NeverGetBusted Sues The Kops For 40 Million

We are doing fantastic and really appreciate everyone’s support through the very difficult time our family just experienced.

The Odessa American just reported on our Hollywood movie deal and the 40 million dollar lawsuit we just filed.

The lawsuit and movie are all a part of our vision that we have maintained since releasing NeverGetBusted four years ago. Our vision is to release our drug war prisoners and end the arrests of non-violent Americans. There is a real battle for freedom taking place in our case so be sure and blog your comments under the breaking story.

I’ll be in Florida Thursday and Friday teaching at two separate lawyer conferences. We get a lot of support from Florida so I’ll be certain to leave some NeverGetBusted seeds with Florida’s lawyers that will help them free Floridians.

If California legalizes pot in November, marijuana will quickly become legal in the entire U.S. It’s going to happen.