Green Aid Activist: FILE AN APPEAL to the Columbia, MO PD

Many of you responded to this video which shows the Columbia, MO PD SWAT team forcefully entering a house, shooting the small family dog in front of a 7-year-old, and manhandling the compliant suspect.

All they found in the residence was a small amount of marijuana for personal use and a pipe.

After complaints were filed with the Columbia, MO PD, many of you received a letter that an investigation of the incident determined that the officers did not violate procedure and should be exonerated.

Please immediately file a written appeal. Here is a sample letter:


This is in response to tracking #MR2010-0042:

I filed a complaint about the invasion of a home at 1501 Kinloch Court on 2/11/2010 by the Columbia PD SWAT team wherein which a man was arrested and his dog shot– in front of his 7-year-old son –for possessing a small amount of marijuana for personal use.

You responded that the officers shall be exonerated.

I will be filing a formal written appeal through the Citizens Police Review Board (CPRB): deliverable by mail to:

PO Box 6015
Columbia, MO 65205.

However, I wanted you to know the reasons I will be filing an appeal of your decision:

1) There was no evidence that the small dog was a threat to the safety of the officers. Shooting this dog was unwarranted.

2) The arrestee was compliant. There was no reason to manhandle him. If a civilian did this to another civilian, he would be arrested for battery or assault.

3) There was no reason for a forced entry. If that is ordinary procedure in Columbia, MO then perhaps your whole training program is out of bounds of civil procedure and should be reevaluated.

4) Additionally I want to file a complaint against the police chief who decided to exonerate the officers. This police chief knew his officers were violating standard procedure and should work diligently to right this obstruction of justice. The officers involved should also be evaluated by an independent psychiatrist to see if they should continue to be allowed to carry weapons: they are a danger to society.