We Love You Chief Kerlikowske

I am astounded at the response to my recent blog about my new volunteer position with the DEA.

Over 18,892 of you have already pledged to help law enforcement eliminate marijuana. It is reassuring to know that so many of you are so civic-minded even at considerable risk to your safety and sanity.

However, I have alarming news! CNBC has released a second documentary about the status of marijuana. This time they focused on Colorado and Kentucky. I felt especially sorry for Lietuenant Brent Roper of Kentucky’s Cannabis Suppression Branch who said that marijuana growing had been happening when he was a kid, is now bigger than ever, and would never be eliminated… although he thought it should not be legalized. Marijuana Inc. host Trish Regan then commented that police forces were overwhelmed by the sheer volume of production.

Another segment showed that marijuana production in Colorado has become so great that in one small town over 70 dispensaries were opened so people could help destroy the substance under controlled conditions.

Then my old friend, Obama’s Drug Czar Chief Gil Kerlikowski, appeared. He said that he had seen lives destroyed by Americans’ obsession with marijuana so its proliferation must be stopped. Well Chief, let’s talk about this government’s obsession with wars. Five hundred thousand Americans killed or messed up in Afghanistan/Iraq. Hey Chief, how about America’s War on People Who Use Marijuana? Fifteen million arrests and climbing daily. Do you think that this helps people? Is good for kids? Let’s outlaw these laws. Why don’t you start on that campaign if you are so concerned about Americans’ health?

Even with all the insanity around the campaign, as Americans we have to join together, united to fight the campaign to eradicate or destroy the overwhelming tide of marijuana that we volunteers have known about and is now documented on Marijuana Inc. Think of that poor Brent Roper in Kentucky and all his 120 deputies who still cannot stem the avalanche of sticky tasty buds.

Folks, I know that almost 19,000 of you have taken the pledge. But it’s just not enough. Enlist you friends in the effort. Help law enforcement dig itself out of the giant piles of marijuana it must deal with. Why, as I am writing this I received an e-mail from Ames, Iowa, 1,308 lbs. of Super Early Bud HQ Domestic must be destroyed. They need help!

The Ames, Iowa police department has 1308 lbs of marijuana that must be destroyed immediately!

According to Marijuana Inc., this is taking place in all 50 states, even those without medical marijuana laws. If America is not to drown in a sea of buds and trim we must take more action immediately. We need more citizens deputized to search and destroy marijuana.

I have written the following letter to Drug Czar Kerlikowski,

Dear Chief K.,

After reading about the drug tunnels from Mexico and the capture of 45 tons, or 33,000,000 joints and realizing that those joints would have been consumed in between 8 and 16 hours, I realized you were overwhelmed in your work and that you needed a team of citizens deputized to search for and destroy the marijuana overload buildng up all over the U.S.

To help with the efforts I posted a blog about your predicament. To my surprise nearly 19,000 people have taken the pledge to anonymously search for and destroy marijuana wherever and whenever they find it.

I thought you would be gratified to know that there is now a citizen force with a membership roughly 5 times the size of the DEA Team. This group of dedicated investigators has been assembled in less than a month, and new team associates are joining daily.

Chief K., right now our campaign seems like a one-way street. I realize that this is mostly our fault because of our pledge of anonymity. However our efforts could use your help. First, we think that the DEA could provide Team Eradicate with portable hazardous waste incinerators (Pictured below). I saw them for sale in Amsterdam for 4 euros, but with your tremendous purchase power, you could buy them so cheaply they could be delivered for free. That is certainly a lot cheaper than using a paid DEA Agent.

A portable hazardous waste incinerator

Secondly, we are diligently searching out excess marijuana, and are quite successful. Even so, we think that with your professional investigative capabilities you probably locate more marijuana than you can eliminate. So if you could just announce where this marijuana is located, we will destroy it for you, anonymously.

Although, the deputies have taken a vow of anonymity, I have revealed my identity in order to open up a line of communication. Please get in touch with me as soon as you can so we can coordinate our efforts to destroy this green plant.

Ed Rosenthal

Please join me in taking the pledge:

Let me know you have if you’d like.

And drop Chief Kerlikowski a snail mail postcard (for anonymity sake) to let him know that you have volunteered. I think this will cheer him up since 2010 was the largest harvest ever, and he feels outnumbered. Click below to send him a letter. Remember to attention it to “Drug Czar Kerlikowske”: