To the Columbia Civillian Police Review Board,

As Ed and I mentioned to you on the phone yesterday, I did some digging through my file last night while working on the article I am writing about our appeal. I have filed a formal complaint with the CPRB about Susan Smith as well as the handling of my appeal but I would also like to bring your attention to the bold and highlighted points below.

Spencer Pearson from Mizzou NORML read the ordinance and sent me this information which Ed and I have reviewed. We have determined that it was against CPRB procedure as written in the ordinance that created it to take a vote before hearing from the appellants and public commentary. I am asking that my and Ed’s appeal be reopened on this basis and that when Dan Viets appeal is heard tomorrow that out of respect for the citizens and the integrity of the board public comment be heard before the vote is taken.

On that note, it was mentioned multiple times that the board wanted this issue and our appeal to go away, which is why they were voting against sending it back for another investigation. The exact quote was “If you pick at a scab it will never heal,” this wound was never cleaned and is now infected.

I look forward to hearing from you,

Angela Bacca
Media Coordinator
Green Aid: The Medical Marijuana Legal Defense and Education Fund

Establishing Legislation:
Section 21-46 Establishment; membership; qualifications; terms; and removal.
(a) The citizens police review board is hereby established.
(b) The board shall consist of eight (8) members appointed by the city council and a member of the commission on human rights appointed by the commission. Members shall serve without compensation.
(c) Board members must be residents of Columbia and registered voters. Board members may not be employed by the city, be a party to any pending litigation against the city, be an elected public office holder, or be a candidate for elected public office. Board members should reflect the cultural and racial diversity of Columbia and have no serious criminal record. The police chief shall obtain a criminal history of all applicants for membership on the board and advise the city council of any convictions for violations of federal, state or local law.
(d) Three (3) of the members first appointed by the city council shall serve terms of two (2) years, three (3) shall serve terms of three (3) years and two (2) shall serve terms of four (4) years. Thereafter, members appointed by the city council shall serve terms of three (3) years. The member appointed by the commission on human rights shall serve a term of one (1) year. No member shall serve more than six (6) consecutive years. Vacancies shall be filled for unexpired terms in the same manner as the original appointments.
(e) The board may recommend to the city council that a board member be removed from the board if the member persistently fails to perform the duties of office.
(Ord. No. 20331, § 1, 7-20-09)
Section 21-47 Officers; meetings; quorum; rules.
(a) The board shall elect a chair and vice-chair from among its members. The term of these officers shall be one (1) year. The chair shall preside at meetings. The vice-chair shall preside when the chair is absent or otherwise unable to preside.
(b) The board shall meet monthly. When requested by the board the police chief or the chief’s designee shall attend board meetings to serve as an informational resource for the board. The board shall provide an opportunity for public comment at each monthly meeting. The board shall meet semi-annually with the chief of police to discuss issues of concern and to recommend ways that the police can improve their relationship with citizens. The board may also make recommendations regarding policies, rules, hiring, training and the complaint process.
(c) Five (5) members shall constitute a quorum for conducting business.
(d) The board may establish rules and procedures that do not conflict with this code or the rules and regulations governing internal affairs investigations.
(e) Board members shall follow the National Association for Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement (NACOLE) Code of Ethics.
(Ord. No. 20331, § 1, 7-20-09)

Section 21-48 Administration and training.
(a) The city manager shall designate staff for the administration of the board.
(b) New board members shall participate in orientation and training that includes review of the police professional standard unit’s operating policies and procedures and a ride along with police officers. Training shall also include topics suggested by NACOLE in its recommended orientation and training for board members.
(Ord. No. 20331, § 1, 7-20-09)

Section 21-49 Duties.
The citizens police review board shall have the following duties:
(1) Review appeals from the police chief’s decisions on alleged police misconduct as provided for in this article.
(2) Host public meetings and educational programs for Columbia residents and police officers.
(3) Review and make recommendations to the police chief and city manager on police policies, procedures and training.
(4) Prepare and submit to the city council annual reports that analyze citizen and police complaints including demographic data on complainants, complaint disposition, investigative findings and disciplinary actions. The reports should also describe the board’s community outreach and educational programs. The reports should also set forth any recommendations made on police policies, procedures and training. The reports shall be submitted no later than March 1 for the previous calendar year.
(Ord. No. 20331, § 1, 7-20-09)