Green Aid Activist: Marc Emery is Still in Solitary Confinement and Could Be There Even Longer…

After Marc Emery’s wife, Jodie Emery, recorded a prison call with Marc to upload as a podcast (not against prison rules), Marc has been in solitary confinement (aka “the hole”) for over a week with potentially another two months to go. He now spends 24 hours a day with no stimulation: newspapers, books, magazines, human interaction. This is cruel and unusual punishment.

Marc Emery is a political prisoner: the Disciplinary Hearing Officer interrogated Marc about his article supporting the California initiative, Tax & Regulate, that he wrote and sent while in SeaTac Federal Prison, and asked what the BC Marijuana Party does and is about.

Supporters should contact United States Attorney General Eric Holder to protest the “cruel and unusual” punishment of a non-violent offender. This type of punishment violates the 8th amendment of the United States Bill of Rights.

First and foremost, repost this information on your blog, facebook, myspace or twitter. Information is the most powerful weapon we have.

Next: Call the Office of the Attorney General, (202) 514-2001

Tell them this: “Canadian political party leader and activist Marc Emery has been unjustly held in solitary confinement for over two weeks in SeaTac Federal Detention Center in Washington state. Marc Emery faces many more months in solitary, even though he is a non-violent offender whose crime was legal in his country.

We as Americans are furious about the cruel and unusual punishment Canadian activist Marc Emery is suffering. I ask that you intervene in this case, it is a waste of state, federal and local resources and in direct opposition to your statements about medical marijuana and individual state rights.



  1. Anonymous on

    One down, one to go

  2. Anonymous on

    Kind of hard trying to silence the lambs, heh?

  3. Anonymous on

    Back in N.Y.C.

  4. Anonymous on

    Hey Marc and Jodie.


    You’re just being assholes now.

  5. Anonymous on

    Without disputing your point, I wanted to ask that you cite the Canadian law that places cannabis seeds in schedule II.

    Then I looked it up:


    also, from:

    Cannabis is schedule II in Canada (for more than 3 kg). Canada’s cannabis control laws are spottily enforced, with the west coast (British Columbia) being well known for its high quality cannabis and low levels of enforcement. In 2002, Canada’s federal government made several findings in favor of cannabis legalization and medical use approval. Although the status of medical cannabis is still in flux (sep 2002), the Canadian government has several times voiced its intention to support full medical use. Non-viable Cannabis seeds and Cannabis stalks (that do not include leaves, flowers, seeds or branches) are exempted.

    So, since I answered my own question, I’ll ask another that has long gone unanswered.

    How can cannabis be illegal in Canada in light of R. v Long?

  6. persecutedinalberni on

    Could it be that like I said he is being silenced because he is the voice of the people.
    I mean just look at my own story of persecution,I have made serious accusations against the RCMP and the ministry for children while my wife and I were foster parents and EIC and more.
    I have been held against my will twice for two weeks at a time in a psych ward just to fool my loved ones and people in my community and to discredit me.
    The elite who run the world did this to me because I am a whistleblower and I can solve murders of missing children and bring closure to the parents but cannot because I have no one I can trust.
    When I was still in my teens before he was arrested I met child killer Clifford Robert Olson and another man while camping and Clifford showed me one of his victims.
    The whole story about him is all a big lie,the law lied to us all about what Clifford was realy doing,it was all about devil worshipping.

    When I speak out and expose them and their multistalkers/gangstalkers that work with the police and they silence me and discredit me even more.
    My wife no longer beleives in me nor does my mother and father and soon will be without a job because of them all.
    Soon I will loose my wife to all this as they will ruin my finacialy to which will cause my wife to leave me,this is all part of the plan of the police and the Harper government.

    It is called character assasination,they ruin your life as a way of torturing you for being something these cowards don’t like, FREEDOM.
    Blah blah blah it’s a long story the fact is I have written letters to the primeminister/premier and the opposition aswell and many forms of media and lawyers offices even,I have even written a letter to even the pope beleive it or not.
    I have explained I am sane and I have been harassed,stalked persecuted and that I am not buying the corrupt doctors opinions and that it is sickening that I should have to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars just to clear my name.
    I have not received one single reply back from any of them,nothing not a thing they are all silenced and told not to and told to sit back and ignore me while using the “he’s mental” so we don’t have to answer to him routine.
    They are ordered to be silent and not answer to me or cover my story,I could save 12 babies from drowning or a house fire and not one single person from the media will approach me to cover it.
    Don’t laugh it is true they stay away like the cowards they all are and watch and pester me from a distance.
    These sick people have done so much to me it is only pbvious any sane person would have a hard time swollowing.
    When they know you have a genius mind they know they can slam SUV’s and vans into your loved ones to make it look like it was an accident or inflict them with cancer or other illness.
    They know that you know it was not an accident because you are smart and others aren’t that’s why they will think it is just accident and just in my head.
    They can do that to people that they find out have alittle more smarts than others but have kept in hidden from the world.
    They are affraid of people who pretend to silently pass threw life as dumb asses.

    Now since they are all corrupt and nothing but lucifers puppets I wonder would Marc too be silenced if he were elected or would he tell the elite to fuck themselves and come and help me?
    We all know politicians are not leaders they are puppets,leaders get thrown in jail ask Marc or gang leaders/cult members they will tell you it is true.
    So I wonder is it because he is the voice for the people that they treat him this way?
    I mean even if I am insane would he still write/call me and atleast let me know he cannot do anything for me,would he at least have the desency to treat me like a human being which all others have failed to do?.
    How many other people turn to him for hope or help that they cannot get elsewhere?
    So far I have mailed him two letters to him in prison both with pictures and I want to know he is getting them so I have one more to send explainig that sorry Marc but untill he is treated like a human and I know he is getting my letters then I will not send any more ltters.
    Just makes me wonder do they silence him because he might blow the whistle on something else that someone else is writting to him about.
    I wonder are they affraid Marc might tell his supports to go and sit with the crazy guy on highway#4 every saturday or do it near your own home and to ask you to demand an investigation into what I say.
    Are they affraid he might ask his supports to demand that the ministry for children and EIC and RCMP/Mr Harper confess to the wrong doing they have done me.?
    I only trust Marc to save me from this persecution and so untill my leader has been free then all I can do for now is just support him with my free marc signs every saturday on highway4 in Port Alberni.
    It is time for you who is reading this now to go and make a FREE MARC EMERY sign or one that says AMERICA MUST FREE MARC or GOOGLE MARC EMERY is a good one.
    Take them out to a busy highway near you and sit there for two hours in a safe area that lets motorist easily see your signs.
    You have a right to peacefull protest in this country,remind the people that America have invaded our country and stole one of our own.
    In a two hour period in my area of highway between 400 and 800 motorist pass by my signs so now if you just figure out every town on Vancouver island and do the math we could educate one hundred thousand motorist easily in one day.
    Take your signs and sit at the entrance to your community perhaps is a good location and remind the world.
    Don’t be shy get out there and be heard and be proud to be a Canadian who wishes to fight for their freedom and to fight tyranny.
    I have done it 6 times and can’t wait for the 7th because I feel good when I volunteer for my community and that is exactly what I am doing.
    I put my time in to fight tyranny is what I am doing and I think you should do the same go ahead and try it,making signs is easy.

    Get some friends together and sit for two hours,bring a cooler with drinks and snacks and make it a picnic if you will.
    Try to count the motorist that pass and give the thumbs up to motorist that honk or wave or give thumbs up.
    Just please do it in a safe area and stay off the road if you can and play it safe,protesting supporting can be fun.
    You don’t have to yell and scream it at them just let your signs say it all for you,you are just there to man the signs so sit back and relax.
    It will make a big difference if every community could just have a few signs each to educate the passing motorists.
    So I guess I am the only brave one(ok a few others too) out there every saturday to let America know that PORT ALBERNI will fight for it’s freedom.
    Maybe you should get out there and defend your community too because like I said it is very easy to do.

    Not only do they take him away they treat him wrongly so it is perhaps time for us all to take it up a notch aswell,getting out there with your signs will do well.

  7. ray christl THC Media Global on

    legal”,so jail is inevitable.MLK says even today that “unjust” law is “NO LAW” at all!!!Marc is completely innocent,period!!!Yes,we all have ideas what to do now he’s in the “hole”.I suggest Jodie tell him to use strategies of Dr.John Lilly in the deprivation chamber and meditation to ketamine dream journey.What is the Hindi internal energy that can produce vision?

  8. Atarijedi on

    As much as I think Emery’s extradition was bullshit. What he did was not legal, and it is ignorant to say it was legal. Our laws clearly define selling viable seeds as trafficking a Schedule II controlled substance, and if the cops even give it the time of day, the punishment is up to the judge, usually only being a fine, but depending on the amount of seeds sold could be as high as life in prison.

    That said, I don’t believe he shouldn’t be put in solitary confinement, unless requested, but I also don’t think the USAG will do anything about it, and will defer to the Warden of the Detention center.

    I think it would be better to get some MPs/MPPs to contact the USAG, the Canadian Ambassador in the US and the Detention Center to request that Emery be taken out of Solitary confinement.

  9. ray christl THC Ministry Singapore on

    moments in person. New federal “RULE” of video touching initiated in future.This is one of the major points from Jodie’s report.Did a little look at the significance of “touch”.They say babies will expire if left unloved/handled with ample food.The hole is a deprivation chamber to torture within the incarceration institute.The more Mr.Rosenthal,Mr. Levine/Hunter/ and Vandermier exploit this inhumane “treatment” the better.This video visit technology is “haphephobia”.Fear to Hate of touching.Priest or monk can’t touch a woman religeo-death trip of “sin” and perceived evil.Our evolution of canna-love and THC healing restore touch and true family values(as every message Jodie writes is laden with this fact)that the Harper/Bush-DEA scorn.That is why??Marc was allowed from HOLE a last moment.Adults can die if separated from love/family.They allow rape as sanctioned prison touching.When i was in Maui jail for a year and didn’t get to state prison(2 or more years),the guards send jailhouse joints to the inmates.You get 2 hits(shared with mate)on the micro J,and then in a day or two…drug testing.Most sentences in Hawai’i are open 5-10 year term.This means “bad” behavior increases your imprisonment.Total insane horseshit fascism.Money making prison-industrial complex as prison guard union in Hawai’i is super strong politically,and guards become state elected or volunteer politico.Haptein means “come together”haptics is the I.T. use of screen touch in computing.Haphephillia is hippies loving to give hugs and kiss.This is the real war by Harper/BUSH-DEA love of touch.

  10. Anonymous on

    The U.S. justice system has been infiltrated by Muslim extremist terrorists. They are using Marc Emery to draw homeland security resources away from real threats. By tricking the justice dept into putting all attention on Marc Emery, the terrorists will then strike at weak points. America is in great danger because of this. All decision makers involved with the Marc Emery fiasco are potentially terrorists and must be thoroughly investigated for their secret links to foreign terrorist cells.

    Why else would they do this to Marc?

  11. fw on

    What a crock of shit to use the hole for this bop image protection.
    More names, faces and connections to learn about here in the bop hole useage.
    I just hope your fellow Americans will come see you all.
    I want to guess that a homeland security call was made to the warden he asked dea and they all said hole.
    It must be fun to rule lives with at least a third of the people supporting you all.
    Later. I guess.