Four Charged in Guelph Medical Pot Club Bust

The founder of The Medical Cannabis Club of Guelph is among four people charged with drug trafficking following a bust Thursday.

Rade Kovecevic, 24, is charged with six counts of trafficking marijuana; four counts of trafficking hashish; two counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking and one count of drug production.

He was charged after city police searched the club, at 62 Baker St., as well as residences on Dublin Street and London Road.

More than 20 kilograms of dried marijuana were recovered by police as well as several vials of ground marijuana, 258 marijuana plants and a quantity of marijuana-laced muffins, scones, cakes and cookies. Police estimated the value of seized drug items at in excess of $100,000.

Nicole Freeborn, 31, of Guelph, is charged with one count of possession for the purpose of trafficking.

Scot Gilbert, 27, of Guelph, is charged with six counts of trafficking marijuana; two counts of trafficking hashish; two counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking and one count of drug production.

Eitan Gallant, 24, of Guelph, is charged with three counts of trafficking marijuana; one count of trafficking hashish; two counts of possession for the purpose of trafficking and one count of drug production.

All suspects are to appear today for a bail hearing.

– Article from Guelph Mercury.



  1. Anonymous on

    long and shot of it is leave all cannabis users alone dont let anyone clowd the issue health canada is not able to do the job thank god for the cannabis clubs we all know they all reopen this action was irresponsible.

  2. Anonymous on

    Posting an opinion like this makes anyone who reads it think exactly what the cops think. That compassion club members (just like “any other pot head”) are uneducated, inarticulate, rant and ravers with no good point to make. It’s okay to be upset about this, but really you’re not helping yourself, your cause or any other member of the club. You should really get all your facts straight before writing something like this because if you think that your compassion club wasn’t profitting on the sick, you’re wrong. Selling medicinal marijuana at street value and for profit without any of your legal papers makes you just as bad as a pharmaceutical company or health canada, or a drug dealer on the street.

  3. Anonymous on

    As someone that supports the use of medical marijuana, I can understand how people that really need it would be upset by the raid that happened in Guelph. But, let’s face it, if you don’t do things legally, then you run the risk of getting shut down.
    In one of the articles regarding this “bust” the owner admits that he was operating without his proper license from the government because it had been held up for months. Also, the club was giving out their own cards for use at the club that were not proper federal exempt cards. They say they were only doing this while their patients waited for their real cards to come, and they let their patients know that this card would not protect them from the law. This would indicate to me, and any other educated person that what I was doing and the card I just obtained, was not legal at all. A federal exempt card from Health Ontario would allow you to posses and obtain your marijuana legally. I know that it takes a long time for this process, but if you want to do things right, it does take time. If you want to do things quickly and not legally, a raid is exactly what should happen.

    Something else that bothered me in an article I read, was the amount of money that this club makes. I don’t care if they pay taxes on it, charging street prices for medicinal marijuana is criminal in itself. That essentially makes the owner of the compassion club as bad as a pharmaceutical company, or a really friendly biker-thug? Profitting from any sick person is a monsterous thing to do, especially with a product that is natural.

    There is a man in Delhi with all his legal papers to grow and distribute and he sells his product to federal exempt card holders only, for $1-$2 a gram. He is completely non-profit and makes enough money to cover his supplies and to be able to continue to produce his product. He has not been raided because if police do show up, he can certainly prove that his business is legitimate in every way.

    I was also informed of something else that I didn’t know after talking with this man. If you have a medical marijuana dispensery, you are not allowed to sell or produce hash. That is still very illegal, and considering that all the people that were arrested from the compassion club had at least one count of trafficing hash, it makes me wonder what other illegal activities were happening in that place. Saying that the owner was breaking the law, but doing it for compassionate reasons does not make a difference. If it did, we would have people all over the place breaking laws for whatever they think is a good or noble reason.

    Because the owner did not take the time to do everything legally, he now has patients that can’t have their medicine, and he has other patients that are left feeling that they’ve been doing something illegal to obtain their medicine. Well guess what, they were!! But were the patients at the club told that??? My guess is no.

  4. Anonymous on

    Couldn’t have said it better myself. Steven Harper and the Conservative government are ruthless nazis, nothing less, nothing more. We live under a dictatorship in this country, and maybe it’s time we started a malitia group to stand defiant against this oppressive regime.

  5. Anonymous on

    Amen!!!!! I was a card holder from Health Canada, and the last time I renewed my license to grow, possess, and to LEGALLY ingest marijuana by federl law in Canada, they did not mail out my actual card for 8 months; however, I did receive documentation that instructed me to keep growing. 2 weeks from harvest, the RCMP raided my residence and, at gun point, made me stand there as they chopped all my LEGAL plants. Someone at Health Canada told them that I did not have a license in place, despite the fact I had (and still have that documentation) instructing me to continue growing. As a result, I had to stay on opiods which have caused further liver damage. That all said, Health Canada and the Conservative government can kiss my ass … I have since gone underground, and if the cops ever raid my garden again, they had damn well better be prepared to use deadly force because I will defend myself by whatever means necessary from their ILLEGAL activities!!!!!

  6. ellis on

    Yes a bus full of MCCG patients and supporters did arrive at the CALM protest at police HQ in Toronto. Its curious this happened so soon after. There is a protest scheduled and everyone is welcome to attend!

    Join the face book group supporting the MCCG staff!

    From the MCCG:
    Date: Saturday, May 15 2010
    Time: 2pm Sharp! until 3:30pm
    Location: St. George’s Square, Intersection of Old Quebec St. and Wyndham St.
    This is a family friendly event. Please bring signs, chants, and noisemakers.
    We will have more updates on the protest in the days to come. Please spread the word far and wide. A poster will be posted very soon.
    Join the Facebook event.

    The MCCG strongly states that our operations were lawful. We report all of our sales to Revenue Canada and are completely up to date at paying our taxes, including CPP and EI.
    $10 000 seized by the police was from my home and was for my wedding this summer. It was not related to the MCCG. We believe that they have seized approximately $1 500 from the MCCG.

    We are asking folks to call in to Sgt. Ray Gordon 519-835-3454, the officer in charge of the raid and investigation. We are also asking folks to call Guelph Mayor Karen Farbridge at 519-837-5643. Please let Sgt. Gordon and Mayor Farbridge know how the raid has affected your medical condition and health care. PLEASE BE EXTREMELY POLITE AND RESPECTFUL. The point is to let Sgt. Gordon and Mayor Farbridge know the personal impact this raid has had, not to vent anger. Thank you so much for your participation. Please continue to make calls until May 13 2010, it never hurts to give them regular updates on the decline of one’s health.

    We are asking for those who are able to, to contribute to our legal defense fund. Cheques can be made out to “Ron Marzel” (one of our attorneys) and can be mailed to PO box 1596, Guelph, ON, N1H 6R7. We know that disability can often lead to poverty due to a lack of supports and accessibility and understand that most people will be unable to make a donation

    Thank you so much for all your support. It means so much to me. ”

  7. Anonymous on

    I seem to recall reading that a bus load of people from Guelph went to the rally to support CALM down in T.O. Were there members from this Guelph club among them, I wonder? I wouldn’t be surprised to see this Guelph club targeted as a result of showing support for CALM in T.O. or for simply drawing attention to itself.

  8. Anonymous on

    “Nice” people get busted all the time for breaking the law. If you sell weed without a permit from Health Canada you’re asking for trouble. Compassion clubs are easy prey for the cops. And these “clubs” get busted all the time from coast to coast.

  9. Anonymous on

    Most MMJ “clubs” are in it for the profit and nothing else – all under the guise of “helping the sick”. Moto is if you operate a MMJ “club” the cops can (and will) bust you. And don’t expect the Judge to be “compassionate”. They will throw the book at you. Until the Canadian government recognizes MMJ clubs like in Cali, you’re a sitting duck.

  10. Anonymous on

    all 4 employs are MMAR patients as well as many of the members including my self. they started selling clones this year may have pushed the boundries a bite. I got a good selection of med stains at a great price, they were there when i lost my last grow to powdery mildew and mites.
    very sad to see them closed down by the po po

  11. kris d on

    are you kidding me? busting the guelph compassion center? for what????

    i am a patient of the compassion center and they are nothing but the most beautiful people that are trying to help others.

    my doctor denied signing a form for medical cannabis almost a year after the fact. and all my doctors despite the fact i tell them it helps me with nauseau and being calm . i guess its ok that the epilepsy drugs make me compulsive and uncomforable, like i want to puke all time or that i need to sleep like like twenty hours a day.

    health canada will pay for medicine that is worth thousands of dollars for me as an epileptic, but they wont pay for a medicine that actually works because apparently doctors have determined marijuana doesnt do anything for epileptics but increase side effects. (maybe it has more to do with the fact that you cannot patent a plant and alot of people in the health sciences industry would be out of work if marijuana was legal). there are over seven thousand strains of marijuana. that is like saying that medicine wont cause side effects because its medicine. the people from the guelph compassion center did more than my doctors ever did to help me. they were always there and my health didnt depend on when they went on vacation.

    i need marijuana to survive and all health canada has ever done is fuck me around. this is patient 143 from the guelph compassion center and fuck you health canada and you too steven harper you fucking faggot. why dont you bend over for barack obama and his new reign of bullshit. i would love to spit fucking face steven harper. you are supposed to be helping people. not determining what is illegal by profit.

    you are worse than the nazis. you know that you can help people and i dont care what your reserch has determined. ive done my own as a patient of epilepsy for ten years. marijuana has helped me and for those people that think otherwise, you obviously have never had a terminal illness or had your health depend on someone elses standards. sorry to say, but your doctors are really not looking out for your best interest. it has alot more to do with who keeps them driving mercedes and going to figi for christmas. fuck health canada.

  12. Anonymous on


  13. Todd Kaighin on

    I truly feel for these young folks – try to do something good and helpful to the many many people living in a wide area who need access to medicine.

    However, going by the 20 kilograms and 258 plants, I would imagine that they were busted because they have insufficient “qualified* patients amongst their membership. You MUST have people with Canada Health MMAR licenses, and copies of applications for those who have yet to receive theirs to avoid police action. However, I DO understand the economics of running a compassion club – buying in bulk, and having a good variety of strains to have the medicinal properties needed to treat the various issues of their clientele. But, in my humble opinion, they simply had TOO MUCH stock on hand to match their membership role. Otherwise, they probably would have been left alone to do their good work. Also, they all should have had their Federal Licenses (like me). It adds to the “verified” volume on hand. I sincerely hope they appear before a compassionate judge who if in favour of compassion clubs and marijuana as medicine. GOOD LUCK, GUYS!

  14. Anonymous on

    So what has changed that now the compassion clubs are being raided? CALM was left alone for 12 years, they have always been cooperative. So what behind the scenes is happening that the sick and pot users are once again the blame of the world. How are any of these people a threat to society, children anyone? But seriously, why does there seem to be a renewed interest. Can’t say it’s cause of the ?States. The President has stopped raids of compassion clubs in legal states. That was a Bush agenda, so why has Canada picked up the stick?

  15. Anonymous on

    The pigs probably felt they had to bust it now because the C.A.L.M case is going to force Health Canada to recognize the need for compassion clubs, and change the policy. For now I just hope everyone who was arrested has been released and safe, all charges dropped now would be good to but I am confident that what will be the outcome anyway.

  16. Anonymous on

    “Sitting ducks” is more akin to following the bad rule without attempting to cause change.

  17. Anonymous on

    Who gives a damn about health canada. do they help you in any way?
    why is this happening. These clubs are out there for the sick. for some it is their medication!! Are these clubs causing trouble? NO! they caring,providing people. This is a piss off, some people are just careless pigs!!

  18. Anonymous on

    No medical marijuana club has a license from Health Canada yet.
    Operating a medical marijuana club without a license is an act of compassion which puts you in danger for helping the sick and dying.

  19. Anonymous on

    Operating a medical marijuana club without a license from Health Canada is akin to driving a car without a drivers license – just plain stupid. They were sitting ducks.

  20. john D. on

    guelph compassion club provided a service for medication for the ill and disabled; why are these providers being arrested ? doesnt make any sense, i guess that goes along with the confused government regulations that also isnt organized and also doesnt make any sense ….build more jails for the ill, the tax payers can afford it ! ?