Contact Judiciary Committee on HB642!

Next Wednesday, March 31, HB642 The Michael Phillips Compassionate Care Act will come before the Alabama House Judiciary Committee. Today we need to start flooding the phone lines and inboxes of the judiciary committee members asking them to support this bill.

When you call you may or may not get the member on the phone. If you get the member on the phone introduce yourself. If you are a patient then tell them what your condition is, what medications you have taken, how they affected your quality of life, how marijuana helps your condition and the dangerous things you have to go through to get it. Tell them you shouldn’t have to risk your family, property and freedom in order to treat your medical condition. Tell them that 14 other states and DC have medical marijuana laws, but, because you live in Alabama, you are treated as a criminal as opposed to a patient. Tell them that geographic location should never determine criminality and that patients in Alabama deserve the same level of protection as patients in the 14 states where medical marijuana has been passed. Ask them to please vote YES on HB642. Please write down what they say and send it to me.

If you get the main desk at the State House leave a message asking for the judiciary committee member to support HB642 and to please return your call.

Also, take a moment and send an email to the members listed below.

[email protected]” , (334) 242-7750

[email protected], (334) 242-7723

[email protected], (334) 242-7719

[email protected], (334) 242-7740

[email protected], (334) 242-4460

[email protected], (334) 242-7667

[email protected], (334) 353-9032

[email protected], (334) 242-7711

[email protected], (334) 242-7688

[email protected] , (334) 242-7703

[email protected], (334) 242-7728

[email protected] (334) 242-4368