Green Aid Activist: Marc Emery is Still in Solitary Confinement and Could Be There Even Longer…

After Marc Emery’s wife, Jodie Emery, recorded a prison call with Marc to upload as a podcast (not against prison rules), Marc has been in solitary confinement (aka “the hole”) for over a week with potentially another two months to go. He now spends 24 hours a day with no stimulation: newspapers, books, magazines, human interaction. This is cruel and unusual punishment.

Marc Emery is a political prisoner: the Disciplinary Hearing Officer interrogated Marc about his article supporting the California initiative, Tax & Regulate, that he wrote and sent while in SeaTac Federal Prison, and asked what the BC Marijuana Party does and is about.

Supporters should contact United States Attorney General Eric Holder to protest the “cruel and unusual” punishment of a non-violent offender. This type of punishment violates the 8th amendment of the United States Bill of Rights.

First and foremost, repost this information on your blog, facebook, myspace or twitter. Information is the most powerful weapon we have.

Next: Call the Office of the Attorney General, (202) 514-2001

Tell them this: “Canadian political party leader and activist Marc Emery has been unjustly held in solitary confinement for over two weeks in SeaTac Federal Detention Center in Washington state. Marc Emery faces many more months in solitary, even though he is a non-violent offender whose crime was legal in his country.

We as Americans are furious about the cruel and unusual punishment Canadian activist Marc Emery is suffering. I ask that you intervene in this case, it is a waste of state, federal and local resources and in direct opposition to your statements about medical marijuana and individual state rights.