Marijuana Activist Barry Cooper Arrested at Texas State Capitol

Marijuana activist Barry Cooper turned himself in to authorities Friday morning … and he did it with an expected showman’s flare.

I was notified of his plans last night, but didn’t think he’d actually go this far.

We met at 9 a.m. inside the Starbucks on Congress Ave. in downtown Austin. The first thing I noticed was Barry’s unusual garb. On his forehead, a two word message: “JURY NULLIFICATION”; across his chest in marker ink, a rallying cry: “CONSTITUTIONAL OBEDIENCE”.

After a few minutes of summary and preparation, Cooper, his wife, a cameraman with the local Copwatch chapter and assorted members of the press began making their way down the street toward the state capitol building.

Barry lit a cigarette and took his time to smoke it.

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Exclusive: ‘Drug war insurgent’ Barry Cooper may face prison for ‘false reports’ to police

by Stephen C. Webster, Raw Story

One former drug cop’s crusade of civil disobedience against America’s drug war establishment has turned into a nightmare for his family, which now faces the very real threat of losing a father and husband for up to six months or more.

Barry Cooper stood handcuffed in front of the state’s capitol building on Friday morning, after he’d turned himself in on a warrant for allegedly making a False Report to a Peace Officer. Once one of the Permian Basin Narcotics Task Force’s most successful agents, Cooper has refashioned himself an anti-prohibition activist and filmmaker; or, America’s “drug war insurgent,” as area media declared.

With the help of a benefactor who hoped to embarrass the Odessa Police Department, Cooper and a team of researchers, videographers and lawyers staged a high-media assault on the west Texas cops in late 2008. By setting up a fake marijuana grow-house retrofitted with small pine trees and high-heat light bulbs, then ensuring the delivery of an anonymous tip about the home to a local pastor, a trap was set.

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