Man Arrested at Vancouver Pot Protest Won Award for Heroism at Stanley Cup Riot

A man arrested at a Vancouver pot protest on Canada Day is vowing to burn an award he received for his heroism during the Stanley Cup riot.

Vancouver Police honoured Bert Easterbrook in 2013 with a certificate of merit — the highest award for civilian bravery — for stopping rioters from flipping over a truck two years earlier.

On Wednesday, he and two others were charged with obstruction after they tried to stop police from arresting a man for trafficking at the annual Cannabis Day event.

“It’s absolutely ironic,” Easterbrook said Thursday. “I don’t choose to be honoured by cowards, so I’ll burn my award.”

Easterbrook said he will put his framed certificate and pennant in a metal bucket and light them on fire outside city hall on Friday. In a 2013 police document, his actions during the riot are described as “selfless” and “decisive.”

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