Marijuana User MURDERED by State of Alabama

Not sure how I missed this story when it first came out on July 10. Have been trying to contact the family with no luck. I assume this poor guy was using medically. He was in jail for misdemeanor marijuana possession. What a travesty. No one should ever have to go to jail for marijuana….especially those who are ill and using it for relief.

Man dies in Baldwin Co. Jail; Family Warned of Fragile Health

Saturday, July 10, 2010, 8:06 AM
Updated: Saturday, July 10, 2010, 3:59 PM
Connie Baggett, Press-Register

BAY MINETTE — Family members said they warned officers to no avail about the fragile health of a 32-year-old Eight Mile man who died in the Baldwin County Corrections Center early Friday.

Jacob Ashley Jordan was found dead in his cell at about 1 a.m., according to a news release issued Friday by the Baldwin County Sheriff’s Office.

Sheriff’s spokesman Maj. Anthony Lowery said Jordan had a “pre-existing medical condition,” had been moved into the jail’s medical wing and was treated by nurses. Jordan was in his cell at the time of his death, Lowery said.

He declined to give details, citing privacy laws that protect medical information, but did say there was “no evidence of any physical injury.”

The early investigation indicated that Jordan was booked into the county jail on July 2 after being transferred from the Mobile Metro Jail on a second-degree possession of marijuana charge and hunting violations, Lowery said in the release. Late Thursday afternoon Jordan began experiencing health problems and was moved into the medical block for treatment and observation. He was under medical care of the jail’s doctor and nurses at the time of his death, Lowery said.

The case is being investigated by the Baldwin County District Attorney’s Office, the Alabama Bureau of Investigation, the Baldwin County Coroner’s Office and the Sheriff’s Office, as is standard policy. Jordan’s body was transported to the Alabama Department of Forensic Sciences in Mobile for autopsy, according to Lowery.

Jordan’s mother, Peggy Jordan of Eight Mile, said in a telephone interview Friday that there is much more to the story, and she wants answers.

“The sheriff told me JJ and three others were sitting in their cell watching television when JJ slumped over and his heart stopped,” Jordan said. “They tried CPR, but couldn’t revive him. I told them over and over he had Addison’s disease and that he needed treatment. This didn’t have to happen.”

According to the National Institute of Health, Addison’s is one form of adrenal insufficiency that strikes about four in every 1,000 people. Adrenal glands don’t produce enough of certain hormones that regulate blood pressure, cardiovascular function, blood sugar levels, immunological response and metabolism. Crisis episodes can be fatal.

This is a travesty. Chances are pretty good that he was using marijuana to treat the symptoms of his illness. Regardless, no one should ever go to jail for using marijuana. It’s ridiculous!

To all those who have said “Its against the law” “Its illegal…do the crime do the time”…PLEASE!!! Just because something is against the law doesn’t mean the law is right. I mean…it used to be illegal to free a slave in Alabama but legal to won one. We all can agree that those laws were totally wrong. Just like modern day marijuana laws in Alabama are wrong. The government has absolutely no business telling citizens what they can and cannot put into their own bodies nor do they have any business demanding samples of our bodily fluids.

The cops, medical staff at the jail, and the judge who set the bond so high that his family could not bond him out are all murderers now. They should be arrested, convicted and imprisoned….after the family bankrupts them, of course.

~How long will they kill our prophets while we stand aside and look~ Bob Marley



  1. Anonymous on

    That all sounds great. 🙂 I wasnt aware of all this going on i check the ACC website from time to time but havent seen a update in while. I cant thank you all enough for what you do. As of right now my situation prohibits me from speaking out and hosting an event but hopefully in the near future the opportunity will arise.

    peace and love,


  2. Anonymous on

    Hello Hunter,

    We have made significant progress in Alabama. In the last legislative session our bill The Michael Phillips Compassionate Care Act was passed out of the House Judiciary Committee for the first time since we started working on medical marijuana here. It was historic because this is an election year. Please go to this link to watch the videos of the hearing

    We will pre-file the bill in Feb of 2011 for that legislative session and I have a conference call planned today with our bill sponsor Rep. Patricia Todd and the legal team at the Drug Policy Alliance to discuss distribution/dispensary language in the bill. We’ve actually come a lot farther a lot faster than most people ever thought we would.

    ACC has monthly meetings usually in Birmingham at 2330 Highland Ave. South. Our next meeting is coming up in Cullman this weekend on Sept. 4. Please join us on Facebook to keep up with local meetings and to organize one where you live.

    Many of our members write loads of letters to the editors in Alabama on a regular basis. There is a case right now in Anniston where a gentleman from California was busted for alike a gram of medical marijuana. He is facing ten years. We are putting together a legal team to fight his charges and hopefully keep him a free man.

    In Oct 9 we are having the first annual Alabama Freedom Festival in Birmingham and details about that will be forthcoming as they become available.

  3. Anonymous on

    Loretta Nall, What is the status of the movement toward the legalization of medical marijuana in Alabama? As a current Alabamian i give my condolences to the family and think that the movement is not as vigorous as it needs to be if we want to make any headway. More local rallies and marches need to be organized and more speeches need to be given. I admire your work and all your effort toward this issue.

    peace and love,


  4. Baphomet on

    Human Sacrifice was used by Mayans.

    The government thinking no one is worthy of living.

    Is why the government shits on everyone every way they can.

    While people in certain places, would love to know where the government rest at night.

    Give them some nightmares they won’t soon forget.

  5. Anonymous on

    Anon….I too have looked all over the place but have been unable to find anything that directly correlates cannabis use having a positive effect on Addison’s disease. However, many of the symptoms of Addison’s disease, which include;
    * Muscle weakness and fatigue
    * Weight loss and decreased appetite
    * Darkening of your skin (hyperpigmentation)
    * Low blood pressure, even fainting
    * Salt craving
    * Low blood sugar (hypoglycemia)
    * Nausea, diarrhea or vomiting
    * Muscle or joint pains
    * Irritability
    * Depression

    are helped by using cannabis. I have tried repeatedly to contact his family. I think I may have the wrong number and will try another one I found today after I get out of class.

    Loretta Nall

  6. Anonymous on

    I’ve been trying to find out if there has been anything published about cannabis and Addison’s disease. Is it likely to help any, or could it make symptoms worse? Addison’s disease can cause anxiety and mood swings, and I’ve read about cannabis being both good and bad for that in general cases, but I haven’t heard anything about whether it makes anxiety better or worse specifically in cases of Addison’s disease. Addison’s disease is pretty rare and I haven’t been able to find any information anywhere the effects of cannabis with Addison’s. If you know anything about it, or are able to find out if this person was getting help from cannabis specifically for his Addison’s disease, can you please tell me?

  7. Paul Pot on

    Another crime against humanity. Please look up these laws and you will find that this case and all prohibition atrocities fit this definition. To cause unnecessary suffering and death by spreading lies and violating human rights.
    Governments are capable of committing crimes and laws can be crimes too. Look at the Nuremberg trials for the Nazi’s. They pleaded that they were only following orders but that did not save them from the gallows. The Nuremberg courts countered their pleas with ‘The Nuremberg Principle’. “When a law is unjust, it is a duty to resist”. So life sentences for all the prohibitionists and their collaborators because I don’t support the death penalty.