Nobel Rebound

A few months ago, Obama accepted the Nobel Peace Price. I wonder if there is actually a method of rescinding the prize… I don’t think Obama wants it.

The war continues in Afghanistan, (I’m sure you are saying “You’ve said that before Ed,”) but the war in fact still continues in Afghanistan, in Iraq, and has enlarged to Pakistan. Now the United States wants to include Chechnya and parts of India.

Everything just seems like it has happened before, and I’ve said it before and you have read it before. You read it when you were in high school or junior high and you were assigned the book 1984. Love is Hate, War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery.

The State continues its inexorable march to countries so remote that their existence is tangential to us. We march on. Kid soldiers come home with mechanical arms and legs while on the other side whole families are blown to smithereens and it doesn’t even make the front page of the newspaper anymore. “30 killed here, 20 killed there.”

… And then there is the longest running war that the United States has ever waged and continues to wage today. This war can’t be found on the front page either. In fact not many people know that this war has been the longest war we have ever fought. This is the war on us.It has been fought for so long that there is nobody even alive anymore who remembers when it began. This war has taken as its victims (just in the United States) over 5 million people, increasing at a rate of 800,000 a year. Some of these victimes have lost their lives, but most have lost their entire livelihoods, from which they will never recover. This is the War on Drugs.

So, now that the balloons have all burst and the champagne bubbles have all fizzled out and the wonder of America electing a person with a dark complexion has come back to the reality of politics as usual, I am wondering whether the Swedish committee that nominated and selected Obama might have second thoughts. Perhaps they should have chosen a person who was working for peace using peaceful means rather than Obama’s variation of Orwellian dystopia, namely War for Peace.

We can’t have peace without war. I have thought about that a lot, and the one thing that i am sure of is that we can’t have war without war. I have never really seen peace come from it. Sometimes the battles are delayed a few years, or a few decades, but ultimately, war always brings war and never creates peace; peace and war are fundamentally different. War is based on destruction, on removal, and peace is based on the exact opposite: construction and growth; YOU WAGE WAR. YOU GROW PEACE. (or overgrow it!)

This of course brings us back to Obama, who knows all these things, he knows it better than we do. But there he is, in high office, and not even allowed to get high! His mind is boxed in by lack of expansive smoke, he is trying to lead this country when he cant even take care of his own head! Tell them the truth Obama! Your prayers aren’t to the God of Peace but to the God of War. You don’t deserve the prize, give it back.

100-200 more dead this week in America’s wars.