Letter #2 from Eddy Lepp via Lompoc Federal Correctional Institution

Drug War prisoner Eddy Lepp writes to Ed and his team about life in Lompoc Penitentiary in California.

Dear Angela [Ed’s assistant] and Ed,

As always, thank you for the letters, support, $ and love.

I am back at Lompoc but not for long. My transfer has been approved by the warden and [I am] on my way to Texas [soon]where they will decide if I go to Atwater Camp. I should know soon. I hope so as I will be much closer to home. I may get out in February or March on bail pending my appeal. My attorney believes we have a great chance and even if we fail she is sure I will win on a 2255 [mistrial]. So I am very hopeful all will be well. I miss my family so very much and will be able to see my darling Linda much more often than I can now.

It is not easy in prison but I am doing well. I teach many about being a RASTA and everyone wants questions answered about how to grow marijuana. I kinda feel like “Ask Ed” but I am not that “Ed”. All the guys love it that Ed and I are friends and want to read the books he sends etc.

I hope that this war will end soon, for I see up close how many lives are ruined by this waste. Some day soon we must, as a nation, realize how wrong we are to try to regulate human behavior. WE ARE SUPPOSED TO BE THE LAND OF THE FREE and yet one out of every 35 adults is in prison, jail, or on probation or parole. We cannot afford to deal with this by jailing everyone. It didn’t work with booze, it only let criminals become rich and led to violence and death [throughout]the nation.

PLEASE BE ACTIVE. Call or write, email, do something to let [our elected officials]know we want this war stopped now and the POWs of pot set free. Tell Americans for Safe Access, NORML, Marijuana Policy Project and the rest of the national groups know they need to use their finances in Washington to make the government bring about the change they promised.

Have them insist that medical marijuana prisoners are freed.


Respect All
Hurt None
Love One Another