Anniston Man Finds One State’s Medicine is Another’s Illicit Drug

ACC member and patient Michael Lapihuska finally got his story in the Anniston Star. Michael is in a terrible situation.

Please read this article and then write a letter to the editor demanding charges be dropped and that Michael be released. Send your letters to [email protected]

Anniston man finds one state’s medicine is another’s illicit drug
by Laura Camper
Star Staff Writer

Michael Lapihuska, a former Anniston resident, is facing a jail sentence and two years probation for bringing his prescription with him from California to Alabama when he came home for the holidays last December. The problem — his prescription was for marijuana.

Lapihuska was arrested Dec. 15, when a police officer stopped him on McClellan Boulevard near Walmart for hitch hiking. The officer searched him, found a prescription bottle of marijuana in his pocket and asked Lapihuska to take it out.

When Lapihuska complied, he was arrested for possession despite the doctor’s recommendation he presented to the officer.

“I understand that I broke the law, but the law was wrong,” Lapihuska said. “If I would have had OxyContin or Xanax, morphine, anything like that, and walking down the street, the police would have just gave me my prescriptions back and let me walk.”

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