Activist Filmmaker Barry Cooper Charged with Impersonating a Private Investigator

To describe the tale of former Texas drug cop Barry Cooper as “strange” is to make what observers could legitimately call, “an understatement.”

Yet, thanks to actions by his former colleagues in Texas law enforcement, the wild odyssey of America’s top drug war insurgent has just become even more bizarre.

Cooper and his wife Candi recently beat a charge of Making a False Report to a Peace Officer in Odessa, Texas, where in Dec. 2008 they tricked local police to raid a fake marijuana grow operation as part of a reality show pitch.

On Thursday, August 26, just two days after Odessa declined to prosecute the charge, officers with the Texas Department of Public Safety arrested Barry in a SWAT-style operation outside his home in south Austin. He was charged with Operating an Investigations Company Without a License, a Class A misdemeanor carrying a maximum penalty of one year in prison. Offenses in this category are policed by The Texas Department of Public Safety Private Security Bureau.

“Police approached me with tires screeching, full body armor and guns drawn,” Cooper said Thursday, appearing on the Texas Capitol steps to record a video blog and press statement. “Within minutes I was placed in the back of an unmarked unit and rushed away. I really believed I was going to be shot and it felt more like an abduction than an arrest.”

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“Kopbusters” Creator Protests Recent Arrest in Austin

Elias Hernandez, CBS News

Austin, Texas – The man behind the internet show, “Kopbusters,” hit the steps of the capitol to protest his recent arrest and question state officials who took away his child.

Barry Cooper, along with his wife Candi, held a press conference this Thursday afternoon in Austin.

Cooper was arrested outside his home last week and charged with “operating without a private investigations license.”

He told the press that the misdemeanor charge he’s facing is a violation of his First Amendment right.

Barry and Candi Cooper also addressed their concerns for their 8-year-old handicapped child who was taken away by Child Protective Services after their home was raided.

Both claim that law enforcement agents gave false statements in the CPS report.

– Article from CBS 7.