Free Marc Emery: Marijuana Activists Occupy Conservative MP’s Office

CANNABIS CULTURE – A group of Vancouver marijuana activists occupied Conservative MP James Moore’s Port Moody office on Tuesday to demand an end to the extradition of ‘Prince of Pot’ Marc Emery.

At about 11am, activists from the British Columbia Marijuana Party and Cannabis Culture, including this reporter, stormed through the front doors of the office of Conservative Heritage Minister James Moore. The lone secretary on duty was shocked and appalled to see the mega-phone wielding group crowd into the small office and gather around the front counter.

“We’re going to be protesting in your office today,” BCMP director Jacob Hunter told the lady working behind the counter.

“Uh, no you won’t,” she said looking flustered as she grabbed the telephone and frantically started dialing.

But we did! We sang chants, shouted drug war facts into the megaphone, and pulled out huge bags of weed and rolled joints on the front counter. Police showed up shortly afterward and immediately began checking medical cards after seeing the large 200-gram bag of pot brought by a legal medical patient. One cop grabbed a bag of weed and threw it across the room to another cop, suggesting that it be confiscated. He was quickly informed that it was legal and stood down.

At first, police wanted to arrest the protesters for “assault by trespassing” but after several minutes of heated debate and negotiations the police called The Crown who told them to leave us alone.

The cops did what they were told; instead of busting anyone, two unusually enlightened police officers sat with protesters and discussed the destructiveness of the drug war. By the end of the conversation, we were exchanging email addresses so we could send them info about Law Enforcement Against Prohibition, a group dedicated to ending prohibition.

We soon realized the door to Mr. Moore’s personal office was wide open, so we made our way in and began looking over his bookshelf and rolling joints on his desk.

Click here for the Flickr photo gallery by Jeremiah Vandermeer.

Though the protest was fun, we hope it sent a serious message to the Conservative Minister and his party, who have decided to extradited Marc Emery to the USA to face a five-year prison term for selling marijuana seeds and using the money to fund activism. Marc is a political prisoner, and we will continue to protest, unrelentingly, in new and inventive ways, until he is released.

We will be staging more protests in the offices of Conservative members of the government, and you should too!

Your MP’s office is public property, and you have a right to protest on public property. Watch the video and consider holding a protest in your Conservative MP’s office!

Watch the Video on YouTube

Friday May 14: Another Office Protest made NATIONAL news! Keep it up!



  1. Anonymous on

    Protecting my ass from what? An overdose of Dr. Who and Funyuns?

    I’ll take my chances, thanks.

  2. Smokepot_Daily on

    Drug induced schizophrenia?? What drug was that? I have been using heavily on a daily basis since i was 13, 37 years ago. I have smoked a lot of Herb, and know a great many who have also, and there is no such reaction to cannabis ever. You may be quoting fascist propaganda studies designed to manufacture ‘demonstrable justification” for prohibition of cannabis to exist when there isn’t any. There never has been a legal reason to prohibit it.
    Are you sure that the symptoms you describe have ANYTHING to do with the Good Herb? I am not. To use you examplres;
    a)dead of a drug overdose…no such thing with the Herb. There is no such thing as an overdose and no-one NO-ONE has ever been harmed by it in any way.
    b)What were these ‘friends on/ it sounds like maybe a bad batch of PCP but definitely not the Good Herb.
    C) as I said I have been a daily user for 37 years. My kids have no problem understanding me nor do my grandchildren. In fact I claim a heightened understanding thanks to the The good Herb. Even though I have reached the age where hereditary memory loss affects many in our family, my brain wors fine, thank you, (so do both my parents. My Grandma is 93 and doesn’t understand what the fuss is about, but she still loves life..all thanks to the Good Herb.
    E)sounds like a person suffering severe depression, possibly bipolar, but definitely emotional trauma and neglect. I would recommend Heavy long term cannabis therapy to make this sad life worth living again.
    There is NO such thing as physical addiction to cannabis. I have used for so long because in my humble opinion with regard to myself it is profoundly a good thing. Spirituality is not addictive, but once one makes a connection with God who wants to give it up? It’s the same thing for the Herb. I could stop, but why would i want to when it does me so much good?
    It can lead to skydiving as well, also potentially dangerous but not a cause for prohibition. (In my experience cannabis has proved top be a ‘gateway drug’ to exit and end addictions to other substances such as heroin, cocaine, crystal methamphetamine, PCP, alcohol, and tobacco. All of which are far more harmful to individuals and society than cannabis. In fact the premise of ‘harm reduction’ alone should ensure cannabis be readily available to all adults.

    Proven studies?? in order to show what those who paid for the study want to show. Then they say there is no long term reseasrch, never mind my 37 years of intensive personal research, what about 6000 years of known use with not one credible complaint? No one has ever been hurt by the Good Herb. Conversely, millions of lives have been destroyed by prohibition of it.

    Everyone has the right to believe and practice whatever does no harm to others. No-one may cause or allow the Right of others to be violated. Anywhere at any time.
    When governments use Law Enforcement to violate Charter Rights, THEY become criminals.
    World Against Cannabis’ Unjust Prohibition ((WakeUp!!))

  3. reality rocks on

    Well it’s now obvious that guy is a loser stoner after all he said “only loser stoners read this anyway” and he is reading the remarks posted . i actualy think he is so indoctorenated into the U.S. and Canadian anti-pot propaganda that he is convinced the world will crumble around him if legalized. there are 2 documentarys he or she should watch: The union: the business of getting high. , and the emperor of pot. the facts stated in these 2 movies can be researched and verified. if thse don’t convince this person to turn about face and endorse pot then the guy is as dumb as he sounds. But i suspect he just sounds dumb due to lack of education on the subject. Or likes to pay a lot for fuel and cloths and medicine. Likes to see cotton raised with lots of chemicals,cloths that wear out faster. they obviously don’t know that pot is safer than caffine or asprin. you can’t die from pot but you can die from water overdose, or salt overdose. yes it sounds crazy but too much water or salt can trash your electrolites severely. what would i want to consume 2 gallons of water at once or a pound of salt all at once or a pound of pot all at once… give me the pot i will survive with out help. watch the movies and then tell us we don’t have the right idea. don’t speak out of ignorance and false information you have come to believe. read and do the research you will be much wiser and actualy be able to make statements that are valid and relivant

  4. Smokepot_Daily on

    Fascist. BEWARE. We are on to you. You made our case for us in your rant. Yo are the only one in this long threat expressing violence, and advocating harm be cause others and their rights. Occupying MP’s offices is just a start. We will respond PEACEFULLY to anyone who attempts, carries out or advocate violating Charter rights of other Canadians. Wherever you are from, whoever you work for.

    the protest was peaceful. Your comment was not. Typical fascist response when faced with irrefutable Truth.

    When Governments use Law Enforcement to violate a Citizens’ Rights, THEY become criminals.

    World Against Cannabis’ Unjust Prohibition ((WakeUp!!))

    Everyone has the right to believe and practice whatever does no harm to others.Everywhere. No-one may cause or allow the rights of another to be violated. Anywhere.


  5. Smokepot_Daily on

    Fascist. BEWARE. We are on to you. You made our case for us in your rant. Yo are the only one in this long threat expressing violence, and advocating harm be cause others and their rights. Occupying MP’s offices is just a start. We will respond PEACEFULLY to anyone who attempts, carries out or advocate violating Charter rights of other Canadians. Wherever you are from, whoever you work for.

    the protest was peaceful. Your comment was not. Typical fascist response when faced with irrefutable Truth.

    When Governments use Law Enforcement to violate a Citizens’ Rights, THEY become criminals.

    World Against Cannabis’ Unjust Prohibition ((WakeUp!!))

    Everyone has the right to believe and practice whatever does no harm to others.Everywhere. No-one may cause or allow the rights of another to be violated. Anywhere.


  6. Smokepot_Daily on

    I have been shot at, stomped and beaten up, robbed, kidnapped, falsely imprisoned, had friends and family threatened, harassed, robbed, intimidated and arrested. I have been forced out of jobs, housing, and educational opportunities. I have been illegally detained and imprisoned. All simply because I choose to use an innocent herb, and support the repeal of it’s prohibition.
    The ones who did all those things did so because they were paid to “protect my sorry ass”. I am certain every one of them were violating my rights, (thereby making real criminals of themselves), whilst complaining their overinflated salaries were insufficient.
    Since prohibition violates constitutional rights, the enforcement of it creates criminals of police and those politicians working to enforce and perpetuate unjust prohibition. Get YOUR facts straight pal. (you ARE under OATH to serve us and protect OUR Constitutionally guaranteed Charter rights. It is your duty to make sure nobody violates our rights to use the Good Herb, for any reason, in any quantity. The only crime would be income tax evasion of producers that repealing prohibition would end.)The time is coming when citizens arrests will be made of officials and enforcers who continue to violate the rights of fellow citizens under the guise of “keeping the peace” while destroying lives and families and costing everyone, who contributed to values making up our economy, who pay for you all.
    World Against Cannabis’ Unjust Prohibition ((WakeUp!!))

    Everyone has the right to believe and practice whatever does no harm to others.Everywhere. No-one may cause or allow the rights of another to be violated. Anywhere.


  7. Smokepot_Daily on

    Dale, there has NEVER been any credible evidence of any kind in over 6000years of known use of cannabis use ever causing anyone any harm.
    The study you refer to was fascist sponsored to falsely justify furthering the
    ‘war on drugs’.
    No one denies Cannabis has an effect. That is why we like it. It is effective on all brains. (define ‘developing…who gives bong hits to a fetus?)
    A fais study would be a real one involving real subjects. They claim there have been no long term studies. How long is is long term? 6000 years of known use? or my own 37years of daily consumption?
    I can personally assure everyone out there that no matter how much you smoke it wont hurt you. I wouldn’t hesitate to tell you propaganda is false. My brain is not fried, hold the bacon and toast. My reproductive system is fime and my kids are above normal as are my grandchildren. Thanks to Cannabis I has successfully overcome setbacks that I would not have without it, medical, spiritual, and social.
    Cannabis is a really effective treatment for schizophrenia and bipolar, though I am not giving medical advice her just relating personal experience. The Lithium is still necessary, but it is possible to use much less for the desired result.
    People spreading evil fascist propaganda that Cannabis has ever been harmful are simply attempting to manufacture a climate in which you can sell your lie that there has ever somehow been in any place or time something you could sell the world as ‘demonstrable justification’ for the prohibition of cannabis to exist ans somehow legitimize the enforcement of the war on drug’s ‘ failed policies. They fail because they are ill-conceived and just plain wrong.
    You fascists need to get a new tune because we are on to you.;-0! You have given us one…FREE MARC EMERY!!!


    Everyone has the right to believe and practice whatever does no harm to others. No-one may cause or allow the violation of the right of another.

    When governments use Law Enforcement to violate a citizens rights, THEY become criminals.

    Fascists are criminals

    Repeal prohibition.

    World Against Cannabis’ Unjust Prohibition ((WakeUp!!))


  8. Smokepot_Daily on

    I feel for Marc,as everyone who has ever been affected by good citizens unfairly locked up for Cannabis would. That is everyone, by the way. The cost of enforcement, courts, lawyers and judges, even the salaries of the prison guards unions pension fund managers and their bankers and the political costs we are saddled with on top of it. Perhaps all the individual salaries don’t add up to what the police budget is set at to do its unfortunate duty in the War on Drugs We ALL pay for what they are doing to Marc and to all of us.

    Ironic as it is Evil, Prime Minister Harper (Himmler) declares a “Cultural War” as Marc is sent away. Talk about typical fascist behavior. Whenever you have things up really badly just declare War on something and bury your mistakes in the rubble. We are not so stupid as to not realize spooks from many agencies and at least a half dozen countries read these and lurk on the social networking sites gathering information on the Global REPEAL PROHIBITION movement. This is a good thing. We don’t want you to stop it. We want you to join Law Enforcement Against Prohibition and help to change bigoted attitudes where you work.

    No one likes the “F” word, fascism, but if we pretend it is not behind what has been happening lately with ‘crackdown’ after crackdown on Cannabis growers, dealers and users. Every single instance of enforcement of Cannabis prohibition is a violation of a citizens rights.

    Everyone has the right to believe and practice whatever does no harm to others. No-one may cause or allow the violation of the right of another

    When governments use Law Enforcement to violate a citizens rights, THEY become criminals. Fascists are criminals and need to be treated as such. Like any extremely powerful terrorist organization. We are going to need all the Law enforcement on our side as we can.

    I am including the following recent Note, I think it shows whiy it is EVERYBODY”S business to FIGHT FASCISM – REPEAL PROHIBITION – FREE MARC EMERY; not only the ‘stoners’, and ‘potheads’, ‘druggies’ and all the other derogatory, bigoted slurs they have for users of the the Good Herb, this War on Culture, like the War on Drugs is Everybody’s Enemy. You are paying for it in so many ways you are not aware how you are affected. Again, this is EVERYBODY”S BUSINESS:
    Why is it against the Law???
    Category: News and Politics
    The question of why Cannabis is illegal continues to arise. It never has been publicly justified. I have reason to believe the short answer is fascism. A bit of connecting the dots through time shows us an easy to understand picture of evil. Fear not, we can look out for one another. We will do everything we can to decapitate world fascism. A global movement of millions of ordinary people has arisen. Because it Had to.

    Fascism thrives on the hardships it inflicts on others. For instance Commandants of WW2 death camps were in the business of exploiting human resources. For a great many ends, as profitable as they were diverse. From forced slave labour, seizing all assets, including clothing, jewelry, gold dental work and even products derived from the human body.

    Prescott Bush, (desecrator of the bones of Geronimo the Apache in founding Yale’s Skull & Bones society) along with BBH (Brown Brother Harriman, Fritz Thyssen (bear head/ Shreiber/Mulroney) and George H Walker helped to put Hitler in place with the specific intent of starting WW2. Prescott was later supplying Hitler from his factories in America. In 1942 he was tried and convicted of Trading with the Enemy.

    War industry is totally defendant on products provided by oil and other industries. DuPont made more than just nylon acrylics dacron orlon etc for the US Gov. and hemp was the only competition after the war. W.R Hearst’s interest in stands of forests to be pulped to supply his newspaper empire, was also a factor as US Gov. was starting to employ propaganda techniques learned from the Nazis, and Newspaper barons were pandered to.

    Reefer Madness, as comical as we see it, was actually taken seriously by enough people to actually be believed. As we know, it is still taught by fascists who wish to exploit human resources. By daemonizing, and making criminals of those who choose to use Cannabis and do no harm to others, they create a class of people who can be disenfranchised and dispossessed with impunity. As such these human resources are exploited to create a decaying false economy that takes value producers (those who actually create goods to contribute to the Cross Domestic Product), grinds them and their families up to feed police associations, prison guard unions their pension fund investors, and their lobbies for prohibition and Mandatory Minimum sentences.

    Fascists enjoy profiting from a private prison industry. Enforcement alone costs taxpayers Billions,(DEA is the most expensive Agency to US taxpayer)then prosecution and court costs, plus the constantly rising Bill to the taxpayer for housing POW’s in the War on Drugs. All this profits those who sell short and benefit from inflicting misery. That is why cannabis is illegal.

    Its really another subject but GHWB was the CIA guy who recruited Bin Laden to fight Soviets in Afghanistan in the first place then attempted to have him assassinated when he was successful. Bin Laden had then wanted Islam instead of Burger joints, strip clubs, and heroin poppies (not that I’m excusing the Taliban’s brutality but there was none of that there then. Since invasion, more heroin than ever has gone around the world to kill people, fill jails and enrich police and prison guards, militaries and various agencies all get bigger budgets as a result. All paid by the taxpayer and the victims themselves through judicial and extra judicial seizures – and their very lives.

    Fascism’s most powerful weapon is simple denial that fascism exists today. They point to people like myself and scoff. They discredit us with slurs and baseless accusations, yet they never address the Truth. Truth won’t be denied.


    Everyone has the right to believe and practice whatever does no harm to others. No-one may cause or allow the violation of the right of another.

    Today (18 May ’10) two men were executed in Malaysia for possessing 2lbs of the Good Herb. STOP THE MADNESS
    Repeal prohibition.

    World Against Cannabis’ Unjust Prohibition ((WakeUp!!))


    To this I attach the following treatise on what fascism is, since, sadly, to most it seems it is no more than some nebulous boogeyman. It has been said the greatest trick the Devil ever pulled was convincing folks he doesn’t exist:

    Franklin D. Roosevelt, president of the United States from 1933 to 1945, described fascism in his 1942 “Message from the President of the United States Transmitting Recommendations Relative to the Strengthening and Enforcement of Anti-trust Laws” as follows:”The first truth is that the liberty of a democracy is not safe if the people tolerate the growth of private power to a point where it becomes. stronger than their democratic state itself. That, in its essence, is fascism–ownership of government. by an individual, by a group, or by any other controlling private power.””Fascism should more. properly be called corporatism because it is the merger of state and corporate power.” – Benito Mussolini.”The structure of fascism is the union, marriage, merger or fusion of corporate economic power with governmental power.” – David G. Mills.It’s the Corporate State, Stupid!By David G. Mills11/10/04 “ICH” — The early twentieth century Italians, who invented the word fascism, also had a more descriptive term for the concept — estato corporativo: the corporatist state. Unfortunately for Americans, we have come to equate fascism with its symptoms, not with its structure. The structure of fascism is corporatism, or the corporate state. The structure of fascism is the union, marriage, merger or fusion of corporate economic power with governmental power. Failing to understand fascism, as the consolidation of corporate economic and governmental power in the hands of a few, is to completely misunderstand what fascism is. It is the consolidation of this power that produces the demagogues and regimes we understand as fascist ones. (Read More)Welcome toThe Stop Fascism Action Network

  9. Anonymous on

    …and look what happened to Rome

  10. parksvillain on

    forgave all debts in their empire every 50 years.
    Solution for the global economy?
    Instead of pouring stimulus money into the top, forgive all debts including the bottom (mortgages, loans).
    If these Babylonians were smoking enough weed they’d be able to fix this sh#t.

  11. Anonymous on

    A few points to consider….

    Cannabis, there are THC receptors built into the brain already, it is a relief from pain, stress, anxiety, and other medical issues, but the ones against this are on the governments side and they are the ones that are really in fear! Because they’re stuck in their past reefer madness governments view and scared to defy what are the current laws and false information. Why do so many reject weed even after this much info is available? Any politician is not trustworthy, neither are any strangers in public, or on a public message board like this artical… neither are every salesmen out there, all just a lust for their greedy controlling ego rush. But an asshole stoner is only an asshole because the law is so fake with their reasoning, most young cops are stupid fucking idiots thinking that everyone is a terrorist, they will suck a dick just to use their weapons, tasers, mace, clubs, guns!!!!! If the military is on top, doesn’t that mean everywhere on earth is in a state of “Martial Law”. STop comparing weed to tobacco for excuses to make weed look just as bad, tobacco is laced with nasty chemicals, so any smoker who defends tobacco to put weed down can basically suffer in their addiction to benzene and freebased liquid tobacco with hundreds of additives, when native non-laced tobacco is illegal!!!!! And Alcohol… oooh, thats shit is just disgusting to me.
    Some living proof as an example….
    Driving While high = NO MORE ROAD RAGE!!!!!
    SCITZOPHRENIA = Opening your mind!!!!!!! SWEET LEAF! 3rd eye!
    MUNCHIES = money spent on food x 10 (includes tax)
    VIOLENCE = Being high not interested in violence!!!!
    PROTESTS = Easy going cannabis lovers who know the laws are wrong, if they were really assholes they would have chucked a few molitof cocktails in the MP’s office!!!!
    INTELLIGENCE = I WON ALL THE AWARDS IN HIGHSCHOOL, THE HIGHEST MARKS & HONOR ROLL AND OUTSTANDING AWARDS IN COLLEGE BEING HIGH EVERY FUCKING DAY IN CLASS, AT HOME DURING HOMEWORK AND I AM ALMOST RETIRED WORKING HIGH EVERYDAY AND MY LIFE’S PASSION HAS BEEN CANNABIS, younger than 40 = RETIRED EARLY BECAUSE MY LIFE IS CANNABIS, Beat that goofs!!!!!!!!!!!…. haters & politicians & doctors are too scared to lose their jobs if a patient with med marijuana got in a fight in public with a crackhead who is now considered the standard for any medias stereotype of any drug use! If you can’t handle weed, don’t do it, there are people who can drink 24 beers, smoke 2 packs of cigarettes and snort an 8ball of coke in one night and barely look like their buzzed but if they smoked half of a joint, they are almost in LSD buzz style, with paranoia. 1 joint worth $3-5, but an 8ball/24/smokes is a few hundred for sure plus very dangerous. Some people are paranoid while high (because it is illegal and subconsciously they know to be harmless) and those are the ones who didn’t give up on it, who look like stupid idiot stoners, some of those silent stoners are the most straight up people out there, because they don’t talk shit, who can somebody trust on their own = the government, religion, other people…, NO WAY, the only thing trustworthy is the plant. OPEn YOUR EYES ANYONE OUT THERE. I’m going to go and smoke a nice big beautiful tasting blueberry bud, mmmm, wine from grapes???? THC form Cannabis!!!!!! Cancer from Tobacco, and pollution. DOn’t forget vaporizers exist so there is a way to avoid smoke, but not pollution. You think automobiles cause the most pollution, not likely, one airplane or jet fills an entire cities auto gas use in one flight! The laws are fake, so who’s going to follow these new laws, S-10 (renamed s-10 because c-15 was rejected) SCAM ATTEMPTS BY PARLIAMENT! REJECTED AND FORCED INTO LAWS. Stoners or Drug dealers will be even more dangerous.
    Marc Emery – ANy one who says Marc Emery deserves this punishment is is a goof, a government bitch, and the one who might be the cop ranting & raving because your scared you’ll lose your job if cannabis is legalized, you can go suck your chief of police dick, and your favorite politician!!!! Any one who doesn’t see this is blind!

  12. Adam on

    I finished my grade 11 exams and was a very unpopular student. I used it to relax and started to make a lot of friends. My grades were amazing in the 12th grade, I’m truly not inclined to lie to you. I smoked all day and participated more in class than before.

    I have a theory that Ritalin was imprinted upon me as I took 30-45mg daily from 9-14. I slowly developed a learning disability when I suddenly refused to take it in grade nine.

    I think the way cannabinoids allow so many receptors to work together so much more easily allows my brain to cope with what seems to be serotonin syndrome. They call it tourette’s but I know better.

  13. Adam on

    I realized the mistake in my addendum as I pressed enter, and fully expected you to call me out on it. Congratulations, for being completely predidctable – even to a pothead. Maybe I saw it coming because I haven’t smoked in three days. You can make an ass out of yourself but not out of me.

  14. Adam on

    That the Romans were on to something.

    Did you know that Rome had no drug laws?

  15. Adam on

    21.9 x 1.72 = 37.668

    May as well be.

  16. Anonymous on

    …only the most prominent mathematician alive.

  17. scott garreau on

    keep up the green work!!!been throw this in florida.f the usa goverment and the dea!!!

  18. Anonymous on

    No crack babies mentioned.Pot head parents,pot head babies,pot head teens,hospitalizations,anguish,deaths.

    No funds for dentist = missing teeth

    You write about “people who hate us” .I don’t know you and I don’t hate you.I’m thinking that perhaps you are @ 30 ish.Could be wrong.Only human.

  19. Anonymous on

    Why exactly did you start smoking pot when you were in Grade 12?

  20. Anonymous on

    Perception comes from the Latin meaning reaping and harvesting.Assumption came from your comments.

  21. Anonymous on

    why don’t you tell us your name and see what all these people do with your pathetic little life you fucking coward.
    Submitted by Anonymous () on Fri, 05/14/2010 – 14:07.

    anon here objects to somebody else being anon..
    and demands they reveal their name – because anons are cowards

    you are stupider than i thought it was even possible to be so stupid. congratulations! stoners strike back with a vengeance

  22. Superman on

    what the ..?? another one of your many hallucinations
    really, you are making stuff up, we can all see this even if you can’t
    no wonder nobody takes stoners seriously
    you are a walking work of fiction

  23. Superman on

    that was a load of crap
    I would put a hamster up against a moron on acid
    and win..

    making up fictional crap and passing it off as science
    is why the stoners are reduced to hiding in basements
    because you fear everybody else who isn;t a stoner .. sissies

    who is Ralph Abraham ? should we care?

  24. Anonyman on

    He can’t actually say “you’re gay” because he’s a police officer!

    And a SAD, SAD, SAD MAN.

  25. Adam... again... -_-; on

    Am replying to anonymous, RE: “Dale”

  26. Adam on

    “Maybe those schizo pt’s have their first break because they realize what a fucked up world we live in and can’t handle their new reality.”

    DAMN, dude! You got it!

    Being able to achieve two simultaneous perspectives over a period of time, and to sustain each of them, allows you to examine much more of what is inside of yourself. Often it is the awareness of the problem that creates the most visible symptoms; when someone realizes how sick they are, they feel their worst; yet the realization is a sign of their improvements.


  27. Adam on

    Pot got you high. You ruined your life.

  28. Adam on

    A long string of easily debunked RCMP talking points, each one subjected to rigorous focus groups conducted by P.R. gurus.

    Begin to cite the fabricated studies you’ve “read” and I will begin to categorically decompile their anomalous opinions. We will then examine who exactly has been funding each one of the studies you are referencing (Good luck, I’ve read most of them, too.)

  29. Adam on

    I just told you I would rather be helping you than for you to perceive me as any threat, and say no, that’s not the way you want things, because I am a drug induced ass hole?

    This guy has been sitting at a police computer all day while his lackeys perform his beer runs. And telling victims of domestic violence to “grow a pair.”

    Anyone, please, someone tell me I’m done with him!

  30. Anonyman on

    And what drugs do you induce the assholians with, as their king?
    Alcohol and fluoride?

  31. Adam on

    No, wait, you used a pair of synonyms. I stand by my supposition. ๐Ÿ™‚

  32. Adam on

    that perception and assumption would translate into reap and harvest. I assume you meant to say ‘assumption’ the first time.

  33. Adam on

    I think he failed to reply to you because you failed to digest the second half of his post.

  34. Adam on

    that it was Marc Emery who taught me to care about people who hate us? And why they should know I care? I learned that from him.

  35. Adam on

    As sorry as that would make me feel for you, I have an issue with my bullshit detector when you start to talk about missing teeth and crack babies.

    Now I can’t call you a liar, so if it will comfort you, please assure yourself I’m trying to hypothesize your perspective. I feel threatened and anxious when I hear unsubstantiated claims and disingenuous rhetoric.

  36. Anonyman on

    this loser has now begun advocating domestic violence…

  37. Adam on

    The best software developers do their best work on LSD-25.

    A San Francisco journalist with an agenda much like yours, to spread lies and Sophist arguments, during the late sixties arrived at a convention for I.T. professionals, who were probably writing in COBOL at the time (LOL), to ask them questions about LSD and software. At the time rumours were circling American technical circles about its ability to provide amazing solutions for incredible problems using the mind of only one man.

    According to Ralph Abraham, close to 100% answered “Yes,” and “Yes.” when asked a) have they ever used it, and b) does it contribute to their ability to perform their work?

  38. Adam on

    “Might makes right” refers to the military where the strong prevails over the weak no matter how many


  39. Adam on

    Technically, Marc was able to avoid execution by being Canadian. If they had asked for the death sentence, canada would be unable to send him there due to conditions in the Extradition Treaty. I am aware it has been modified in the last five or so years, so it may now be in there… but Marc’s extra work was done to avoid a *life* sentence, as well as the other items you mentioned.

    Marc worked so hard for the past five years, he almost got 5 years served in Canada (definitely less than two, the way he behaves.) But that wasn’t good enough for the Conservative government; they are praying he will die somewhere.

  40. Anonymous on

    Since you seem so concerned with they’re names for tour own evil purposes, why don’t you tell us your name and see what all these people do with your pathetic little life you fucking coward.

  41. Anonymous on

    Your perception is yours.My perception is mine.From the Latin meaning reaping and harvesting.Ironic!

    I simply asked a question and offered a service.I have an opinion regarding drug dealers.I am entitled to it.

    The word ‘eloquate’was coined a few years ago.I like the sound of this word.It refers to pronunciation and pitch and elucidation.It does not however refer to the written word.It is not in the dictionary.Good word though.

    quot homines tot sententiae

  42. Anonymouse on

    Breaking the law with pot made you a lawbreaker, not a criminal
    If you get caught & convicted of breaking the law then you are a criminal
    if you keep it up you are a repeat offenderl
    otherwise you are just a drug induced asshole
    like the rest of them out there in Assholia

  43. Anonymous on

    That comment was meant for Dale not Mr.POTato head

  44. Anonymous on

    Thank you for your heartfelt honest comment.

  45. Anonymous on

    Pot affects everyone’s brains, not just young people’s. I wouldn’t dispute that. But I would dispute that it causes harm. BTW, “millions” of schizo pt’s have not had the initial onset, that is far more rare than that, in fact I would challenge to find more than a few documented case studies. Others we are affecting will have positive life changes if they use ganja, it is harmless and makes our bodies and brains work better. It’s that simple. It’s evolved with us, our bodies need it.
    Maybe those schizo pt’s have their first break because they realize what a fucked up world we live in and can’t handle their new reality.
    Just because people have been saying ganja’s bad for 70 years doesn’t make it true, it’s just one of many lies out there to discover.

  46. Dale allo on

    real studies have shown that pot can affect the developping brain. do you people deny this to be true? how many of you ‘pot is harmless’ folks started smoking while your brain was still not fully formed? as well, millions of people with underlining conditions like schitzophrenia have had their symptoms come out for the first time while using marijuana and have never recovered since. these people may have gone their whole lives without symptoms. i’m all for freedom to do whatever you want to yourself but when you go marching around the country saying its harmless there are others you are affecting. it may be better for you than alcohol it may be safer than smoking but just because one thing is less bad does not make it good. you people need to be honest with yourselves and think of others you are affecting.

  47. Don on

    I also disagree with not showing all faces of the cops who responded. If the police are so concerned about not revealing under cover agents faces, they shouldn’t have sent one to respond to this complaint. This was clearly not a good use of an undercover. I say show ALL the faces of any responders.

  48. Anonymous on

    So you say pot ruined your life. Paul McCartney smoked weed every day since the 60s and his life seems to have turned out well. Maybe it wasn’t the weed that ruined your life. Maybe YOU ruined your life and happened to be smoking weed at the time. If you can’t handle weed then pretty much anything would have pushed you over the edge. You’re just a very mentally unstable individual. Accept responsibility.

  49. Anonymous on

    No one is denying the medicinal properties of plants.Medicine is used to cure and prevent illness.Illness can also be caused/exacerbated by plants.Marijuana is one of those plants.Distributing the seeds of these plants to kids is not what I would call a healthy choice on either side.

  50. Anonymous on

    Paul,I agree with most of what you have written.One note for clarification:All young people who lived in the 60’s were not “hippy(hippie)douches”,whatever that means.That term seems to imply brainless,drug-taking,dropping out,anti-establishment,long-haired,dirty clothes ….The political movement at the time comprised of people from all walks of life…yes everyone..teachers,students,musicians,artists,factory workers,sociologists,writers,mothers..Martin Luther King was a part of all this.I met him at a peace march in New York.One of the most memorable days of my childhood.

  51. Anonymous on

    NO, “it”,whatever “it” is does not run in my family…One brother did drugs and died at the age of 37…and some friends who continued to do drugs and continued the tradition during pregnancy..tragic stories for them and their children.

    I am not casting aspersions at you or your family.These stories are very sad.I wouldn’t want any of this to happen to you or your loved ones.That is why I write.

  52. Paul on

    Your polluting the god damn air with your wretched narcotic.

    Crack can also take away your Neuropathic pain, its called getting high, or in the language that hippy douche would understand, getting yourself fucked up, there is nothing medicinal about it.

    Fact: No one has ever been cured of anything by smoking drugs.

    But your destroying your lungs, dope Smokers Cough anyone? Your brain cells are taking permanent damage causing permanent memory impairment lets not forget the higher risks of heart disease and stroke, lowered immune system, higher rates of cancer in the head and neck regions.

    But never mind the physiological effects, how about the social effects? You make yourselves smell bad, seriously do you know how bad you dope smokers smell? Lack of intellectualism, danger to motorists, and to coworkers in the work place you people cost employers millions of dollars in higher insurance, workers compensation lost productivity, drug testing et al.

    you guys also cause millions of dollars in damage to homes every year with your grow-ops, the toxic mold in houses, fires caused by shoddy wiring and stolen power.

    Your also polluting the air with your wretched second hand smoke, yes its just as bad coming from you losers as it is Cigarette Smoker

  53. Anonymous on

    You don’t know the truth about ganja. You know your truth, your ‘ruined life.’
    Sorry ‘freedom fighter,’ but u sound more like ‘freedom fraidy-cat.’
    Keep learnin’

  54. search the truth on

    were junk and misinterpretations. David Suzuki dropped many notches in my book for this one, sadly.

  55. Johnny C on

    I have to question why are you here reading comments from people you obviously feel no kinship to. The only conclusion I can come to is that because of your demonstrated level of ignorance your usually ignored by the people you call your peers. I’m sure your used to people rolling their eyes when you express your opinion. However, in your need to feel superior you target a group of people that you perceive as less intelligent than yourself, since most of the people your targeting are drugged up, laughable, mockable, stupid assholes you can gain some sense of self confidence in your own ignorance. In turn you can ignore the feeling of stupidity that you normally feel when you open your mouth.

    I also sense a bit of delusion in your tone when you claim responsibility for “locking up our Prince” and how “WE even blessed David Malmo Levine with a prison experience”. Just listen to yourself before you go of the deep end. Is your name John Walters or are you just another disgruntled postal worker? Here’s a clue everytime you use some tired cliche reserved for stoners I know your only trying to reafirm in yourself some sense of confidencde and superiority. How sad.

  56. Johnny C on

    I know that things must be tough for you now that your out of a job and no longer the Director for the National Drug Control Policy. Just admit that your attempts to have Marc Emery executed for his crimes against America was a miserable failure. I can see that your ego is still bruised from when Marc and his loyal supporters challenged your string of lies and made a fool of you when our Liberal Government wanted to decriminalize marijuana 5 years ago. Are you still holding on to the lies that once kept you employed? Having never killed anyone or any thing Is Marc Emery and his group of supporters really equal in status to the likes of Pablo Escobar and the Medellรญn Cartel?

    Well Mr Walter’s I feel it’s only fair to inform you the past five years have hardly been “party filled and bitched away”. I can see Marc has been able to prevent Michelle Rainey and Greg Williams from serving a certain life sentence in the US and has also avoided possible execution.

    But Mr Walters I do agree with you on one point, the muddier the waters become with misinformation the more likely the possibility that your mindless sheep will not challenge the same voice that perpetuates the “Drug War” and the trillion dollar economy that is created and supported by taxpayer dollars. I can only hope Americans challenge the propaganda of the DEA and the federal government when California, Colorado, Michigan, and New York go to referendum. Legalize and Tax Marijuana, Prohibition doesn’t work.

  57. greg chan on

    you guys want the truth about pot out there. the truth is far from what either sides say it is somewhere in the middle. pot is not harmless nor will it ruin your life. we need good education in the world and not extremists on either end. pot ruined my life but i got back on my feet but it can ruin someones life i have seen more damage done by pot than any help. terminally ill people who are allowed pot however is a good indication that we all should be allowed whated drug we want because we are all dying. however education is important not many people take the time to study up on the drug they’re about to do so its important that the facts they do get are not confusing or contradicting. marc talks about his seed business never harming anyone this is so not true. people have been arrested, stabbed, killed, suffered mental problems lost their jobs, lost relationships,burned their houses down, failed out of university, dropped out of school completely.. the list goes on and on as to what harm marijauna can potentially cause it is not all gravy if you guys want it to be legal you need to get down to reality and not answer back every contracticting post or argument with “you’re an idiot”. please remember as freedom fighters we are also responsible for the people that are not yet smart enough to make their own decisions and may never be smart enough to realize what they are doing someone needs to look out for them not to control them but to protect them for their own good.

  58. Anonymous on

    Those guys showed great courage doing that. I would have been nervous as hell. Their voices weren’t even quivering. They were either real brave or real stoned, probably both. They could have got their heads beat in with cop clubs.

  59. Anonymouse on

    if democracy wasn;t a numbers game then Marc Emery would have won every election he ever ran in.. but he lost them all due to so few people choosing him. thats called > LOSING Mr Computer genius..

    “Might makes right” refers to the military where the strong prevails over the weak no matter how many
    Democracy replaced that with one man one vote- majority wins
    you have access to a billion facts but don’t know any-
    you are living in your own dark ages, stoned at work
    how not impressed we are Mr Greek glory time machine

    say hi to pac man

  60. Anonymouse on

    well then maybe try growing ovaries
    something other than more tonsils

  61. Anonymouse on

    was that you in on the protest clop?
    that fat fuck in the pot leaf shirt
    wagging his weed bag like a dick ?
    I sure hope not
    tubby there was the biggest dumbest dump bear of them all

    ” the Reception Room Five” made no statement except ” Look at me !”
    and they were unattractive when we did
    and pushed back? who was pushing you half dozen dump bears ?
    one secretary? you bully tards with your big bad sandwich bags of dog fart Kush

    the cops didn;t say boo because you are small potatoes=
    yes you matter worth nothing.
    just noisy overgrown teenage mouth trash druggies not worth the floorspace you would take up in the Vancouver drunk tank –

    so where’s the next earth shattering protest?
    the mens washroom at Starbucks?? you dumb fucks

  62. Anonymous on

    I can’t seem to recall any cops protecting my ass. I can recall a lot of contacts with police, and they were all bad. The only people my ass needs protection from is the high school drop outs they give badges and guns to. Get YOUR facts straight, non pal. And yes, you’re all overpaid. Anything over minimum wage for a high school dropout is too much. Police academy isn’t university either. I admit that cops do actually catch crooks sometimes and it’s good to have somebody around to deal with the drunk assholes after closing time, but doing shit like storming CALM like it’s a terrorist headquarters isn’t doing the police much good in the image department. Don’t blame me for what the cops have brought onto themselves. Cops don’t think real far ahead, do they officer unfriendly? How was that supposed to get them respect from anybody other than Granny Jones?

  63. Medicinal Mike on

    I am on a pension so I have very little money. Even folks like me can find a way to get together with fellow travelers. Does someone want to start a face book group or something like that to organize under? Just a thought.

  64. Medicinal Mike on

    Speaking of disgusting displays, your ignorance knows no bounds. I have SCIENCE to back up my claims as well as hundreds of people who have been cured or helped with many illnesses. On top of that if was used by doctors in the past noting the safety and usefulness the plant has. It is NON-TOXIC. It can not kill you. It can take away nueropathic pain faster, better and longer than synthetics that come with horible side effects.

    Show me your proof or shut up. You are wasting precious air!

  65. Medicinal Mike on

    I will grant that Cannabis can be addictive ONLY the same way food is addictive to an over eater. There is nothing in the food that is addictive; it is the brain of the person eating (or smoking as the case may be)that produces the endorphins the addicts are addicted to. I know a bit about this since I have been clean and sober 23 years. I have studied this for decades. I was a child in the 60’s and we all know there was more than just Cannabis going around. You can not place the blame on Cannabis and still tell the truth. Science backs me up. Send me an email if you want links to the studies I have read on this. Cannabis cannot cause a mental illness, but studies have shown that for a small percentage of the population who are prone to mental illness can have it be triggered by getting high. For those people we suggest other ways of ingesting the drug, to see if the delivery method was sound and then if that is fine, but they are still getting triggered than we suggest you stop. Having said that, In what way does that have to do with adults having the right to enjoy the herb for inspiration or use it as medicine. There is a greater number of people for whom alcohol is a poison that sets up a craving for more alcohol from the first drink. Do we say those people should be denied the right to try alcohol if they think they may have a problem? No , of course we do not. The government would be on it’s knees in a week if it ever suggested it.

    I encourage you to continue learning more and then you will stop spreading lies and half truths (not that I was saying it was intentional, just out of ignorance). Lucky for us ignorance can be cured.

  66. Medicinal Mike on

    If you are a Female, I could marry you. That would be the fastest way. otherwise you need to go the usual route, sorry.

  67. Anonymous on

    I guess your a loser stoner too, as your first post was early this morning and threaded to all day up to past 17:00 hours. Oh I suppose you are just looking at the pictures and not reading right?

    Your grammer, spelling, puntuation and clarity is of a grade 6 level.

    Go do your cop thing and bust some more “retard stoners”. Are you on a cop computer? The only profession where a grade twelve education can get you 80,000 a year. And if you commit a crime you get suspended with pay!

    If I was a pig I would be the dirtiest most corrupt mother fucker out there……but I have morals so I work for a living improving things as I can, not ruining peoples lives through the astoundingly profitable drug war!

    And I smoke dope too, imagine that.

    You are a fucked up individual!

  68. Medicinal Mike on

    I could get angry at a person who spreads lies so freely to the point the person believes the lies, but I just realize they are sick, that all. The stoners that took over the office did do something, they pushed back and made a statement. That is going to get hundreds of copycats doing the same thing. I feel sorry for the office workers there. The other thing is they did not do anything violent. They where smart about it because they know their rights and the cops know that they know their rights. They will be free to waltse in anytime the door is open and roll joints openly and the cops can’t say boo. This kind of knowledge is dangerous to the people in power that want to keep cannabis illegal and stigmatized.

  69. Anonymous on

    the only violence in this thread is beening slung by u …by trying to envoke a disruption … but us angry potheads will only read ur remarks and shake our heads and wonder what planet ur from… say hi to mark for me

    tks LB1

  70. Anonymouse on

    All stupid yakk still no action-
    not even a mistaken action.
    NO action at all
    you dumb ass stoners can’t even see how bad it is
    or imagine how bad is will remain for you
    well blab away
    only loser stoners read any of thisanyways
    the real world is eleswhere
    it will take more than karma
    for you to be included in it

    mo cause, no effect

  71. Adam on

    Most victims of alcohol induced violence don’t HAVE a pair, you self-centered psychotic twat.

  72. Adam on

    I am judgmental like them! But I try to keep it going, you know, turn it back around on myself when I am done judging someone. I can’t see how they could have trained her for THIS, lol. Which is why they did it… if she actually did know what to do in this situation, it would indicate they were actually less effective. Nobody got hurt! And I actually am proud of those officers.

    I always wanted to be shoulder to shoulder with the police, not toe to toe. and Someday, when we are no longer classified as criminals, we will be apprehending them – as the bravest police officers of all, the ones WE wanted to be when we were kids, before we knew about speeding tickets and all that. I wanted to be that cop! You PO’s out there understand? I wanted to make a difference, until I became a criminal in grade 12 by smoking pot.

    Erase that thin blue line, stretch it, break it, warp it. It’s an illusion.

  73. Adam on

    So it runs in your family, then. I see…

  74. Adam on

    Hi Jacob! You did a good job representing the various stakeholders in your protest; observing and eloquating the rights of defiant potheads, panicked employees, and friendly police officers who were actually! doing! nothing! wrong! in my book (and it’s a BIG book!)

    Was it you who noticed the stamps of Martin Luther King Jr.? That was perhaps the most astute observation I’ve recently seen. I guess Anonymouse managed to tune that part out, he was probably lost in angry thoughts about “brain fog.”

  75. Adam on

    Often when a person eloquates themselves so well, it’s clearly an attempt to inflate someone’s perceptions of their opinion. Perhaps this was an unconscious effort of yours, since you are a proud linguist.

    Above I read you making an attempt to slur Marc Emery with a learning disability known as ‘pot fog’. Maybe he’s been a little preoccupied lately but I am sure you would understand.

    If you have known Marc for thirty years, please, attempt to humiliate him. I’ll turn it around on you until you manage to humiliate me, too.

  76. Adam on

    I will enjoy my career as a software developer, and I will spend my evenings reading and writing your e-mails for you.
    You couldn’t pass a computer programming college course with a score of 100 if you were on METH. And I waked and baked every single day. You will have to accept the fact that several people you have been arguing with are smarter than you.

    And your theories on democracy are known as “might makes right.” That was an idea the Greeks got rid of in the time of Socrates. You have some catching up to do with the world around you.

  77. Adam on

    You sound like a person whose idea of human contact is the evening news.
    If YOU were capable of emotional range, you’d stop screaming about “CIVIL WAR” and “[peace]… is dead.”

    You really don’t think you’re a wingnut, do you?
    My friend, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. That’s why we’ll let you quietly slide into the background of our society where you belong, or you can submit yourself to a verbal thrashing by half of the entire country, one man or woman at a time.

    I guess then you’ll tell us that civil war you want to happen, has started? You’re nuts. I think you want to gas us!

  78. Deanna Anderson on

    I was overjoyed to come across this video! I commend all those that were involved, and who continue to be involved. Great work guys! It’s nice to see people who have the guts to do something that stands out, rather than sit back and do nothing, and whine about everything the government throws at us. If our voices aren’t heard, nothing will ever change, and prohibition will stand. The government needs to realize that we are willing to fight for what we believe in, that we aren’t going away, and are only getting stronger. We are voters, we should have a right to have input into our own laws, and our own justice. For once I’d like to see a questionnaire sent around that actually “asks us” what we want when it comes to certain laws and/or issues such as prohibition. I think it would be extremely enlightening.

  79. Esuomynona on

    “[blah] we are not changing the law [blah]…”

    I love statements like this because there is no need to argue. Time will definitively show that Anonymouse is wrong. If cognitive dissonance doesn’t stop him/her, Anonymouse will see this on their own eventually.

  80. Anonymous on

    yall should come down to ontario to nigara falls and protest at rob nicholsons office. I would make a trip down there too. Hes the justice minister who extratided marc emery and introduced the mandatory sentencing.
    pc n pot people

  81. Scott on

    Thanks for the heads up. At the most I have drank maybe 4 beers in the span of 3 hours or so. I’ve never really been fall off my ass drunk..mainly buzzed. I never really loved drinking. Id rather be aware of where I am…Oh and Cannabis is zero calorie! If smoked lol

  82. Anonymous on

    I’ll agree the way they protest was different. Take a look at the history of Cannabis. It stretches thousands of years. Tobacco does too. The difference is that we are smarter and have the technology to see which one is more harmful. Don’t just assume that Cannabis is harmful because humanity did the same for Tobacco. You really need to just do some research for yourself. Put aside the “facts” that the government tells you. Do you know that the American Medical Association recognized Cannabis as a medicine?

  83. Dave on

    Ok asshole, where do you work?

  84. Dave on

    Be careful, the beer could lead you to hard drugs. Alcohol will weaken your spirit and allow evil to enter your life; so be very careful. And please don’t predispose young people to hard drugs by drinking in their presence. You could be indirectly responsible for their ruined lives!
    Enjoy Mother Natures gift!

  85. Anonymous on

    “Protecting your sorry ass”…lol. More like sitting on your fat ass.

    I grew up next door to a homicide detective, and he explained to me once that the bottom-feeders and asshole are the ones who end up in the drug squad. You’re just proving it. I say out them all. Check out

  86. Paul on

    What a disgusting display, Marijuana activists don’t deserve public support. Take your militant tactics else where. Your all a bunch of stupid sub human louts.

    As far as I am concerned Marc Emory can die in prison.

    Your drug has no more healing properties then crack, people used to claim tobacco was the cure for everything, and that was proven to be bull shit.

    If you come in and protest at my place of work, I will remove you by force, police be damned

  87. Scott on

    The protest seems peaceful. I don’t think they should have brought the bag of Cannabis though lol. Thats just my opinion though.

    I respect everyone’s opinion.. I would like to add that I have used Cannabis for a little over a year. I have absolutely no desires to try any other drugs. Although I do indulge in coffee every morning and a beer every once and a while. I smoke Cannabis every night. I don’t buy it.. I grow it, harvest it and smoke it. I have not even seen any other drugs. Its because I keep my self away from those street dealers and I don’t socialize with people that use hard drugs. I really do believe that most kids and adults do not know the difference between Cannabis and Heroin. Or any drug for that matter. They have been told numerous times that all drugs are bad. They will however celebrate pharmaceutical companies that sell them opium based prescriptions. Oh and I can’t watch tv without being bombarded with prescription drug commercials. If people like to say that Cannabis will cause schizophrenia.. If that is true than we would be flooded with schizophrenia patients…yet we are not.. When I was born my mother fed me milk. So that must mean that milk has led me to trying beer….

  88. Anonymous on

    Seeds are not pot any more than poppy seeds are heroin! All seeds belong to us the people and we distribute them however we see fit. Marijuana is not a polite word; cannabis is more appropriate. So if you are truly an open minded person you’ll use words that don’t have negative connotations.

  89. Anonymous on

    I’m sure the secretary was just a little freaked out and mostly uneducated in this mater.
    As for the people condoning what happened. The protesters were just exercising their rights as Canadians living in a free country.
    So lets stop the hatered, the sensless name calling and threats.

  90. Anonymouse on

    nobody at any time has objected to your right to protest if that’s the best you can do. You are receiving some criticism for your choices, Live with it stoner assholes’Not everybody in the world is so drugged up they have no emotional range
    So go ahead- protest again, get ready to be laughed at and mocked though-
    Stoners are very annoying and straight people have just about had enough
    We are just about to send your Prince into prison. We just finished blessing David Malmo Levine with a prison experience. Its a drug war out there because you stoners are such assholes about using drugs, buying and selling drugs.

    Go ahead and protest,
    we don’t care what you say,
    we never did
    we are not changing the law
    to make access to dope any easier

  91. real conservative on

    Dude, pass the bong, thinking hurts man. We gotta let Marc out! Here’s a bud for you Marc.

  92. Anonymouse on

    then grow a pair

  93. Anonymouse on

    the foundation of democracy is movement forward according to the will of the majority= and free elections to form a governing body for that to occur

    the right to protest is some minor bit way at the bottom, cause the majority are not threatened by the fringe objectors,, its the grace of the majority we let you be the fuck up you aspire to be.

    So you are Jacob Hunter- so what?

    an unruly handfull of unemployed idiots occupying the reception room of an MPs office of the chief who wasn;t even there ,, just one secretary,,

    If that what you call
    ” organized ” you got a lot to learn

    Good luck with your career as a fat little pot boy

  94. Anonymous on

    whats in your bathroom cupboard right now? anything harmful to children?

    how about underneath your kitchen sink.

    how about the liquor cabinet?

    did you know many of the house hold plants you can legally grow in your home will straight up kill your kids? should we criminalize ALL plants? would that make you happy?

    I do understand what you are trying to say.Your comments however appear to be a rationalization without logic.

  95. Anonymous on

    hahahaha how much do you drink, man.

    gentle stoners are getting arrested by a bunch of pansies who should be wearing pink, not blue.

  96. Anonymous on

    What planet do you live on? Overinflated salaries? Have you ever wore the blue? No. Life and death situations every shift protecting your sorry ass. Get your facts straight pal.

  97. Anonymous on

    Some of these people are family members and friends who I HAVE kept track of for 50 years.Their decline began when they were in their twenties and they continued to do drugs and the ending you have read.

  98. Dave on

    Can understand how you’d be concerned; I’m also! To help me discuss this with younger family members can you point me to those studies you’ve mentioned. I think I’ve seen the CBC; are there other studies that support our fears and misinformation?

  99. Anonymous on

    On the contrary.I don’t want anyone to be kicked in the teeth.I have known M.E for 30 years and know a great deal about him.I agree with you about the other drug lords and I actually include the pharmaceutical companies in with the lot.One thing I do know about Marc:He would wholeheartedly support my right to my opinion.Another thing:Marijuana seeds are marijuana so I would say quite a few grams of marijuana have been sold by Marc Emery

  100. Adam on


  101. Johnny C on

    I think the person that responded with “WOW” was simply dumbfounded by your colossal level of ignorance. What confuses me is your use of grammar. You lay claim to “our entire movement” getting flushed down the toilet. The use of the phrase “our movement” includes you as a member. Your general attitude towards everyone involved does not seem to be one of allegiance, or maybe I misunderstood the doped up stoner asshole comment. Forgive me for being an outspoken doped up stoner asshole but I feel it is only fair to inform you that YOUR NOT A PART OF OUR MOVEMENT!!! You are just another mindless sheep spoon fed from the bottomless bowl of rhetoric and misinformation.

    To answer your question regarding Marc Emery and Bill S-10 I can only speculate. Bill S-10 is coming because every other incarnation of the same public policy has been sent back to the House of Commons. The Senate must have felt bill C-15 and bill C-26 was terrible ineffective public policy that will do nothing but remove judicial discretion and fill prisons with people that have no ties to organized crime. Marc Emery is going to prison because OUR GOVERNMENT is willing to hand over OUR NATIONS SOVEREIGNTY because he challenges the rhetoric of the Conservative Party of Canada and because he insulted John Walters over 5 years ago.

    If Mr. Anonymous has any further questions may I suggest you forward your inquiry to the Justice Minister or the office of the Prime Minister. Perhaps you can also ask Steven Harper how you as a fascist can help the Conservative Government deny people the right to peacefully protest.

  102. Adam on

    The easiest people to fool will always believe they are safe; as long as the government claims it can protect them from everything, including themselves.

    Then one day they hack up a rhubarb plant for their kids to dip in sugar, leave the roots in with the leaves and end up crying beside a stomach pump.

  103. Anonymous on

    I have never yet seen any pro-marijuana activists use the language of violence and hate. Instead, it’s the anti-marijuana activists (actually pro-alcohol activists) who are violent and a danger to public safety. Marc Emery and his followers are no more violent that Martin Luther King Jr. or Ghandi. Like Marc Emery, King and Ghandi were the objects of hate and violence, not the perpetrators of hate and violence.

    I would hypothesize that the above poster’s violent and hate-mongering comments are the result of alcohol-induced paranoid delusions, just as Senator Joseph McCarthy’s paranoid delusions about communism were brought on by alcohol-induced brain damage. Even low to moderate drinking causes brain damage over time. To the above poster: Don’t believe me? Arrange to have a fMRI done on your brain and see the truth for yourself.

    As a victim of alcohol-induced violence, I find the above poster’s comments very offensive. Why doesn’t anyone hate the drunken perpetrators of violence? Why is this federal government ignoring the victims of violent crime and instead playing politics with public safety? How sad that it has to happen to you or a loved one before you understand how it feels to be a victim of alcohol-induced violence. I’ll leave that outcome in the hands of the Creator.

  104. Adam on

    Don’t act like you want to give Marc Emery anything but a kick in the teeth. You’re a disgrace, Canada is FULL of REAL drug lords who are indirectly propping up the Hegelian two-party power structure, and they are only arrested when it is profitable for the powers that be to do so. Marc Emery is NOT a drug lord. He has never sold a gram of pot in his LIFE. His trafficking charge from Saskatoon was PASSING A JOINT.

    Jesus fucking christ, John Sinclair got out of jail. This messianic motherfucker is getting out too!!!!!! (Meant endearingly ๐Ÿ™‚

  105. Anonymouse on

    you are making stuff up as you go along and it shows
    if rolling a joint on a public servant working mans desk
    is not an act of anarchy
    then it is lame ass dumb / take your pick\
    what a vulgar disrespect of medicine
    what a bunch of cam whore idiots
    say goodbye to any support from anybody
    but your own posse of doped up jerks

    ” let them eat cake?”
    do you even know who said that ??
    or under what circumstances ??
    and to what question asked ??
    or if it actually happened ??

    anarchy is an ideal – these guys were just bears at a dump

    these protesters are not brave- they are reckless druggies
    what will come of that little dance except more heat?

  106. Adam on

    Also a lot of that stuff in “b)” is happening due to pollution, vaccines, toxins, Monsanto, etc. I doubt you kept track of all of your stoner friends for 50 years. Even NIDA can’t do that.

    Plus, a lot of things that have gone wrong in the last 50 years can make people want to yell at the sky. Damn thing is so blue. How…. how you doin’ that, sky? how you…. how you bein’ so blue?

  107. Scott E Toss on

    dude, theres tons of drugs in jail…..

  108. Scott E Toss on

    whats in your bathroom cupboard right now? anything harmful to children?

    how about underneath your kitchen sink.

    how about the liquor cabinet?

    did you know many of the house hold plants you can legally grow in your home will straight up kill your kids? should we criminalize ALL plants? would that make you happy?

  109. Adam L on

    He’s HALF right about the protest and HALF right about history.
    He thinks he’s totally right about the protest because he’s assuming we’re all as volatile as he is. In that case something bad would have already happened, lol. I think the police who were there probably had a better idea of the threat posed than this guy, and they were fine with it. The Crown was fine with it.

    As for the revolution… here comes a “red pill.” If you prefer blue, go read FOX about how crazy conspiracy theorists are. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    The French revolution was actually a lot more like this loudmouth described it, except for the fact that their revolution was an engineered catastrophe – there is a revolution being engineered in AMERICA right now by the Elite who are trying to soften it up like they have done with every other nation in the world that ever gained any wealth… for someone like Napoleon to come in. Is it a conspiracy theory? No. Theories lack documentation, however, you will not find a word about true history in any library. New books by the elite which elusicdate any secretys are removed quietly from their shelves around the world within months of publication. Encyclopaedia Brittanica produces a truthful edition for only 3,000 families around the world.

  110. Anonymouse on

    one ” very” is enough
    glad you had a laugh
    but that’s not all you’re going to get
    S-10 is rolling in like a storm
    & you my friend, are water soluble

  111. Scott E Toss on

    if your going to say crazy unfounded things like that, and slander people, you should come out from your “Anonymous” veil of secrecy.

    you sound like your coked out or something. kill the Vietnam war veteran act and have some love and faith in your fellow human beings.

  112. Cannabeaux on

    I have never heard a sympathizer for the nobility of the French revolution before. Kudos to you brave anonymouse poster. Let you eat cake.

    In spite of your rousing and inaccurate summation of this situation (and erroneous comparison to the French revolution) I am afraid not only are you outting yourself as uninformed, you also seem to not understand the word ‘anarchist’.

    Clearly these protesters were organized, acting within their legal rights as citizens of a democracy–none of which is evidence of anarchistic behaviour or ideals. If you have no desire to join this sort of protest that’s fine but what grants you the authority to berate people who are not only brave enough to protest in person but the willingness to put themselves at risk while you, sir, aren’t even brave enough to add your name to a comment on the internet?

    PS I think you should also google what “protest” means. It has nothing to do with grabbing power as you seem to think–these protesters did not get to take the MPs job by storming his office, they simply are voicing their (voter) disapproval of his party’s choices.

  113. Adam L on

    “One cop grabbed a bag of weed and threw it across the room to another cop, suggesting that it be confiscated. He was quickly informed that it was legal and stood down.”

    See, usually when cops say “we’re just doing what we’re told,” they proceed to do a whole bunch of things they were never told to do, and take any cameras from you that prove it.

    I have to say I read every article I can find on pot here, and used to do that with MAPS for all stories – I’ve never been struck the same way I was struck by what was quoted above. They really were just doing their job, and if we can get rid of PRISON GUARD and POLICE OFFICER and PHARMA… ETC lobbies in parliament, we’ll be ABLE to “just change the laws” like they always tell us. We should pursue both avenues for change if we want both types of people to see how much we deserve it.

    I think it was fair to blur their faces, they were being really nice – except for that one who did the snatch-and-throw, but they always send a ‘babysitter’ out with the rookies. Sounds like you guys got the rookies, be glad. ๐Ÿ™‚ We are turning our self-styled “enemies” back into friends and neighbours. After all, only the most twisted people would want to do anything to these folks – not that it’s why anyone goes un-censored.

  114. Cannabeaux on

    Teens are one of the most vulnerable populations for mental illness period. Marijuana use might be an indicator that the teen is experiencing symptoms they are trying to medicate out of but it does not necessarily cause mental illness.

  115. Cannabeaux on

    Fairly sure their property, furniture, etc belongs to the taxpayers. Obviously if the MP had *any* legal grounds to remove protesters they would have acted on them.

    These protesters were perfectly within their rights and good on them!

  116. Anonymous on

    i don’t know why but it felt like the secretary needed to be deported is all i could think of

  117. Jacob Hunter on

    I love Angry, Stupid People, they often make life more entertaining. Take, for instance this gentleman. Had he any knowledge even approaching ass-vs-hole in ground, he would know that protest is a foundational aspect of democracy. James Moore’s office is a public place, the Charter says we have a right to protest in public places. It’s that simple.

    I not only was there, I organized it. They know my name, and I am open about it. (Jacob Hunter if you wanted to send it along to more cops)

    Sit-ins such as this have a history going back to before the 1960’s, they’re hardly new.

    But, again, Angry, Stupid People ๐Ÿ™‚

  118. Laughable on

    you are so very, very wrong. It is funny you waste you breath.

  119. Anonymous on

    I have seen first-hand the harm that marijuana can do to kids and other vulnerable human creatures.I grew up in the sixties and was surrounded by drug taking.I,myself did not indulge.I was neither a prude,straight-laced or conservative.I participated in many protests,including anti-war marches and anti-napalm protests.I was spit at,sworn at and I saw my friend’s head bashed in by police.Most of the people I knew in those days who were smoking pot are now:
    a)dead from drug overdose
    b)suffering from drug-induced schizophrenia and yelling at the skies and the people they pass on the street;that,or hospitalized for injuries sustained from jumping off bridges or rooftops
    c)foggy brained to the point that they can’t have a clear conversation with their children
    d)memory- shot
    e)living in government housing with severe cognitive impairment,no teeth and estranged from family
    The list goes on..These people were for the most part highly educated,highly creative,intelligent and compassionate human beings until they got hooked…and YES one can get hooked on pot and YES it can lead to other drug use.It can destroy individuals,families and cause much anguish for the friends and families who see their loved ones destroyed and ill.
    Teens are the most vulnerable here as marijuana use can cause mental illness.Proven studies.Check out CBC.

  120. Spanner McNeil on

    The brave and bold. Clear and onside. It’s proper and clearly tolerable behaviour even according to the Crown. The Crown understands as do security that the entire nation is under threat from this gang of four occupying Parliament. We have a stranger in the house.

  121. Anonymouse on

    The French had hereditary Royalty in charge and the French Empire was wealthy from foreign and colonial trade. Their madly jealous peasant anarchists thugs wanted not only a poece of the action- but to run the whole ship…so they swarmed in and took over the government – and look what those retarded fucks did ? They wrecked French economy and cut off anybodys head they didn;t like just offed the Royals and the Nobility just because they didn;t like the looks of them.. No crime except being successful..,… the rule by anarchist fucks who were such total assholes and softened up France for a super nasty tyrant like Napoleon to walk in and bitch slap France out of the hands of those anarchist fucks..Your average Frenchman as glad to see Napoleon come in and wipe the floor with their anarchist oppressor retard revolutionary bosses,, It took a Conservative Soldier like Wellington of the UK to whip Napoleon and hand France back to reasonable people, yet they sucked up to Napleon II and Napoleon III.
    Thanks a million, anarchist French retards. They mistook liberty for a license to be assholes- just like the BC anarchist candy ass stoners as of yesterday are

    And you have a criminal boss “Prince of Pot” you have your own royalty to push you around- and his anarchist fuck elete bong corps are trying to take over his turf the same week he gets boxed by the Feds and you cheer them on- you should bitch slap them for ruining the last atoms of cred you have left-
    but you won;t because you are assholes, passing weakness off as peace-

    .. History is repeating itself..I didn;t see any elections or debate- that was a desperate stoner coup.. protesting in an MPPs office when he wasn’t even there? WHAT WAS THE POINT ??? and they knew he was out, his secretary was the only one there–yet they bullied her five to one — That was no protest. that was a manic power grab with a fat clown med pot patient vulgarly displaying his drugs like it was his wrinkled up dink. Zero class that

    So if you are going to use history as your excuse, then learn history as it fully was- not just the highlights that you like ..and heres some history for you

    Marc Emery lost $15 million bucks, his credibility and his freedom- his political power grab failed and Nr everyday criminal is going to prison, Bill S-10 is happening and down you all go because you are useless-five years to build your case and you partied and bitched it all away – nothing the stoners went for in the last 25 years has succeeded- at all- they are serial fail retards who don;t know what they are doing – so they rally around an Ontario businessman who claimed he knew what he was doing, and it turned out he didn’t know what he was doing

    a bullhorn doesn’t make a weak argument suddenly strong But stoners are so easy to fool = your dope acts as your personal house arrest, it just makes you weaker and stupider than you already are. You never do anything but get stoner and get angry– and this is how you end up – redundant & and annoying

  122. wolf on

    Anonymouse:”that’s an act of CIVIL WAR”

    thats exactly what might happen if the people continue to be oppressed. didn’t anyone learn anything from the French revolution? our government has said no while the people say yes… thats dictatorship not democracy

  123. Anonymous on

    So..Marc Emery,drug lord, might be incarcerated for 5 years.Does this mean that for 5 years his head will be de-potted and clear? I am very curious to know how years without drugs will affect his thinking,his philosophy and principles.As a linguist and teacher I would be happy to instruct him in French and Spanish and Italian etc.No charge.

  124. greg chan on

    this is what happens when you extradite a canadian for political reasons. it will only get worse. although after marijauna is legalized you can be sure the same folks will be out protesting all the other drugs too. please guys keep in mind that even a substance like marijuana can ruin peoples lives if it is to be made legal please keep in mind the safety of the kids so hey dont become slacker stoners.

  125. Desiree on

    As i sit here typing on my computer, puffing on my morning medicine, I come apon this video on a few vancouver protesters rolling joints on afederal parliment member’s desk, and it brings a tear to my eye as I laugh loudly. You are officially my some of my favourite people! I am working hard on getting my marijuana card, and I have been planting seeds here and there on my walks, little things, but little things can set the pace for big things to come in at, and everyone should think about this.

    THank you guys, your activism is amazing, and inspirational, and i well keep doing my part as much as I possibly can!

  126. Anonymous on

    to the commenter’s saying they maybe were not allowed to be there etc… if you watched the video the police showed up and indeed said by-law they were allowed to be there and protest legally. and Jacob explains exactly why they are allowed as well..

  127. Anonymous on

    Better harsh words than police brutality. After all stoners have had to go through, how can you expect NOT to hear some harsh words?

  128. Anonymous on

    This guy needs to slow down and smell the herb. Curb your anger and open your eyes. Violent protesters civil war. Pretty harsh words. Are you sure you were not looking in a mirror my friend.

  129. Anonymous on

    Thanks for that! Puts it in perspective we are so brainwashed – that we not allowed. The tide is turning and the education re cannibas is getting out. The seeds are planted from all the hard work you guys are doing. Thank You All. FREE MARK EMERY

  130. Anonymouse on

    why S-10 is coming in to this country
    and why Marc Emery is going out out of this country

  131. BK on

    The best thing I have ever seen. Good work, keep it up! SOOOOO Classic

  132. Anonymous on

    that was awesome.

  133. Anonymous on

    Seriously, this hurt my brain…….are you really that stupid? Or that brainwashed? Wow is all I can say right now.

  134. Anonymouse on

    How dare stoner assholes take over a public servants office to try and save your
    confessed criminal hero from getting his royal ass spanked ? In the interest of peace and safety the cops didn’t bust your sorry anarchist asses, but I sure they took note who you are and I hope they tyear you apart at the earliest opportunity. If the Marijuana party conspired and swarmed another politicians office that’s an act of CIVIL WAR you doped up assholes,, you will pay huge for this and our entire movemnent will get flushed down the toilet – there will be no marijuana party standing and no respectable pot resistance movement left when old jailhouse rocker Marc Emery limps out of prison in five years

    Admit it- you stoner goofs fucked up bigtime just to get on youtube playing cowboy for the cameras

    You crossed the line swarming democracy with your selfish demands-
    you are now – the enemy

    prepare to get taken down by the agents of the straights., marijuana as a symbol of peace is now dead- west coast fucktards ruined it for everybody forever, Marc Emety brought the drug war from the US to out land now you idiots are bringing our police and our army into our streets looking for you
    and when they take you away in chains. it won’t be for pot -it will be for being colossal violent assholes.
    I would like to see a list of the violent fools who swarmed the MPs office so I can scoff at them for evermore

  135. Anonymous on

    Hee hee, the cop got outted anyway. I don’t know if MP offices are publicly funded or not but I would think so. Might be wise to protest outside the office instead though, just in case. Going inside with a bullhorn is kind of disrupting normal business, whatever that might be. Might make stoners look like bullies barging in like that too. Just pointing that out. It’s no worse than what cops do, but we don’t like it when they do it either. At least we don’t use violence like them.

  136. Anonymous on

    Can I become a Canadian? You guys rock!

  137. Anonymous on

    Excellent! I would like to see this in America. Hell here they will arresst you for anything , make it up if they have too.

  138. Anonymous on

    awesome protest!! kinda pointless to blur his face when you showed it in the picture slideshow anyway..

  139. Anonymous on

    I think an MP’s office might actually be private property?

  140. Anonymous on

    These kind of protests are good but what I’ll be happy to see is loud stoners showing up at every campaign stop for Harper after an election is called, which can’t be too far off. He and his henchmen should never be allowed to speak publicly anywhere without being vilified for their expulsion of Marc Emery from Canada and their piss poor attempt at a medical marijuana program, or more correctly their attempt to avoid it.

  141. Anonymous on

    Why blur the UC cops’ faces? Why were they sending a UC to a public protest? Why was CALM raided by a bunch of UCs? I say show their faces every chance you get. Why should public employees be granted anonymity? We’re paying their overinflated salaries, I think we deserve to know what they look like.

  142. Anonymous on

    See how arrogant that government employee secretary was? “No you won’t”, she said, as if the office was private property or something and as if she had the power to prevent a peaceful protest by simply saying no. That’s how politicians and their assistants are. Once they get into office they think they are in a whole new class now, separate and superior to ordinary citizens, no longer answerable to anyone but Prime Minister Himler, I mean Harper. Well, I guess she was wrong. That’s one government employee introduced to reality so far, or two, the Heritage Minister and his secretary. Soon Harper will be getting joints rolled on his desk.