“Weed This Week” – New LIVE Webcast, Fridays at 4pm

CANNABIS CULTURE – Tune in to Cannabis Culture at 4pm Pacific time every Friday to see the LIVE webcast of “Weed This Week” with CC editor Jeremiah Vandermeer.

The first show, which premiered on Saturday November 13th, covered some of the latest news from the cannabis community and gave viewers a post-election update on marijuana-related ballot initiatives and measures.

Jeremiah discussed some of the GOOD, the BAD, and the UGLY of recent marijuana legalization efforts in the United States and gave an update on the status of Canadian political pot prisoner Marc Emery — with breaking news from Jodie when it happened live during the show.

Light up with us at 4:20 during our CC smoke session and get a look inside the Cannabis Culture Headquarters with news, guests, and good times. Join us as we work to end cannabis prohibition and bring Marc Emery home!

Watch live shows as they happen, and previous shows in the archive, at the CC USTREAM Page or watch below on this page at 4:00pm PST. Click here to sign up for a USTREAM account so you can chat in the box below.

Jeremiah Vandermeer is editor of Cannabis Culture. Follow him on Facebook and Twitter.



  1. Catharine on

    Looking forward to this each week!
    I enjoyed the spontaneity of it – doesn’t have to be perfect and it will get better w/ each episode.

    CC definitely needs to keep a video / live TV presence especially w/ so many supporters world-wide. I’ll be watching from Rhode Island – Keep up the great work Cannabis Culture Staffers!

    All my support,
    -Catharine Leach

  2. Uncle-Viper on

    Good to see Cannabis Culture back in the video business. I suggest the Family Compact “Set Marc Free” as the theme song for the show. An hour to 90 minutes is a good time length for a regular news program, and more for special occasions. Keep up the excellent work, and lets bring Marc home.

  3. dare on

    Hey Jeremiah, great show. I’d love to write some show notes if you think that will help people tune in to the rebroadcasts.

    Breaking News: Jodie just got word, Friday, that Marc Emery will be moved to a private prison in Georgia. It was thought that Marc would be in California before this. Please keep Jodie in your thoughts.

    Jeremiah talks about recent news from around the globe, including:

    New Zealand pro-legalization smoke-ups in front of parliament & a local police station.

    Britain and Canada recently had their parliaments fortunate to have the smell of sweet bud wafting through the air too. The Canadian protester may be interviewed by Jeremiah soon.

    Recent US legalization/medicalization Propositions
    Legalization drive for Massachusetts in 2012 & other areas
    Prop19 (California) received a greater share & exposure than any other
    Arizona. Sunday Update: it has officially passed! http://today.msnbc.msn.com/id/40170982/ns/politics-decision_2010/

    Jeremiah reads a recent article by NORML Stash Blog host Russ Belville

    California arrests & hypocrisy

    Send mail to Marc by visiting Jodie’s twitter (http://twitter.com/jodieemery) or facebook pages.

    Great show Jeremiah (and Jodie)