Snippets of My Conversations With Marc Emery

I communicate with my very close friend and mentor Marc Emery nearly every day while he is being held political prisoner in an American federal prison for selling marijuana seeds from Canada.

Despite Marc’s miserable circumstances he maintains his sense of humor…which is essential for maintaining ones sanity during difficult times. For example I got the following email from him yesterday and thought it would be good to share with those of you who read this blog. It’s very humorous in a morbid sort of way.

Dear Loretta,

One of the unsurpassable ironic moments is the postage stamps they sell me are the ‘Liberty Bell’ universal 44 cent stamps. So here I am, a political prisoner (clearly stated by none other than head of DEA Karen Tandy) putting the Liberty Bell on my letters from jail. Oh these United States just crack me up. Like the license plates made in New Hampshire that say “Live Free Or Die” made by the prisoners at the state prison in Concord, NH.

That having been said, one correspondent wrote and asked if I was a dual citizen, because in my writings I write “our constitution” when referencing the Bill of Rights or the Amendments. I said that all my heroes are american, all my political philosophy is guided by Americans, virtually no Canadian political philosopher. My top 5 life influences are Thomas Jefferson (greatest man ever), Ayn Rand, Malcolm X, Martin Luther King, Jr and Ron Paul. Even as a teenager the founders of Marvel Comics Stan Lee, Steve Ditko and Jack Kirby influenced me more than any Canadian ever has. So much as I like being a good Canadian (polite, well mannered), I’m really culturally an American, and one day I would appreciate being made an honorary American and given the Medal of Freedom, which I will richly deserve if I get it.

Not only is it humorous….it’s true. We Americans parade around the world gloating about our freedoms. But, how free are we really? Sure we are freer than say those who live in Afghanistan or Iran. But we are far from entirely free. And seeing as how we make up only 5% of the world population but have 25% of the world’s prison population we can’t be that damn free. Can we?

Anyway, just wanted to let readers know that Marc is doing as well a one can do in this situation. He told me a few days ago that Canada is going to begin accepting Canadian prisoners back into the country to do their time there. He will not be able to file his application for transfer until after he reaches his final destination in the American Federal Prison system. Here’s hoping he gets to go home so that he can be closer to his family and so that he gets time off for good behavior.



  1. Anonymous on

    Good thing the CC mods removed your death wish
    aimed at that Arizona sherrif
    that was super bad form Loretta
    offering to contribute to the Mexican Drug Cartels
    million dollar reward fund for his head-
    even worse to take pleasure
    in themurder of another human
    – an American citizen on his home turf
    by a group who have already successfully murdered
    28,000 other human beings
    where do you get off ?

    Super duper bad form Loretta
    making a special point of sharing your rotton intentions in public
    just when the US feds are preparing to sentence Marc Emery
    and you are listed as one of his closest friends
    and one of the few Americans he knows intimately
    bad association
    we will remember that bad form action
    when you run for public office

    violence is not an option

  2. Blair Anderson on


    The incarceration of Marc E is a Gitmo moment.

    When US ‘state’ actors come to their senses the political imprisonment of the ‘overgrow’ seed seller will rank alongside other warmongering false-flag events in ‘Merkan culture. It is Karen Tardy and her malfeasant ilk that should be in the hole.

    The idiocy of so few, targeting just one, on behalf of so many is living proof the puritanical dogma of their founding forebears lives.

    The difference between Treason and Reason is a mere trick of the tongue.

  3. Dreamer on

    “This is a war on Canadians.” ….. Now thats funny.

  4. Anonymous on

    Marc your top five influences were family, friends, business, city and teachers who were all hardcore Canadian. If you had taken your act to the USA you would have been shot or jailed in your early twenties. You are a Canadian in an American jail. Americans want you in there because you are Canadian. This is a war on Canadians. Remember when your web site looked and sounded Canadian? You need maple syrup, a spruce beer and a Beachcomber movie.

  5. Anonymous on

    I’m still finding it so hard to believe that someone can be in jail for this and to be jail out side our own country.
    I was always glad to get back to Canada when traveling because I’d be safe here but that feeling has changed.
    Where’s my Canada gone?
    I really hope Marc makes it out OK.