More Outrage Over Columbia, MO SWAT Raid

Video clips: more outrage over Columbia, Missouri SWAT raids.



  1. ray christl THC Ministry Asia Media on

    That wasn’t the reason to post…Mr.Rosenthal please tell Eddy Lepp that some student letters and concern for this release have,and will be sent weekly from Phnom Penh.It is a month time period for mail.The sad note is when I contacted a med-pot patient friend living on the beach in Sihanoukville (kampong som),well he had unkind words for Eddy.Friend lost 3,000 dollars,and no attempt to give stored medicine as payment–zippo.The picture of Eddy living high on the hog–limo–Big mansion–movie–High Times in the DEA face,yet little concern for groups of sick people who got promised things.He is sorry that Mr.Lepp is in prison,and the length of sentence is absurd,yet all don’t see Eddy as a HashExtractResinOil(HERO)remedy– mechos..

  2. Dale allo on

    Its very important we get the word out to all about this.

  3. YukonJack on

    with each and every social network you have at your disposal less it shall fall upon deaf ears!!!

    LET’S FIRE THIS MUTHA UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. MOTFA on

    Thanks for sharing. First guy had some very good points. Something to think about indeed.