NeverGetBusted Over The Holidaze

To ensure you stay safe during the holidaze, I’ll post some NeverGetBusted Tips to refresh your memory and to keep you alert.

The following tips are taken from the most popular questions I am asked:

Question #1: What are your suggestions for “stashing” on your person?

Barry: A small amount in the private area works really well! This method of hiding can be a problem because if you are arrested for any other offense (police in Texas can take you to jail for traffic violations), the kops can find your stash during a strip search at the jail. If you are certain you won’t be arrested for another crime, the private area works great, especially for females.

Question #2: Is it smarter to find a special stash spot inside your vehicle or find a good place to stash it on your person?

Barry: It’s always smarter to carry only what you can eat. Upon being pulled over, simply eat your stash. If you aren’t willing to do this, it’s safer to hide your stash in the crotch area especially if you are a female.

These two methods are much safer than hiding contraband in your auto.

Question #3: If an individual had a small bag of pot in a cigarette pack, is it safe to assume if the officer asks, “What you got there?” you should be able to answer, “a pack of cigarettes,” without worrying about him searching the pack?

Barry: It is highly unlikely a pack of cigarettes can contain a weapon. That being the case, if an officer looks in your pack without probable cause (odor of pot, informant tip, K-9 alert) and without your permission, then anything found in that pack should be inadmissible in court. During a pat down, a kop can and will lie and claim the pack of cigarettes felt like a weapon. Once he retrieves the pack of cigarettes and discovers it’s not a weapon, he must then have your permission or probable cause to search the cigarette pack. Of course kops do not usually follow search laws so it’s normal for the officer to search the pack and take you to jail for the pot. It’s an illegal arrest but if you are found “Not Guilty,” there is no punishment for the officer. As an added tip, kops always look in cigarette packs because stoners and junkies hide their stashes there often.

There is the “legal” way, and there is the “NeverGetBusted Way.” The NeverGetBusted way may run contrary to conventional legal methods but can be more valuable in terms of whether you go to jail with a “legal argument” that the judge will probably overlook or avoid going to jail all-together.

Question #4: What is the BarryCam system?

Barry: The BarryCam system is the next evolution in personal security that offers protection from an ever-growing number of korrupt kops. This hidden camera system captures your next law enforcement encounter for Barry Cooper to analyze for any police misconduct. Since Barry is a former narcotics officer and currently one of America’s top court experts regarding police misconduct, owning this system is like having Barry as your personal witness everywhere you go.

The Internet reports thousands of police abuse cases with dozens of new reports surfacing each day. The smart citizen now realizes there is a great need to protect themselves from these rogue officers.

Although most police cruisers are equipped with dash cameras, any video captured that portrays officers in a bad light is usually tampered with or destroyed. The BarryCam provides every citizen controverting evidence to ensure his or her freedom. There is no other system like it!

BarryCams coming soon!



  1. Anonymous on


  2. Anonymous on

    Good advice Barry, keep it up

  3. joe lewis on


  4. Anonymous on

    Thanks for all you do Barry – i’ve managed to find a way to stay out of trouble if i feel it necessary to smoke weed – that is NOT to do it out in public anywhere ever – of course i’m a recluse and love being home, so that option might not be as palatable to others who like to go out & enjoy themselves. But it is a pretty fool-proof way from getting noticed by The Man – don’t take weed out in public. hopefully FREEDOM FOR ALL in my life time

  5. str8upstoner420 on

    I gotta say that I agree with you on the pre roll and the whole pipe thing but I think I have a better stash spot than the private area as Barry has suggested because it still leaves you open to being caught if you are arrested for another offense. My stash spot for traveling with the ganj is this. The waistband on most jeans is doubled over so if you cut a slit to make an opening in the waistband you can easily slip 3-5 joints inside the waistband of your jeans(make sure you put them in a bag or you may have to destroy your pants to get at your stash)this has gotten me out of a pickle more than once. So what do you think Barry yea or nay please let me know what you think of my stash spot.

    P.S. when using this method it’s always a good idea to wear a belt to help to hide any bulge although if you do this right there shouldn’t be a noticable bulge.

    Peace,Pot and Happy Holidaze to all,


  6. MOTFA on

    another holiday tip: if you have weed in your car and you are not obeying traffic laws you are just begging the cops to bust you

    i should have taken a barry cam to mexico with me when i went. fucking corrupt cops down there stole my god damn camera b/c it was sitting on my passenger seat. i guess it doesn’t matter though. not even the government down there gives a shit about what their cops do.

  7. Anonymous on

    What the F you doing advertising this info goof? Pre roll your spliffs, pipes out of home are idiotic, rolling papers can be bought at a store, so technically, nobody should be searched for rolled herbal matter in view, but not likely. It don’t matter what evidence you got for police brutality, government system can’t do anything for you! Unless your rich already and want to pay lawyer thousands, thousands over and over again. Bribe the cops, like mentioned before corrupt cops think they’re right, and on rampage to attack whoever, wherever!