CBS 8 News Coverage of Medical Marijuana Hearing

CBS 8 News out of Montgomery provided excellent coverage of the HB642 judiciary committee hearing and the press conference we had before the hearing began. Get some tissue handy…Mrs. Jackie Phillips will make you squall.

Many thanks to CBS 8 for doing such a wonderful job and being so respectful in their coverage of this issue. If you would like to send them a note of appreciation you can do so at these email addresses.

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  1. Jake on

    I live in Montgomery and I’m just happy we made the news for something other than murder and shitty schools. I support legalization 110%. Come on Alabama. Be the first southern state to do this!!!! My brother has autism and I’ve found that marijuana helps him with his anxiety, depression and mood swings. The medications he takes now just make him tired all the time. It’s like they’ve turned him into a zombie. I hate it for him. The doctor says its working. Well of course it is. Its hard to be depressed and suffer from anxiety when you’re asleep all the time. It truly is a shame marijuana isn’t legal.