’s never been diagnosed is because I have been treating it.” He continued, “I have to be honest, there is another reason why I do use marijuana… and that is because I like to get high. Marijuana is fun.” ”

First, I would like to thank the DEA for their acknowledgement of my work. I appreciate my high ranking on your list, and while I am a supporter and respect the work of Marijuana Policy Project (MPP), what do I have to do to become #1?

Drug Czar Kerlikowske and the DEA have ignored my requests to put my tens of thousands of deputized volunteers to work. They are ready with their portable hazardous waste incinerators and thermal papers to destroy all of the marijuana produced in and coming across our borders.

So, this award to me is bittersweet. That’s ok though, I prefer my chocolate that way too.