As the readers of my blog are aware, I get deeply concerned when it comes to cuisine and new styles of cooking. That is why years ago, right after the Chernobyl nuclear explosion I developed a totally new concept for the traditional Chicken Kiev recipe. It is typically cooked in a cream sauce, but in my Chernobyl Chicken Kiev recipe the chicken is cooked in its own skin and feathers– sort of roasted, since it is cooked alive. It’s a memorable dish for those who like to eat in the dark, since the chicken glows gently.

To my delight, many new dishes have come out of the disaster in the Gulf of Mexico. There is oil-blackened Cajun shrimp, oil-crusted seabird, and the ever-popular greased dolphin.

Some people would say that this disaster shows that we should stop drilling in precarious places where there is a possibility of a devastating environmental impact. I disagree! Now that the area is ruined, why try to protect it? It is sort of like protecting the hens after the wolf has already gotten into the pen. As for the other areas that have not yet been destroyed, why should they have the privilege of a good environment when the Gulf is suffering? After all, we still need to drive to McDonalds.

To change the subject ever so slightly, how about my idea for an endangered species restaurant? These animals, in spite of all the work of the conservation agencies wont be here forever– or even the next 20 years. Taste them now while you can! A lot of people are going to regret that they have never tasted the striped meat of zebra, or the tender flesh of the Gold Crested Peacock. I don’t even know if there is such a thing as a Gold Crested Peacock. But it doesn’t matter, I do know that I have to taste it and that it wouldn’t taste just like chicken! It is Gold Crested Peacock!

All of this naturally brings us to the terrible situation unfolding in the United States. Marc Emery, the publisher of Cannabis Culture Magazine and the fellow who popularized seed banks all over Canada is now in solitary confinement in a prison in Washington State. He was indicted by the United States federal government for selling seeds to Americans. The Canadian government, in an act of subservience to the United States, handed him over, even though what he was doing was totally legal in Canada. This sets a really bad precedent. In other words, if you are not in America and are doing something completely legal where you live, if the United States wants you, they can come get you.

Since Marc has been extradited to the United States, he has been marked as a terrorist. Why else would he be placed in solitary confinement with no reading material and no stimulation at all—for violating a rule he didn’t know even existed? He had a telephone conversation with his wife which she recorded to share online as a podcast, and now he is in 24-hour a day solitary confinement.

Graphic Courtesy of Chris Bennet, a Michael Tripper Joint

Both the response to the situation in the Gulf and Marc’s extradition from Canada show an administration that will soon need life support. Obama is following Gore’s tragic path out of government service. Rather than following his instinct and good sense, he is leaning on advisers who don’t have his inspiration or ability to synthesize information. There is only one solution; we all know what it is. OBAMA LIGHT UP THE FUCKING JOINT! START THINKING OUTSIDE THE BOX AGAIN AND USE YOUR COMMON SENSE. GET OUT OF THE GRIPS OF THE WASHINGTON HOUNDS! …and don’t forget to try some of that oil-blackened Cajun shrimp, I hear it is delicious.

Marc can still receive letters in solitary, please take a minute to write him a letter:


To be safe, please send only hand-written or hand-typed letters. Photos are permitted, but PLEASE don’t send pictures of bongs, marijuana, plants, nudity, or anything illegal or inappropriate because it will be refused.

The only books that Marc wants right now will be sent by Jodie. Otherwise, when new books arrive, Marc has to give up the ones he is reading. In the next few months, an Amazon.com “wish list” for Marc will be set up.

ALL MAIL IS THOROUGHLY READ BY PRISON OFFICIALS. Do not write about illegal activities or anything that you want to keep private. The official guidelines are listed below.

Please write to Marc about what you’re doing in your life, the activism you’ve done, the silly little pleasures and joys of your day, the news about what’s happening in the world and your area, etc. Prison life is just endless boring repetition, cut off from the outside. Nothing ever changes and nothing new ever happens, so Marc would really appreciate getting reports from the outside world!

Mailing address:
Marc Scott Emery #40252-086 Unit DB
PO Box 13900
FDC SeaTac
Seattle, Washington



  1. American Hero on

    As an Army Veteran of the Iraqi War -What I say goes and that is how the world works -no one wants to die for an opinion -only facts -therefore, Marc and Ed are heroes like my fallen brothers and sisters of this current war and wars past . . . those who disagree with Ed and Marc being heroes have to be willing to die for their views like I was and am or it shows they are confused and gutless. Always look to Logic as your guide and Math will foot your steps.

  2. Angela on

    I can’t beleive you could possibly NOT see Marc or Ed as heroes. I live in San Francisco where, even if I didn’t have a medical card, I could smoke openly without the threat of jail or police brutality.

    Who do I have to thank for that? The people who chose subservience to the police state or people like Marc and Ed who took the fall so we don’t have to.

    If you believe its justified to lock a NONVIOLENT offender in solitary you are out of your mind.

  3. Anonymous on

    go to the western standard website, shotgun blog, and pick any post about Marc or pot, and you will find 3 trolls. this one writes like 419.

  4. ray christl THC warrior on

    this is action for a Preez,so the content and change should be evident in words that create deed.The real war tonight is how Obama looks good and gets reelected.Since he bought the “drill baby drill” mentality mostly,with nuke power now ok/safe(A reagan dem).Maybe Cheney created a “false flag” disaster to make Obama look foolish like BUSH during Katrina.The crisis helps PEAK OIL and reserviors are more valuable for nonBP companies etc..,as HEMP war is the cure we have the the war on us folks who are promised “change’.Ok,sun,waves and wind exploitation allowed besides the bo-mass and oil nut fuel modality.Sympathy for FREE MARC as the seeds of the cure is the seeds MARC the genius sold.War paradigm is all WARbamaBLOB has.in his lies and mocking the Love of thc HEMPplant( karma? is a logical fallacy?>).Love the Man Obama his IQ/EQ is beautiful and reminds me of Roger Christie,but the distaste for the misguided RAHM-REAGAN policy decisions.War everything obama CIA-MAFIA control the worse ever and now plus 50,000 swat arrest atempts.Using a fine man like this in history..it’s a shame,and we must attack/or use love socratic methodology.They only allow war model of sharp counterpoint-repartee with zero synthesis, Control and Tax 2010 is a synthesis.Dems vs Reps (if honest)is the dialectic process at work.The social welfare system you enjoy in Cannada is the result of Jean Jacques Rousseau who lobbied in his words for common ground in an adversarial social contract=body politic.Partisanship creates division,yet unity for all must be atempted for democracy to matter.

  5. ray christl Jamaica onelove destiny on

    Sort of fun this post with such PATHOS is shared with the world.It works on the “system one” unconscious mind we evolved from this system-1 survival(not cognition-SYSTEM TWO)stay alive primal FEAR.So,whomever this anon voice is the intention is FEAR and stay in the psychological mindset of fear.WAR and division-run from the tiger ,or attack the tiger to survive(adrenal gland usage-adrenaline challenge).Voting in a sane system two -conscious mindal will legalize in RichLEELAND usa.

  6. Anonymous on

    Quack Quack Quack Quack Quack

  7. Anonymous on

    Obamas intent is the entire destruction of this planet and all of its wildlife.BP corporation and company are planning destruction of this planet in skyscraper in major US cities. I wonder who the real terrorists are in this world ?Al Queda must be having a good reason to celebrate. They haven’t lift even the little finger and look at the destruction.
    Obamas reminds me of an oiled pelican. All coated with black goo !

  8. Anonymous on

    Its more like they knew they would never have to shut the valve because oil is going to be used up until its all gone, now a lot will be gone after this many more catastrophies the same. In fact…. it was mentioned once in a environmental article that our human race should keep using oil until its all gone, but what the scientists fear is happening sooner than expected…. and thats a natural catastrophy from oil trapped in the earth. The concept is too use it up before it blows 50 volcanoes out of the sea and land and destroys the world fast and not slow from 200-300 yrs of oil use by people before they can find a way to deal with pollution. Now its happening…. didn’t use it up soon enough and now your fuct, can’t use it up this quick, Off-shore oil drillers must have been in a hurry to sell it because they didn’t give a F about stopping it… if necessary. ANother commercial necessity for Stock market. Take oil of the stock market and nobody will give a F about drilling this shit.

  9. Herb Roach on

    I wonder, does Canada have polution laws? Can we dump oil in the oceans and seas? When the contaminated water hits Canadian waters, will Canada be able to charge BP with pollution law violation,, I think each one of those barrels per day should be a seperate charge. Each animal found in distress should have a charge of animal cruelty involved.
    I am sure both US and Canada have pollution and dumping laws, same as seed sales. Will we be able to get our hands on those involved in this catastrophy?
    How can any of this be justified at all.
    I can not believe they do not have some shut off valves at least every mile or so. They could have been installed easily, I guess it would have cost an extra hundred bucks or so for each shut off valve, must have been a save money thing. I can not get over this, I am a simple wanna be engineer and know shut offs are needed for water lines to your toilet, in case something breaks. WTF were they thinking?!?

  10. Anonymous on

    It’s sort of funny that every one of Ed Rosenthals books
    and every magazine that Marc Emery published would be considered
    > CONTRABAND < in a US Prison, What dos that suggest? That maybe these guys are criminals in spite of their old school stoner social conscience ? Maybe that's why you old guys have both been busted so many times that's called " repeat offenders " not heros because heros win, they don;t get chained up and whine like girls You know what they do with raccoons who keep tipping over garbage cans huh?