Marijuana Activist Barry Cooper Arrested at Texas State Capitol

Marijuana activist Barry Cooper turned himself in to authorities Friday morning … and he did it with an expected showman’s flare.

I was notified of his plans last night, but didn’t think he’d actually go this far.

We met at 9 a.m. inside the Starbucks on Congress Ave. in downtown Austin. The first thing I noticed was Barry’s unusual garb. On his forehead, a two word message: “JURY NULLIFICATION”; across his chest in marker ink, a rallying cry: “CONSTITUTIONAL OBEDIENCE”.

After a few minutes of summary and preparation, Cooper, his wife, a cameraman with the local Copwatch chapter and assorted members of the press began making their way down the street toward the state capitol building.

Barry lit a cigarette and took his time to smoke it.

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Exclusive: ‘Drug war insurgent’ Barry Cooper may face prison for ‘false reports’ to police

by Stephen C. Webster, Raw Story

One former drug cop’s crusade of civil disobedience against America’s drug war establishment has turned into a nightmare for his family, which now faces the very real threat of losing a father and husband for up to six months or more.

Barry Cooper stood handcuffed in front of the state’s capitol building on Friday morning, after he’d turned himself in on a warrant for allegedly making a False Report to a Peace Officer. Once one of the Permian Basin Narcotics Task Force’s most successful agents, Cooper has refashioned himself an anti-prohibition activist and filmmaker; or, America’s “drug war insurgent,” as area media declared.

With the help of a benefactor who hoped to embarrass the Odessa Police Department, Cooper and a team of researchers, videographers and lawyers staged a high-media assault on the west Texas cops in late 2008. By setting up a fake marijuana grow-house retrofitted with small pine trees and high-heat light bulbs, then ensuring the delivery of an anonymous tip about the home to a local pastor, a trap was set.

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  1. Dale allo on

    He’d look a whole lot better and more respectable if he stopped wearing that dumb hat shaved his silly mustache cut his hair short and started wearing a button down shirt and suit. Marc Emery really had his shit together we can all learn from him.

  2. Anonymous on

    Thanks Uncle Bob’; I won the office pool that you would respond with a self serving puffed up autobiography of just how fucking wonderful you are before lunch, and you did, AND THREW IN, AT NO EXTRA CHARGE a vague rant that everybody uses drugs,when they dont . I don’t- but you do and to gross excess
    Maybe rehab is too late for you but detox is probaly a good idea,, you remember what an idea is don;t you >?
    ideas are what other people have who aren’t stoner goners

    thanks Bobbie you bought my lunch

    have a real nice day

    PS ” whats your excuse ” > about what? I have twenty on this one

  3. Uncle Bob on

    You must care a lot…or you wouldn’t be trolling the CC website daily. And I make nothing up. I have 13 years of medical evidence on my file with my doctor and the Government of Canada, about how well Cannabis works for me. I became the 34th person in this country to win a ministerial exemption section 56 from the Health Minister for medicinal Cannabis. You say I’m drugged up? I suppose you’ve never had a coca-cola or coffee or Tea in your life? Maybe tobacco or booze? We all take substances which can be used or abused. Ever eat a poppy-seed muffin or bagel? If you’ve taken any of the aforementioned…. You’ve taken DRUGS! Don’t be such an idiot. I can keep this up forever as long as the CC website keeps this page open. But that would be pointless. “There are none so they who will not see.” And it looks like I’ll never get a reply to my oft-asked question of you…. “Whats’ your excuse?”

  4. Anonymous on

    History will flush you
    and your drugged up friends
    down the toilet of time
    you make stuff up and
    blab your drugged up
    fantasy projectiosn
    as imperial fact

    basically, who cares ?

  5. Bob Billfold on

    lissen to the dogs barkin bout barrys beautiful wife. a woman like that wouldn’t even lookit the likes of these reekin barfhounds. moshed karl is truly one of the lights in the tunnel that burn on “none too bright” Haw! go dream about a real woman karl that’s close as you’ll ever get, ya snotflick!

  6. poo poo na moo moo on

    his wife is a total butterfly
    so even if he does go to jail for a couple of hours (tho I believe the guards might be really rough on him)
    he can always be happy that he has a nice beautiful woman waiting for him

    barry cooper = jesus

  7. boomshiva on

    his wife is a bomb


    she seems strong too

    I don’t care if he was a cop, or if he is full of himself

    I know he might have hurt the cause… -maybe-

    but still I applaud him for trying,
    and fighting what he believes in


  8. Uncle Bob on

    I’m proud to be a member of the Worldwide Cannabis Community. The efficacy and broad applications of Cannabis and Industrial Hemp are changing the world for the better. Prohibitionists like you however, will be looking forward to being judged by history as Ignorant, cowardly, greedy, and selfish. How much do you get paid for trolling the legalization websites anyways? Please tell me, what are the medical and dental benefits? Not that I’m interested in the job, but as you like to put it….. “Just Sayin'”

  9. Anonymous on

    The legalization movement
    is where it is today
    because of people like you

  10. kro on

    Everybody that i know that is on med mar doesnt want people to pity them
    all they want is to live without pain, and to have someone to talk to .
    some one who will lissen and not judge them .I dont think that this person that used to bust people and who knows what else this person is capable of .
    I think that once a person becomes a cop ,they will always be a cop forever
    its like any other job I worked in the oilfeild for about 18 years my father did the same thing befor me.With what i know from personal expeince it becomes your whole life it becomes part of you and your i say to be carefull wih all people because you never know whatpeiple are capable of

  11. UncleBob100 on

    I’m still waiting for your excuse…

  12. Anonymous on

    maybe just keep playing the sympathy card
    as the snappy comeback one
    is way out of your league

  13. UncleBob100 on

    In a battle of wits Mr./Ms Anonymous… You are UNARMED. Go play with your kop buddies at the donut shop.

  14. Anonymous on

    Nice glass house you have there, its a mansion

    just sayin’

  15. Moshe karl on

    I wonder if this will hurt or help his NEVER GET BUSTED video sales

  16. Moshe karl on

    Being an ex cop and understanding the laws wouldnt he realize theyd grab him on a false report of a fake marijuana grow which he videotaped while reporting? None too bright id say hes hurting us more than helping and now hes lost his wife and kid. That is one hot wife though i’ll give him that,

  17. Uncle Bob on

    Thanks Bro. The herb helps like nothing else. Without it, I wouldn’t even try to keep on going. I am so thankful my doctor is not a stuck-up jerk like some others with uneducated opinions on the subject. I wish more GPs were like him, he actually listens to me, and I provide him with information on the efficacy of Cannabis for my condition. I can vape all day with my Volcano or Launchbox, with limited results. The best effects come from cooking with Cannabis Olive Oil in large doses. Then I can sleep, relax, have a good time, instead of wishing for a speedy death. The herb needs to be free, and so does Marc Emery!

  18. Brian Kerr on

    I hope the cannabis is helping your condition. Cannabis is a great herb to use for healing purposes. It helps me with feet cramps and stress and sleep.


  19. Anonymous on

    I don’t know about him, but I sure as fuck would be pissed off.
    and you would be pissed off if your Gramma
    didn’t serve your toast buttered all the way to the edge

    That’s right, you don;t know about him
    Being an ex cop surrendering to actual cops for fucking up cops- thats whats happening here Motta
    You would have to have your fantasy Christian fundamentalist
    get thrown out of Church for Blasphemy, and then get busted for making instructional CDs with Satan..your basic betrayer

    Interesting analogy MOTFa, too bad, like you, it doesn;t work

  20. Uncle Bob on

    Sure I check the CC website on my time off. I have lots of time off. You see, I have a severe form of arthritis, throughout my arms, legs, knees, hips and pelvis and neck. I’m soooo lucky to be crippled from this disease that I spend all my waking hours medicating with herb to treat the nasty pain. I use 15 grams a day with vaporizing it, and making cannabis olive oil. If I was well and able-bodied like most other people…I could have a life. So what’s YOUR excuse? People who live in glass houses…shouldn’t be assholes.

  21. MOTFA on

    You do have to admit he has a great perspective on all of this and is able to bring media attention.

    I’ll bet being a ex drug cop is like being a ex christian fundamentalist.
    You find out your whole life you have been fucking lied to. I don’t know about him, but I sure as fuck would be pissed off.

  22. Anonymous on

    yup! he used to bust people and glory in it
    but went over to the dark side
    towards the end of the clip here
    he holds up his forearms and he has ” COP ” tattooed on his skin in red

    formerly: drug cop- friend of Marc Emery- free citizem
    presently: human post-it note and inmate

  23. Anonymous on

    no man, screw you.

  24. Moshe karl on

    as an ex cop he shoulda seen this a mile away he went pissing on the shoes of people far more powerful than him.

  25. Moshe karl on

    haahahahhahahhahaha what a moron! isnt this the guy who used to spend years on the force busting people for drugs and often doing it in a corrupt fasion and now he wants OUR pity? screw him!

  26. persecutedinalberni on

    So right Jeremiah they are fast,trust me I know all about Harper and his spy machine.
    That money you speak of was used to spy on me and my home believe it of not so I know axactly what you mean.

    I am followed everywhere on the net and they like to reply very fast to shoot down what I say and the more truth I expose as I talk the more these trolls post aswell.

    These haters are all cowards they sneak around like rats because they know that what they do is wrong and can only talk and be brave when alone with thier own it is only then can they show themselvs.

  27. Paul Goodman on

    Well done Barry and Candi, we need crusaders like you and Marc and Jodi to RIGHT THE WRONGS in your country as well as Canada and the rest of the world.

  28. Anonymous on

    I guess you look for updates on your time off

  29. pZ on

    The fugitive is in custody and going to face justice, and to be held legally responsible for his alleged crime, just another great success story in the police valiantly fighting crime. To protect and serve.

  30. MOTFA on

    Hmm, if i was American i would definitely use this on drug cases if i was in the jury.

    And all of you who are worried about trolls, don’t bother. It just shows that what we are all doing is working.


  31. Anonymous on

    this is what the feds do they go after your whole family, Barry is very brave to expose corruption, Serpico comes to mind.
    Barry hurt no body why are they taking his family?
    What’s next? are they going to accuse Barry of being a “Terrorist”?
    Prison Planet dot com

  32. Uncle Bob on

    I think he wrote… kiss my ass Trolls! on his cheeks…

  33. jeremiah on

    These haters are quick. I’ve been watching closely, and the same troll (or small group of them) somehow manages to post negative comments on just about every story on our website within minutes. Either these guys are truly pathetic low-lives with nothing better to do than troll CC minute-to-minute, or the millions Stephen Harper spent on Internet surveillance is paying off for the Conservatives.

  34. Anonymous on

    Thanks Troll!

  35. Anonymous on

    Barry Baby is certainly true to his motto, so Go |Barry Go
    turning yourself in pretty much _guarantees Immunity from arrest

    love the message of hope on his forehead- ” Jury Nullification ”
    I wonder what he wrote on his ass cheeks ?