Medical Marijuana LTE in BHAM News

ACC member and medical marijuana patient Sam Barksdale’s excellent LTE is in the Birmingham News this morning.

However, for some strange reason the BHAM News got the bill number wrong. I know it was the BHAM News because I helped Sam edit the letter and I am certain the bill number was correct. The actual bill number is HB642.

MEDICAL MARIJUANA: Support bill in House committee

I suffer from severe epileptic seizures. Over the years, doctors have prescribed me some of the strongest anti-seizure medications available, to no avail.

I read that marijuana has shown promising results for epilepsy patients and decided to try it. Once I began smoking marijuana, my seizures completely stopped. I smoked marijuana for more than a year until I started going to church. Two weeks after I stopped smoking marijuana, my seizures came back with a vengeance.

I’m a devout Christian. I’ve expressed my opinions about medical marijuana to members, pastors and theologians from different denominations and have found the majority of Christians I’ve talked to support medical marijuana.

House Bill 42, the Michael Phillips Compassionate Care Act, will come up in committee this month. It would protect doctors who recommend and patients who use marijuana for medical reasons. Please contact the House Judiciary Committee and your representative and urge them to pass this bill.

Fourteen other states and the District of Columbia have passed medical marijuana legislation. But because I live in Alabama, I am considered a criminal for trying to alleviate my suffering. Geographic location should never determine criminality. I am a patient, not a criminal.

Samuel Barksdale