The Tire Meets The Road

I was recently in Los Angeles for business, and decided to fly back to Oakland a day early. I had originally planned to visit Eddy Lepp who is incarcerated in a federal prison in Lompoc, CA for at least eight years– for the heinous crime of growing and giving away an incredible amount of marijuana to medical patients in need.

I didn’t visit Eddy because I have yet to be granted permission by prison authorities to visit, probably because I am a federal felon, also for growing medical marijuana for patients. In my trial, the jurors were not allowed to know anything about the case– like the fact that I was hired by the City of Oakland to grow the marijuana I was arrested and tried for growing.

After Eddy was sentenced, he asked me, “How come you were sentenced to a day in jail with credit for time served, and they gave me ten years?”

I explained to him that he was in the unfortunate position of not having a dandy socialite judge who was a among the upper echelon on the San Francisco social scene. I went on to explain, the judge’s friends were so appalled by my trial that he and his socialite wife, Cindy of San Francisco City Arts and Lectures had become social pariahs. They were no longer being invited to parties, power lunches, and teas. So one morning, over breakfast, they came up with the “one-day” solution. I guess they assumed that the lenient sentencing would keep me quiet and I would run as fast as I could from the court room… fat chance… assholes.

I try hard not to have contempt for this court.

Then I said, “Eddy, you had no such luck. Your judge was just trying to do her job– keeping the population under control for the real powers.” You know, they gave her the black robe of death and she could do whatever she wanted. She just wanted to teach him a lesson, as if he were a little boy.

So, I was at the airport, and as I walked to my gate and what did I see? Two cops standing over a young man. I took the seat opposite them and watched as they searched his pockets. He tried to explain to them that he was in possession of marijuana for medical reasons, and that he had a medical recommendation for it. Another officer came over with an arrest warrant. As they cuffed him, he tried to explain that he was unable to walk because he had been in a serious accident and his hip, pelvis, ribs, and other parts of his body had been fractured. He had a cane with him, so to speed up the arrest, a wheelchair was called and he was wheeled away.

If you have hung out with me, or listened to my raves and rants, you know that I use the phrase “this is where the tire meets the road” when referring to the average non-criminal American and the police state. Here I was watching and living it. I couldn’t visit a friend locked up in prison, and as I boarded my airplane I watched a hapless soul taken away for some marijuana “crime”. Los Angeles is going broke, and this arrest was in direct violation of the Obama administration’s official statement as well as state, city and airport policies, but the police won’t give it up. Yes, this is where the tire hits the road folks.

I am trying to find the name of the person in these pictures so that I can give him a hand if i can, if you have any information about him, please email me at [email protected]

Also, Eddy Lepp needs your help. Although he gave away thousands of pounds of marijuana to the needy, he needs the help now. You can contribute to his prison fund (so he can buy things like toothpaste), and also send words of encouragement to this dedicated person who has helped so many people. I have already made a major contribution, but really he deserves the best that we can provide

Mail handwritten letters to: (please keep appropriate, they will likely be screened)
Charles Eddy Lepp 90157-011
FCI Lompoc
3600 Guard Rd
Lompoc, CA 93436

Contribute financial at (prisoner # 90157-011)

As I am writing this blog there are only 200 days left until pot is legal in California. I realize that the police are trying to get in all the arrests that they can, in the short period they have left– sort of like hornets, whose nests have just been hit with a rock. They are fighting mad but they wont be able to arrest you pot-smoking Californians whenever they want. This is exactly what they were opposed to when prop 215 was on the ballot. They are out of touch, and they should be out of work!