Ex-Narc Barry Cooper Launches Covert KopBusting Cameras and Consultations

CANNABIS CULTURE – Barry Cooper, the US narcotics agent turned Kop-Busting pot activist, has released a new digital camera shaped like a car key and a system where customers can upload videos of run-ins with police for analysis and consultation.

“The BarryCam is a dream come true for us,” Cooper told Cannabis Culture. “We’re not just selling cameras, this is a protection program. There is no other system like it in the world. It gives citizens the confidence to know there is an expert they can send video to that is going to hand-walk them through their cases and help them.”

Cooper explains how it works in a video advertisment for the BarryCam posted at BarryCam.com:

“The BarryCam Protection Program is the next evolution in police accountability technology and offers protection from an ever growing number of corrupt cops,” Cooper tells the camera. “This hidden camera system captures your next law enforcement encounter for me to personally analyzed for any police misconduct. Since I’m a former narcotics officer and currently one of America’s top expert witnesses regarding police misconduct owning this system is like having me as your personal witness everywhere you go.”

The BarryCam Covert Keychain Camera looks like a BMW car key but contains a hidden camera, USB connector port, and microSD card slot (up to 16GB). The camera takes MPEG video at 720 x 480 @29FPS and still photos at 2560 x 1920 pixels. The device houses a high quality microphone that, according to Barry, “records conversations clearly even while hidden in your pocket”. Even cooler, a motion activation mode allows the camera to automatically begin recording when movement is detected.

The package comes with video analysis software, a 2GB microSD card, and a 1 year membership in the BarryCam Protection Program for $199. Go here to buy one.

Cooper is known for his NeverGetBusted series of DVDs and his efforts to turn the tables on corrupt police officers and film the results for a show he called KopBusters.

The police, however, turned the tables another 180°, raiding Cooper’s home and arresting him and his wife Candi for filing a false police report in one of their sting operations and possession of less than a gram of marijuana. The Coopers were then arrested and charged again by a different county.

They recently beat one of the charges, but are still fighting the others.

Cooper ran for Texas Attorney-General and appears often on mainstream cable news shows. Barry’s colorful personality and remarkable story are now the subject of a Hollywood feature film produced by Franck Khalfoun and Brett Ratner, the directors responsible for the Rush Hour movies and Prison Break TV show.

Cooper told Cannabis Culture he plans on releasing a hidden rearview mirror camera and necklace camera in the near future as alternatives to the key camera. He also said he hopes to expand his consultation services to a larger team of trained responders who could connect LIVE with customers and assist them during police encounters.

“When they get into any trouble of any type they push the button and it streams in real time to our detectives,” he said, “kind of like an OnStar system. If one of our customers is pulled over and the cop approaches the car we’ll be able to announce, ‘Officer, thanks for being a public servant but be advised you are being monitored on live video and audio by BarryCam'”. At that point, Cooper’s detectives would research the police officer, local laws, or other relevant information and offer advice.

Barry Cooper is a regular contributor to Cannabis Culture. Read his blog.