Robert Field Endorses Prop 19

Guest post by Robert Field from Common Sense Drug Policy (CSDP).

Again and again I underestimated what California reformers would be able to accomplish. I sat docilely with fingers crossed while they repeatedly carried the ball across the goal lines.

Clearly Richard Lee has seized leadership and launched us in what history might call “the final battle.” Many of us advised waiting until the presidential year of 2012. But Richard sensed the time has come and put himself and his wealth fully behind the effort.

It doesn’t matter how we got here. After decades of efforts which started in the 1980s with Arnold Trebach and Kevin Zeese fanning the ember of reform when such sentiments were considered signs of lunacy, we now have the opportunity to triumph.

As goes California, goes most of the nation! In my opinion, and I understand that others whom I admire reason otherwise, we must not turn our backs now on our refrom and harm reduction movements’ ultimate effort.

We don’t have to win in 2010. But we must make a good showing. If we don’t all pull our oars and we take a shellacking, the movement will pay a high price for years to come. So once more I don my reformer’s garb and urge that we pull together – I mean each and every individual and reform and harm reduction organization – and throw our unqualified support behind Proposition 19. No more excuses; just hard work!

These are difficult times and there are many mouths to feed, but I am contributing $10,000 to the effort, although I wish that circumstances permitted me to do much more as I have in the past. I encourage everyone else to make their own contribution, be it with their time, energy and, where possible, money. Now is the moment; let’s seize it!