Eapen Thampy: Yes on 19 California!

Eapen Thampy of Americans for Forfeiture Reform says California’s Proposition 19 may be imperfect, but it is sparking hope in the hearts of people across America.


Once again, let me thank you for coming to Columbia, Missouri and engaging our community after the Kinloch SWAT raid in February. Many here are grateful that you chose to protest the use of your federal tax dollars to fund violent and unjustified SWAT raids here and around the county. You were willing to speak in the defense of our freedoms, and that is a powerful example to many people who have never realized that they too had a voice in their government.

But it is of this upcoming election in November that I wish to speak to you about. Many experts and interests have predicted one outcome or another in November, but there are many meaningful forces that may come into play. Particularly, Proposition 19 is of great interest around the nation, and even the world.

I want to suggest to you that Proposition 19 has many supporters outside of California. Even here in the Midwest, people are watching California with bated breath, wondering if Proposition 19 will pass. Many Americans hope that Proposition 19 will pass because they understand that it is one of the most important challenges we can present to those who seek to constrain the liberty of all Americans.

California is one state, and Proposition 19 may be an imperfect ordinance. But the hope it sparks in the hearts of all Americans who understand that they are a free people in a free land is not a small hope. Many have moved to California to find the freedom they were denied elsewhere. Now California speaks for the millions of voices that are quiet and silenced elsewhere by vested interests that wish to maintain the status quo.

Liberty is a challenge for a free people in the best of times. In the worst of times it is their only hope. It is our hope that California may answer that challenge.

Eapen Thampy
Policy Analyst
Americans for Forfeiture Reform