CBS Affiliate: Pot Activist Barry Cooper ’Still at Large’

A West Texas CBS affiliate dedicated a segment last night to Candi Cooper’s arrest by the Texas Rangers. It was actually quite comprehensive and good, and none of what’s to follow in my ruminations should be considered a slight to their work.

Still, the reporter’s final words made me choke with laughter and surprise: “Barry Cooper, himself, is still at large.”

Still at large. For a Class B misdemeanor? We’re talking about a citation-level offense, not Al Capone. These people are not felons and they are not violent, but Barry is “still at large”? I love that this comes from a CBS affiliate. Yes, this is in fact accurate, but it also illustrates the Benny Hill-like nature of this weird tale.

While I appreciate the political sensitivities at stake for our resident power structure, it’s offensive to think that a minor infraction like False Report to a Peace Officer deserves attention by the Texas Rangers. I’m certain the Odessa police are more than capable of handing their own affairs.




  1. Anonymous on

    So now they all of a sudden had a warrant and an informant *priest* that led them to do what they did….

    Please eleborate on that Barry, cuzz from my own personel experience I can tell that judges happen to cover up police afterwards.

  2. Anonymous on

    “we did it for a show”.

  3. Anonymous on

    How did they know it was Candi who made the call, did she use her home phone? Not real bright, Barry, unless she WANTED to get charged.

  4. ElectroPig on

    Isn’t it funny how, when the enforcers of corporate statutes get caught breaking the law, they go after their accusers without respect to either the law or common sense? This is about as intelligent as sending out SWAT teams for a $2.00 parking ticket…a letter would have easily sufficed.

    Of course, if they make it sound as though someone is dangerous–an assumption people WILL make when hearing that armed SWAT teams are looking for ANYONE–then they are playing an obvious propaganda game right from the outset.

    Keep pushing, Barry…they know they’re in the wrong, and they can only fabricate so much evidence…the truth ALWAYS comes out eventually.

  5. Anonymous on

    Thanks Barry for all you do. Those that seek to opress our message will one day be shown the error of their ways. It’s not long now stay the fight, don’t give up. They have not yet seen the error of their ways, and the damage that they do to society. Stay strong my friend, it is better to be a political prisoner than to roll over and play dead. Public sentiment is changing, and some believe that is is past the tipping point, and in fact slowly swinging our way. I thank you deeply for the sacrifices that you and your family have made.
    Charles C.
    in NC

  6. ray christl thc media asia on

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