Interviews on FOX News and National Public Radio

I had to take a leave of absence for court, but I’m back in action.

I was interviewed by Judge Napolitano on FOX News this week regarding the loss of our son during the raid. Watch the interview at NeverGetBusted.

I also appeared in an interview on National Public Radio that aired last week. Both of these media sources are a great way to stay updated with KopBusters and NeverGetBusted.

Stay tuned for “BackTalk Show 4”, which should be edited and available soon.

Don’t talk to kops!

Video from YouTube.



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  4. Anonymous on

    i hope he sues texas and gets every penny he can out of them and he’s right about crooked cops they can plant stuff on u beat u up and even kill u and get a way with it because they can hide behind a badge and think their above us little people and i’ve never seen a cop ever go to prison for killing a little girl cause he wants to catch the bad guy it’s all bullshit and the time will come when we march to washington and take this country back

  5. ray christl THC Ministry Cambodia on

    Not only is Barry a brother and leader to all in our movement. Yet, this MAN Judge Andrew Napolitano is the greatest voice on mainsteam (fox?)media.I was flabbergasted since I’m 9 years in Cambodia.Ride this VOICE OF TRUTH to our global prize.Visit beautiful Cambodia and use your medpot card in our dipensary.Aloha [email protected]