Michael Lapihuska Court Update

I just got off the phone with Michael Lapihuska.

He told me that the psychiatrist tapped by the DEFENSE for his psychological evaluation called him yesterday and told him that his appointment is this morning at 9:30 a.m. at the Calhoun County jail and that if he didn’t show up that he, the psychiatrist, would write a letter to the judge recommending that Michael be sent to jail and that he would see him there.

Michael has saved the voice mail message containing the threat and is in the process of forwarding it to me. I will post it here when I get it.

Now, what kind of crap is that exactly? How much hope can one have for a fair hearing when the shrink tapped by the DEFENSE is threatening the client?

Michael also told me that his lawyer told him to stop listening to me and ACC. Not a surprise. Very few lawyers want to fight their case in the court of public opinion. They do not want the public to see just how badly they suck and how little they care for their clients well being. Michael told her that I and ACC have done far more to help him than she has. That ticked her off. Good.

He also told her that he no longer wanted her as his attorney because she has not done any of the things he has requested. He is dead set on going to a jury trial and she has done nothing to prepare for that trial. She wants him to take the plea deal. He isn’t going to do that. She said it doesn’t matter if he doesn’t want her as an attorney….that he can file all the papers he wants but that the judge will not grant his request. I call BS. True, the judge may not grant his request, but she doesn’t KNOW that for sure.

Michael said his lawyer also adamantly refused to file a motion to suppress the evidence based on the fact that he was not breaking any laws by walking down the road and the cop therefore had no reason to stop him, much less search him.

Michael said he just received the letter from the circuit clerks office telling him that his case was not happening on Sept. 23….nearly a full week after Sept. 23. ???

NEWSFLASH for attorney Aundrea Mann Snyder…Alabamians for Compassionate Care will continue to work with Michael Lapihuska as long as he requests our services. We don’t really care if you don’t like it. Do your job according to your clients wishes and we won’t have any problems. And we will be outside the court house on the day jury selection begins handing out jury nullification information and holding signs telling all who pass by the real story. And, how about you find a psychiatrist who doesn’t seem so intent on jailing the person he is supposed to be helping? That’d be real helpful. We also plan to continue the media barrage concerning Michael. Don’t like it? Tough. This man does not belong in jail or on probation and if you are unwilling to do your job then we will do it for you. Where should I send the bill when we are done?

UPDATE: Good news. Just talked to Michael and the meeting with the psychiatrist went very well this morning. Without saying exactly what Michael told me I will say that there is renewed hope that things could very well take a turn in the direction of justice in this case.