CBS Affiliate: Pot Activist Barry Cooper ’Still at Large’

A West Texas CBS affiliate dedicated a segment last night to Candi Cooper’s arrest by the Texas Rangers. It was actually quite comprehensive and good, and none of what’s to follow in my ruminations should be considered a slight to their work.

Still, the reporter’s final words made me choke with laughter and surprise: “Barry Cooper, himself, is still at large.”

Still at large. For a Class B misdemeanor? We’re talking about a citation-level offense, not Al Capone. These people are not felons and they are not violent, but Barry is “still at large”? I love that this comes from a CBS affiliate. Yes, this is in fact accurate, but it also illustrates the Benny Hill-like nature of this weird tale.

While I appreciate the political sensitivities at stake for our resident power structure, it’s offensive to think that a minor infraction like False Report to a Peace Officer deserves attention by the Texas Rangers. I’m certain the Odessa police are more than capable of handing their own affairs.