Letters #7-8 from Eddy Lepp via Lompoc Federal Correctional Institution

Eddy Lepp is a Vietnam War Veteran and medical marijuana activist who grew medicine for patients in Northern California. He gave it away free to those who needed it most. In 2008 he was sentenced by Federal Judge Marilyn Patel to ten years in federal prison.

Although he has been moved to other California prisons, he is currently in Lompoc Federal prison camp. He is expected to be released in 2018.

Ed was and remains denied from visiting Eddy due to his felony conviction in 2003. Angela visited Eddy in October but since he has moved to the camp, she has been barred from visitation and the prison has “no record of her visit”. PLEASE WRITE EDDY, your congressperson or donate to his defense fund at www.green-aid.com.

Please take a minute to write Eddy a letter and let him know you are following his story:

Charles Edward Lepp
Federal Prison Camp Lompoc
3705 West Farm Road
Lompoc, CA 93436

Dear Ed and Angela [Ed’s Assistant],

Sorry it took a minute to write this but it is a tough subject for me because now it is hitting very close to home. I have mentioned the horrid diet and all the deaths and heart attacks inside here.

This last week I tested positive for possible colon cancer. I have been told that if caught in the very early stages it is 90% curable but if caught in the later stages it is fatal 90% of the time. I just wonder if I will have to wait 6-12 months to navigate the Federal Prison medical system.

The medical staff tries to help us all they can but the system is defective. I have to travel to the Medium Security Federal Prison [at Lompoc]to see a doctor, it takes hours to do simple appointments.

I fear I may be allowed to die like so many others I have seen in the 18 months I have been in. These and many other issues really must be addressed by someone someday. To call this the land of the free is a joke. The home of the brave is even more laughable.

As one politician after another is elected by screaming he is tough on crime only to abuse the pages, take the bribes, screw those who elected him while touring the country and world on lobbyist money as he or she sells their soul, we suffer.

If you care (VOTE!) call someone and complain about it.

Respect All
Hurt None
Love Another




You asked me about the holidays [in prison], well they are horrid. SO many guys are so depressed about not being home. So few can come and visit. The food is horrible, we get a nice lunch but dinner is a paper bag with lunchmeat you can squeeze like a washcloth and watch oily water run out.

We get 300 minutes on the phone a month, that is 1 ten minute call a day for November. In December we get an extra 100 minutes. We are told that the reason we get so little phone time is that people listen in to every single minute, so it drives a wedge even further into relationships strained by our imprisonment. At some point we will be getting a Christmas sack of off-brand stale candy and cookies. There will be no dance, no songs and no FUCKING TREE.

The Grinch didn’t steal Christmas, for you see, the Fed ensured there was nothing to steal. We sit here, next door to Vandenberg Air Force Base and watch them launch rockets that cost millions while we wear socks with holes and pants and shirts covered in paint and stains. Jackets with broken zippers and used shoes and boots that dont always fit. We are fed slop you wouldn’t feed a pig.

But then, I should be thankful I only get TEN YEARS AND NOT LIFE, of course at my age, this may be life. I would hope that we can use the holidays as an excuse, to come together as one and work out a plan that we can all agree on to ensure the sacred plant may be legal for all in 2012. If we work together for the good of all, not just a few, we can do this. So please help.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.

Respect All
Hurt None
Love One Another


PS: Although the holidays are hard, unlike many other guys in here I have many wonderful friends who have not let me forget a minute how much they love and support me: Steve Sarich and Jeff G from Washington State. Erica, Craig and Jason who do so much for me. Chris Bennet, Carl Olson, Tom Brown and Vanessa Nelson who all send me news often so I am always up-to-date. And you, Angela, and Ed who give me a voice, love and support.

But often it is the many who don’t know me or met me once or twice at one of the many events who warm my heart with their cards, songs, poems, letters from the heart. There are times the love and support is overwhelming, I can’t express how wonderful it feels to get 20-30 letters from Harborside Health Center or one of the other outlets that support Marijuana POWs. To get a picture of Hempfest or a news story or magazine about the cause is incredible.

These things all touch me deeply and give me the strength to wake up every day positive that I and we shall overcome and that someday soon our government will insist on justice being done and FREE not only myself but the many who are in here with me that, like me, shouldn’t be. But the part that is best of all is how many see to it my wife Linda can go to events and spread the word. Knowing she is there each and every day, knowing how hard it is for her alone, by herself, to carry on, I am so proud and impressed that she can work and do all that she does and still have the time to answer the phone night after night, filling my heart with love and my soul with hope. My JAH continue to bless us all.