Bud of the Month – March 2010

The bud of the month for March 2010: Super Silver Haze grown by CyberVapor.



  1. Darrel on

    Sure there are better pictures, but if you have grown this strain out, you would know its one of the Top Twenty Buds of all Time.
    Its time to be vegging out some plants, to be ready for May 15th, to put in the ground, instead of whinning about what bud he picked, and the pic isn’t good enough,lol.
    Here’s to a great growing season in 2010. No rain the last week of Sept, and the first two weeks of Oct.

  2. Anonymous on

    it looks alright, but you could have found a better one ๐Ÿ™

  3. Anonymous on

    What, are you high?