BarryCams: One of My Dreams Has Finally Come True!

For a long time I wanted to offer a video camera for citizens to record their police encounters and then upload the video to my website for expert analysis and review of the incident. It’s like having me as a passenger every time you are pulled over by the kops. You can imagine how excited I am to announce my new high-quality and very affordable BarryCams car video cameras!

Click this link to view the video of me cruising with the BarryCam activated –

Video of me cruising with the BarryCam

BlackBox BarryCam

The video above was taken today using my BlackBox model that mounts within seconds to your dash or windshield. This model is equipped with a fold down LCD screen for video review and shooting accuracy. The camera is battery powered and comes with a cigarette lighter adapter. When unplugged, the palm-sized BarryCam can be used as a wonderful hand-held video camera. I have been using this model each time I hit the road and I also use it as a home video camera to catch those special moments. The video is recorded to a card and the BarryCam software automatically uploads the video to your computer. You can then choose to upload the video to my secure website for review. Upon receiving the video, I can review it and give you my expert opinion regarding any police misconduct. This model will sell for around $250.

MirrorBox BarryCam with night-vision

Our second model acts and looks just like a rear-view mirror, except embedded into the mirror is a small television screen used for video review and accurate camera positioning. This model is equipped with three cameras: a forward-facing camera, a 360-degree rotating camera and a night vision camera. This unit can easily be installed within ten minutes. Like the BlackBox, the MirrorBox model delivers superb video that can be uploaded to my secure site. This model will sell for around $400.

I’d Love Your Feedback!

I’m testing the level of interest in the camera by asking you to respond to the following questions by clicking on the appropriate links:

1. Which camera would you purchase?

BlackBox BarryCam

MirrorBox BarryCam

2. Would you make a purchase before Christmas?

Yes – I can’t wait to get one.

I would love one but can’t purchase until after Christmas.

Not interested.

Note: Answering any of these questions does not obligate you to a purchase. I’m merely trying to ascertain how popular the BarryCams are going to be.




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  2. Bob Dobbs on

    In that case the Judge threw out the wire tapping charges.

  3. Josefesky on

    I will absolutely be purchasing one of these for my vehicle. I think $250 is reasonable for the clarity of the image and audio as well as the mounting system and the cigarette lighter charger – but to throw in also that i can send you personally my traffic stop record for you to analyze?! This is quite a service you’re offering. I’ve never heard of anything remotely similar to what you’re offering. I’m on board and can’t wait to have this system installed. I’m just gonna call this my “Don’t get screwed by a crooked cop while driving” insurance policy.

    $250 really isn’t much compared to the costs one can take on for pissing off the wrong cop for not complying with their search requests or onsite interrogations.

    Thanks a lot Barry! I really hope you’ll be able to keep up with the demand for these and with the flood of videos soon to be headed for your analysis once word spreads about what you’re offering people here.

  4. Nicneuron1 on

    CCCCCoooooooollllllll! By the way congrats on the legal victories! Keep up the great work Sir and Ma’am. You are all incredibly brave. I love the coverage that is occuring at a grass roots level. Sadly a single dad of four, I cannot afford such a wonderful tool. Being a courier and driving all the time I see all sorts of attrocities(sp?) so I will start saving my pennies and hopefully by Christmas next Santa will leave me a treat! Peace all, and again Thank You for All That YOU have done! Henry

  5. mary james on

    hey barry, who makes these things and where can i order one from. if it’s you, will you ship to the uk?

    respect for the work you do for all of us. thanks.
    deep respect to marc too.

  6. virvar on

    I remember i saw a youtube video of a man cruising on his bike (very fast)
    he filmed it with a camera in his helmet,
    a cop (not working) stopped him, pulled his gun and aimed at him,
    he got shocked, posted the movie on youtube and now he is up for penalty.
    Afterward i read that it is illegal too videotape policeofficers
    “do their job”

  7. Dale allo on

    sheesh only a criminal would have that kind of money to throw away.

  8. Covey69 on

    It’s a great Idea and I want one for my own vehicles but the cost is a little high for my affordability right now, do you have one that just records audio?
    Have you thought of selling it as an accident cam as well and also a wildlife cam that can record animals in the day and at night with the nightcam as you drive slowly, sorry to say lazy hunters may take advantage of it while driving in the country or mountains while hunting on old logging roads.
    Can you watch as it records or do you have to upload it to view it?
    Anyway, thanks for sharing and teaching me to protect myself and my kids as best we can with your knowledge.
    Take care you and your family.
    You hope/wish for all your wants and I’ll ask/pray for all your needs 🙂
    Covey WhiteGold