Retrieving my pot from the Medford, OR Police

Imagine you were a diabetic and you had a prescription for insulin from one state and then when you were traveling to another, you were stopped and your medicine was seized because you did not have a valid prescription from the state you are in. It would make life pretty difficult.

Each time you traveled you would have to get a new prescription. This doesn’t sound very healthy for patients. Just substitute marijuana for insulin and any marijuana patient for diabetic. If it doesn’t sound right for a diabetic, it isn’t right for a medical marijuana patient.

I was stopped in Oregon at the Medford airport in November of 2008 by an avid TSA inspector who obviously thought that the pot in the plastic bags in my carry-on was a bomb. Or else, why would they have pointed it out to the local cop, who acting under orders had consented to become a medical terrorist. You know what a medical terrorist is. It is somebody who doesn’t denies a patient their medicine. So, this medical terrorist stopped me and seized my pot, and cited me.

Now I am not the worlds most litigious guy but I will stand up for my rights until the day I die.

I called a lawyer friend, Lee Berger, who is a great advocate of human rights and who concentrates a lot in the marijuana activism. He worked my case along with another one, David Kasakov of High Sierra NORML, both cases were eventually dropped in the interest of justice. Basically, once the prosecutor saw that he was going to be confronted by two activists, he caved. I went back up to Oregon this week and picked up my pot from the sheriff office cop shop. This was sort of a Pyrrhic victory because it didn’t set precedent since the Oregon supreme court recently ruled against recognizing medical marijuana recommendations from other states.

On my way to court!

Looking over my citation with David (left) and Lee (right)

We retrieved the evidence!

We got our pot!

Tony Serra, a great lawyer who is one of my mentors, once said that a lawyer is like a Viking warrior in Valhalla (Nordic heaven), who is restored to health to go out and fight again every day, and so it is with activists.

Just last weekend, on my way back to the Bay Area from Bob Hope airport in Burbank, CA I was cited for possession of marijuana, even though I had a valid recommendation. This time, noted marijuana attorney Bruce Margolin and I plan to set precedent and make it safe for California medical patients to carry marijuana when they travel by air. More on this as the case progresses.



  1. grow marijuana outdoors on

    That is why we need to legalize marijuana. Not only that it prevent chaos, it also save lives.

  2. DiamondInDaRuff on

    From the cheerleading block in Boca Raton, FL ….. PUMP it UP!!!!! Forget about prescriptions and recommendations……just Legalize!!!!!!!!!!!! Til the whole world hears……………….. or until I am gunned down in a botched raid…..go disabled people…we are down but not dead!!!!!

  3. Linda on

    It’s a persons medication and I have traveled on an airplane 10 years ago bringing home from Rhode Island a gram approx. I hid it in my lipstick case. I wanted to and it felt right after going through a 6 year dry period. I did not have my doctors rec. It is hard to tell a peson that don’t know a person what ailments that Cannabis provides. I have smoked for 40 years and I’m very healthy but suffer from extreme insomnia. Can anyone imagine not being able to get to sleep at all and waking up after 4 or 4 hours which happened on the available on the drug store shelf. They don’t work and that is why my spouse of 34 years and I use Cannabis as our only means of medicating. Bob is 60 and used to have advancing arthritis. We got our recs in 2007 and he looks marvelous and his lower back arthritis is all gone. YAY!! He doesn’t walk bent over or in pain anymore. People should fight the stigma and there should not be any more than telling someone you take aspirin. My spouse and I went to the THC Expo on Saturday and I said hi Nice meeting you, ED. My hubby is White/blonde hair he wore in a tail & he’s blue eyed . Me, I’m tall with blackish hair and gregarious. Thank you for speaking up for truth, justice and the Beautiful world changing item that is Cannabis.

  4. Anonymous on

    about anyone can get a prescription/recomendation for a pharma drug and carry enough around to kill a person.
    same as someone can buy a bottle of spirits to take recreationally. its only if they abuse it and harm someone that the law steps in.
    i do not see what ed has done to harm those people around him.
    so why even bother harrassin someone that carries around something that all it does it get you high or makes him feel better. it must be because you get paid to do that. certainly not because ed is immoral.

    eds harmless and getting old. are you making him pay as if he had a gateway effect to harder crime?
    is the pot going to make him a savage one day?
    growing plants that are pretty harmless compared to other things we can legally buy or consume sure dont make him a bad person either. leave him in peace. youve noted an element of scam about ed?.
    he grew plants and carries a bag of weed around.. he happens to have a week worth or so.
    if he grew a heap of plants then it would go to a heap of people that wanted it.
    so what. its not like you ever find people that have smoked all those plants at once and died from it.
    so all it did was help someone enjoy their recreational time.

    you dont think they make people go renew their other pain meds everyday so they dont carry round a months worth at once.

    the whole reason this shit looks like a scam is because you guys wont let up and just make it legal.
    yas throw all these blocks everywhere so that the whole thing does not make sense. then someone is doing something wrong again. because the laws contradict every sane law we have.
    could you imagine how much ed has smoked in all his years.. if he was an alcoholic he would be long dead.
    your laws are fucking stupid and you enforce them for money not because you think ed is a harm to anyone.

    i think thoust does protest too much about what ed does because one day thoust may have to find some real job instead of busting old people for pot that otherwise have done nothing wrong.

  5. moldy on

    Your english is fine! I’m surprised that cannabis is that expensive in Spain? I thought they decriminalized? Or was that the fine that police charge you if you get caught? Thanks!

  6. terry tunes on

    Ed has done fuck all for me, or for you -he is all talk and twhen its good and all tears when it isn;t = he is a greedy little pot rat like Emery
    and you like this? well fine, kings need pawns to wipe their asses with and here you are ready for a royal flush= goodbye yellow water drinker

  7. Anonymous on

    you sound like an old drunk
    which you actually are in many ways
    oh, and a gay identity problem you are not dealing with well
    all adds up to loser

  8. Castklearr on


    How much he needs goes with his comfort zone and is nobodies business If you wern’t so busy judging marijuana smokers you would be busy licking your friends asshole while you sniff poppers..

    I’ve noticed that ED has done more than leave a trail for you to sniff….hes enlightened lots to how to leave a trail….so dipshits like you can get a joint when that cancer gets em!

  9. Cannabis TV on

    Its good to see you got the bag back Ed. I’m also glad you’re bringing more focus to the Medford, Oregon PD. The police chief, Randy Schoen has declared a personal war against the medical marijuana program here (OMMP), and is attempting to reduce the number of patients, quantity of meds allowed, and more. Even Reason magazine featured an article recently, where the Medford SWAT team armed with loaded assult rifles and fully armored, surrounded the house of a man who had LEGALLY purchased a few guns. He had not committed any crime and the police did not have a warrant. Waking up to a call from SWAT outside, he was given an “option” to come out peacefully or they would be coming in.

    These pre-crime tactics along with the exploitation of fear are weapons used by the police against lawful citizens, and it must be stopped.

  10. lamardeverde on

    Hi from Spain
    Sorry for my bad english but i would like to congratulated you for ur job.
    Here in Europe in Nederland and Czeck REpublic you can go with marhuana in ur pockets and is not matter but her in Spain you must pay 300 € for 2 gr of jash or weed.
    we must fight for our freedom 😀

  11. Anonymous on

    Jackson county Sheriff Mike Winters sister will not even vote for him.
    Nuff said.

  12. Anonymous on

    How much pot do need for whatever ailment you have Ed
    where you are slinging several ounces around on a brief trip
    out of the Kingdom of California ?
    You have a ‘recomendation’ not a prescription, is that correct?
    same way you had a wink from your city to cultivate a warehouse full,
    not a valid permit to grow any at all..

    there is always a trail of scam wherever you tread
    don;t think we haven’t noted this pattern