New Documentary Argues Extradition of Marc Emery Would Violate Canadian Law

CANNABIS CULTURE – Ontario lawyer Paul McKeever today released the second part of his two-part documentary about the Canadian “Prince of Pot”, Marc Emery.

Titled “The Principle of Pot“, the release of Part 2 is timed to precede and to inform a decision by Canada’s federal Justice Minister, Rob Nicholson, about whether or not to approve the extradition of Emery to the United States. If extradited, Emery faces five years of imprisonment in the USA for having sold cannabis seeds. Emery mailed seeds to Americans from Vancouver, Canada, via Canada Post. The Minister’s decision is expected by May 10, 2010.

McKeever opposes Emery’s extradition, and says extraditing Emery would be a violation of Canada’s Extradition Act.

“Anyone who watches Part 2 of The Principle of Pot will clearly understand that the USA is seeking Emery’s extradition because of the political nature of his cannabis seed campaign”, says McKeever. “In my view, even if someone were somehow to doubt that the USA seeks to imprison Emery because of his political influence, Emery’s political beliefs and conduct would at the very least result in him being prejudiced in any American court. In either case, the Extradition Act prohibits the Justice Minister from extraditing Emery, and I explain that more fully in The Principle of Pot (Part 2).”

Emery’s opponents, and the U.S. authorities who demanded his arrest in Halifax, have attempted to portray Emery as a profit-motivated drug dealer. “The Principle of Pot” demonstrates that Marc Emery was at all times carrying out political campaigns. Part 1 of McKeever’s documentary demonstrated that Emery was an individual freedom activist long before getting involved in the marijuana legalization issue. Part 2 goes deep into Emery’s marijuana-related activism, explains the surprising origins of his involvement in the marijuana legalization issue, uncovers Emery’s widely misunderstood goal, and a gives a rare and revealing look at his behind-the-scenes master strategy and tactics.

Part 2 has a run time of approximately 157 minutes and is divided into six segments for easier loading and viewing watching.

McKeever commenced production of the two-part documentary in November of 2008. Being the result of countless hours of research, interviews, writing and editing, the video includes audio, video and textual information that has never been seen in any profile of Emery. Much of the audio and video having been drawn from the archives of Freedom Party of Ontario (with which Emery was active until 1990), it has never before been seen by the general public or media.


Part 2 has been broken into 6 parts for easier online watching. To watch all six consecutively, viewers should use the following URL:

The six parts can be viewed consecutively by going to the following Autoplay URL:

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Part 2 – Content

Part 2-1: “The Emperor Wears No Clothes”; marijuana book censorship; The 2 Live Crew (cont’d); why marijuana was made illegal; a failed strategy; Sunday shopping success; good bye London, hello India; from civil disobedience to civil rights movement; millions of law-breakers: the oppression of the marijuana people; morality and heroism: Roark versus Jesus; the Howard Roark of Cannabis?; facts versus warmth and sensitivity; “seething hatred for the state”; Jesus of Nazareth.

Part 2-2: 1994-2001 – Emery’s Plan; Hemp BC; Cannabis Canada; U.S. interference; Cannabis Culture; raids on Hemp BC; Marc Emery Direct seeds; Pot TV; Cannabis Culture; Marijuana Party of Canada; BC Marijuana Party; Vansterdam.

Part 2-3: Iboga Therapy House; 2002 Vancouver Mayoral election; 2002 Canadian Senate Report on Marijuana; Emery visits the U.S Drug Czar; 2003: the summer of legalization and the winter of our discontent; the hand-off.

Part 2-4: from abstract principles to concrete allegations of fact; a liar with guns; the NDP, socialism, and libertarianism; 90 days imprisonment for passing a joint; the bible, the Christians, and the marijuana people; prophesy and destiny.

Part 2-5: 2005 raid on Marc Emery’s Cannabis Culture HQ; arrest of Marc Emery, Michelle Rainey, and Greg Williams; U.S. DEA Extradition request; plea deals; North Fraser Pre-Trial; 2010 Olympics; Scott Reid, Libby Davies, and Ujjal Dosanjh petitions in the House of Commons / Parliament; Stephen Harper on YouTube; marijuana legalization; death of Jack Herer.

Part 2-6: In this segment: the issues facing Canada’s Justice Minister, Rob Nicholson, as he makes his decision about whether or not to extradite Marc Emery to the United States of America; analysis of Emery’s 20 year strategy, including its philosophical and practical implications.



  1. Anonymous on

    This is too long to watch while sitting at the computer. Many more people would be able to view this if you could remaster it in DVD format and distribute an ISO image via bittorrent. You could put the torrent or magnet link right here on this page. Some people have slow connections or no Flash support (e.g. iPad), so YouTube is out of the question. But if a DVD was available to download they could get a friend with a faster connection to burn it.

  2. Anonymous on

    I think it’s time that we arm ourselves and stand defiant to the government bullies. I’ve had a 9mm Smith and Wesson held to my temple when the RCMPigs raided my LEGAL, Licensed garden 3 years ago. Next time I won’t be so passive, and will defend myself to the death … bring it on!!!!!

  3. renney b. on

    marc is in this situation because the canadian government did not have enough balls to defend his constitutional rights and freedoms as is the charter… another thing i learned from this documentary and i will ask the question; why is cannabis still illegal in canada anyway ??? the senate recomended legalization and even the liberal priminister promised a bill to be tabled in parliament!!! why are the americans dictating how canada should be governed ? the real issue at stake is canadian sovreiginity…

  4. Anonymous on

    I only wish Marc hadn’t called his party the Marijuana Party. While it got the subject of Cannabis a little more publicity, it doomed the party to the outer fringes. Something more like the Common Sense Party would have been nice. Their platform could have been the complete separation of church and state, not just in word but actual effect, and the beginning of running the government like a business. For instance, a business wouldn’t pay its employees about 3 or 4 times what anybody else is paid to do similar work in the private sector. That would cut down on the “us and them” mentality that people have now about the government. Right now it’s a case of a few lucky or connected people getting those jobs and everybody else having to pay them to do whatever the hell they do. Outlaw all unions from government jobs too. That’s one reason why government wages are ridiculously high. Why would anybody need a union if labor laws were designed to actually protect workers? They wouldn’t, and in fact they don’t even now because the Labor Standards Code is sufficient even as it is presently. Unions are just money leeches. Anyway, point is that there’s a whole lot of room for government reform and no party around that wants to bother to do it. Probably none of the government employees would vote for such a party but maybe everybody else would, then they could throw in Cannabis legalization after they are in power. Kind of a surprise benefit for the country.

  5. MountainLionCO on

    I disagree with the end of the movie when the author of the movie says that Emery has sacrificed his ability to argue reason and logic.

    I also disagree that advocating the positive medicinal benefits of cannabis weakens the “freedom of choice” argument.

    I also disagree with the characterization of the end of the movie of the “United States Government is out to get Emery.” Remember it was the Canadians ultimately who refused the plea deal which would have allowed Emery to serve his time in Canada while the Americans were agreeable to this deal. A better characterization would be conservative vs liberal or republican vs democrat in my opinion.

    I dont think its true when they say that Emery advocated anarchy. They showed a few clips of him giving motivational speeches saying fuck the government and then stated that Emery “gave up entirely on the governmental process.”

    He never gave up on the process because every election year he made lists of candidates and documented their positions and past voting history etc so that we would be better informed to know who to vote for across canada and the united states. He provided information so that people could make reasonable rational decisions for themselves.

    He constantely advocated for Ron Paul and surely gave money to him and other candidates. He believes in the legalization of marijuana not only for the principle of freedom of choice but also for the real benefits that legalization would bring to the earth.

    There are 3 prongs interacting. The government; the people who want marijuana legalized; and the majority of people who are sheep and dont care and will go along with whatever the government tells them. Emery possibly gave up on the sheep but he shifted his focus back and forth between trying to be in government vs motivating and funding the underground marijuana growers who are outside government.

  6. Anonymous on

    If Mark broke Canadian laws then why is he not going to jail in Canada? Because he has not broken any Canadian laws. There fore his arrest and threat of extradition is politically motivated and is a USA neo con instigated issue! It’s under the same neo con ideology here in Canada that this case was not tossed! Yet, the law may prevail despite the efforts of the Harper Government to kiss arse of the Bush Administration Canada cannot extradite its citizens where the penalty for the crime exceed the punishment for the same crime under Canadian law. So, now Harper and the Conservatives find themselves in a bit of a quandary, allow your political ideology to be shown to once again disregard Canadian law, so close to an election and enrage far more then every Canadian pot smoker or further enrage the dwindling numbers of a the minority Conservative voters? So by keeping Mark out on bail and the case out of court it is just another failed effort by Harper and the right of right Conservatives that allows for their flawed political ideology to interfere with the rights of Canadian citizens, that will never vote for the right of right?

  7. Anonymous on

    Although Marc’s extradition has political benefits for many of his enemies, I don’t think a case can be made that his extradition is political. If he hadn’t committed a criminal offense, THEN his extradition would be illegal. Unfortunately, Marc gave his enemies the perfect opportunity to get him out of Canada and into the hands of the US Gestapo completely legally. I’m sure they thank him for that. The way the whole thing was carried out was very improper, of course, but nothing illegal about it.

    Marc followed his own philosophy of living as if Cannabis was already legal. Such a philosophy is not without merit. Its consequences are rather predictable though. Sad that he gave them such a perfect pretext to throw him in a hole for a few years. Maybe later he’ll refine his philosophy a little to living like Cannabis is already legal SOMEWHERE OTHER THAN IN NORTH AMERICA, which is firmly under Christian fundamentalist control, the evilest and most repressive people on earth. The President swears an oath to the god of genocide (as the Canaanites will attest) when he’s sworn into office, for crying out loud. They’re not even trying to disguise it. The country is dictated by a man with the mentality of an damn Aztec. How long before he decides to sacrifice some virgins to appease his god, or is that why he sends them to Afghanistan and Iraq?

  8. Jose Melendez on

    How is it that a google news search shows two results for “Marc Emery” in the last week? nytimes, sfgate, reuters, upi, drudgereport, huffpost, cbs/nbc/fauxnews all wrote . . . nothing?


    see here for a possible legal challenge to Marc’s arrest:

  9. maryjanesuncle on

    Mr Emery I can only hope this is true, you and Jodi are to lovely of a couple to be separated.