As the readers of my blog are aware, I get deeply concerned when it comes to cuisine and new styles of cooking. That is why years ago, right after the Chernobyl nuclear explosion I developed a totally new concept for the traditional Chicken Kiev recipe. It is typically cooked in a cream sauce, but in my Chernobyl Chicken Kiev recipe the chicken is cooked in its own skin and feathers– sort of roasted, since it is cooked alive. It’s a memorable dish for those who like to eat in the dark, since the chicken glows gently.

To my delight, many new dishes have come out of the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. There is oil-blackened Cajun shrimp, oil-crusted seabird, and the ever-popular greased dolphin.

Some people would say that this disaster shows that we should stop drilling in precarious places where there is a possibility of a devastating environmental impact. I disagree! Now that the area is ruined, why try to protect it? It is sort of like protecting the hens after the wolf has already gotten into the pen. As for the other areas that have not yet been destroyed, why should they have the privilege of a good environment when the Gulf is suffering? After all, we still need to drive to McDonalds.

To change the subject ever so slightly, how about my idea for an endangered species restaurant? These animals, in spite of all the work of the conservation agencies wont be here forever– or even the next 20 years. Taste them now while you can! A lot of people are going to regret that they have never tasted the striped meat of zebra, or the tender flesh of the Gold Crested Peacock. I don’t even know if there is such a thing as a Gold Crested Peacock. But it doesn’t matter, I do know that I have to taste it and that it wouldn’t taste just like chicken! It is Gold Crested Peacock!

All of this naturally brings us to the terrible situation unfolding in the United States. Marc Emery, the publisher of Cannabis Culture Magazine and the fellow who popularized seed banks all over Canada is now in solitary confinement in a prison in Washington State. He was indicted by the United States federal government for selling seeds to Americans. The Canadian government, in an act of subservience to the United States, handed him over, even though what he was doing was totally legal in Canada. This sets a really bad precedent. In other words, if you are not in America and are doing something completely legal where you live, if the United States wants you, they can come get you.

Since Marc has been extradited to the United States, he has been marked as a terrorist. Why else would he be placed in solitary confinement with no reading material and no stimulation at all—for violating a rule he didn’t know even existed? He had a telephone conversation with his wife which she recorded to share online as a podcast, and now he is in 24-hour a day solitary confinement.

Graphic Courtesy of Chris Bennet, a Michael Tripper Joint

Both the response to the situation in the Gulf and Marc’s extradition from Canada show an administration that will soon need life support. Obama is following Gore’s tragic path out of government service. Rather than following his instinct and good sense, he is leaning on advisers who don’t have his inspiration or ability to synthesize information. There is only one solution; we all know what it is. OBAMA LIGHT UP THE FUCKING JOINT! START THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX AGAIN AND USE YOUR COMMON SENSE. GET OUT OF THE GRIPS OF THE WASHINGTON HOUNDS! …and don’t forget to try some of that oil-blackened Cajun shrimp, I hear it is delicious.

Marc can still receive letters in solitary, please take a minute to write him a letter:


To be safe, please send only hand-written or hand-typed letters. Photos are permitted, but PLEASE don’t send pictures of bongs, marijuana, plants, nudity, or anything illegal or inappropriate because it will be refused.

The only books that Marc wants right now will be sent by Jodie. Otherwise, when new books arrive, Marc has to give up the ones he is reading. In the next few months, an Amazon.com “wish list” for Marc will be set up.

ALL MAIL IS THOROUGHLY READ BY PRISON OFFICIALS. Do not write about illegal activities or anything that you want to keep private. The official guidelines are listed below.

Please write to Marc about what you’re doing in your life, the activism you’ve done, the silly little pleasures and joys of your day, the news about what’s happening in the world and your area, etc. Prison life is just endless boring repetition, cut off from the outside. Nothing ever changes and nothing new ever happens, so Marc would really appreciate getting reports from the outside world!

Mailing address:
Marc Scott Emery #40252-086 Unit DB
PO Box 13900
FDC SeaTac
Seattle, Washington