KopBuster Barry Cooper Arrested Again

Barry N. Cooper, a former narcotics law enforcement officer turned marijuana activist, said he was charged on Thursday with conducting private investigations without a license, a Class A misdemeanor.

The charge appeared to be related to Cooper’s “Kopbusters” hoaxes in which he videotapes various police departments seeking to find what he terms police corruption.

Department of Public Safety officials said the charge was filed in Williamson County, but the affidavit for his arrest could not be obtained late Monday afternoon.

Cooper said by phone Monday that he was arrested by a SWAT team at about 4:30 p.m. Thursday. He said he was released after more than 10 hours in jail on $10,000 bond.

The arrest came just two days after Ector County prosecutors said they would not pursue misdemeanor charges filed by the Texas Rangers in connection with a December 2008 Kopbusters hoax in Odessa in which Cooper set up a faux marijuana grow house. He had been charged with filing a false report to a peace officer.

Cooper said he plans to hold a press conference Wednesday at the state capitol to address his most recent arrest. Cooper also faces misdemeanor charges of filing a false report in connection with another Kopbusters hoax in Williamson County and possession of marijuana.

– Article from The Odessa American on August 31, 2010.



  1. Anonymous on

    Cops in China are much different.
    If you want a hooker, pot, or coke etc you buy from cops.
    everyone is open corrupt so its easy.
    Nowadays they don’t give death sentences for pot but a small fine.
    That way t ehcops can make money of pot and the stats for heavier drugs goes down.
    Poppies and anything connected are a major no no and will get you kilt…cop or not.
    lived there 6 years

  2. Atlanta Toker on

    This only goes to prove that the real addiction to marijuana in the USA is law enforcement. Its a fact, if they stop putting americans in jail for non violent crimes they can kiss 30% of their budget good-bye…

    Thats whats going on here, this is about law enforcement budgets, about law enforcement jobs and law enforcement control.
    Missouri wont get to use their SWAT team for anymore mid-night raids or murder anymore dogs or cats.

    These cowboys in Texas are afraid they’ll actually have to go out and do real work instead fo abuse tax paying citizens.

    Give em’ hell Cooper, don’t let up on em for a one minute. If you keep stick it to em, you never know, maybe the rest of those texas cowboys will grow a pair and help you out. If they were smart, they’d elect you.

  3. Anonymous on

    So they are saying that he needs their permission by getting a license to investigate them? Like that would have worked in the first place. They would pull his license and shut him down regardless. This is screwy.

    They really are after him aren’t they? Anything to shut someone up that isn’t on their side. Gangsters the lot of them.

  4. Anonymous on

    all around the world cops are put into place to keep the status qua of the rich (i.e. the controlling class).we the people of this world need to fight against that forces that control us and take are freedoms back.we the people out number our oppressors,so let the streets be ours again.we the people of this world have become slaves for the rich,they use there media to lie to us,then use there police force to control us through fear and intimidation.we the people need to vote the corrupt politicians out of power.we the people need to equalize the wealth of the world by organizing a world strike.we the people need to go to any length to be free because half measures will avail us nothing.

  5. MOTFA on

    Keep up the investigative work.
    He must love pissing people off more than I do!

  6. Anonymous on

    Oh…I see they needed a SWAT raid to arrest a guy who was allegedly practicing private investigations without a license.

    They really know how to be subtle, don’t they?

    Texas, this is why the rest of the country laughs at you.
    Don’t speak up unless you want your skull cracked open by a Maglite.

  7. Anonymous on

    Dale allo your comments are feeble

  8. Dale allo on

    unfortunately mainstream media will never get wind of this because of the association with marijuana it completely discredits his case to them. The police are free to bash him as long as they want until this news gets out beyond marijuana websites. I suggest he cleans up his hippy look it might help his cause.

  9. PeyotePal on

    Its called ‘investigative journalism’.

    And they turn around and arrest him because they had egg on their face.

    Seriously … this is how these idiots waste tax payers’ dollars.

  10. Anonymous on

    Can you say “Flagrant Corruption” god be with Barry, they have not only destroyed his family but they want to ruin his life completely, what choice is Barry going to have now that they took everything from him, what has he got to loose now???? Our entire Judicial and law enforcement system is addicted and dependent on ruining people’s lives and making celebrity salaries by arresting non-violent innocent citizens and destroying their lives, in other words they thrive on our misery and our oppression, tyranny, the more people they warehouse, the more money they make.

  11. Dave on

    Wow, these cops are like gangsters! Criticize their club and you’re done, wow! And we thought the cartels didn’t want to let go of prohibition, holy-cow-batman! Would they do this in China or Russia or …….?