New KopBusters Video, Court Wednesday

Here is a new KopBusters video from The Texas Observer that includes never-before-seen footage of the Odessa, KopBusters sting.

It’s really exciting to watch. On April 30, the Texas Observer will release a full front page story detailing our recent KopSting and arrests.

National Public Radio (NPR) just aired the story on “This American Life.” I’ll post a link to that story when it becomes available.

Candi and I were recently guests on the Alex Jones Show. The video of that interview is at NeverGetBusted.

We are currently in E. Texas (300 miles from Austin) preparing for court Wednesday. Pray that our son, Zack, is returned to us. He was taken because we freed Yolanda from prison and we caught a kop stealing drug money.

Any and all donations are appreciated. We are paying lawyers and the travel expenses of all our witnesses. I never saw this coming and it’s really hard on our family because we are all so close. We are sad but optimistic we will win.

Check out the new video and I’ll be back to work very soon providing you with safety tips on how to NeverGetBusted.