Raid Details, “BackTalk” Show 2

Candi attempted to turn herself over to the kops Tuesday but unclear language between the police and our lawyer caused us to reschedule her jailing for Thursday. She will only have to spend a few hours in jail. I hope Texas feels safer knowing Candi is in jail for a marijuana roach…ridiculous. I’m really mad about this.

Our second “BackTalk” with Barry and Candi show was just posted at NeverGetBusted. The topics include: The Raid On Our Home–meet Kenzie Cooper, K-9’s Pot and Peanut Butter, Safety Tips For Teen Pot Smokers, Marc and Jodie Emery Comment. Forgive the lighting situation. The police took all of our equipment as evidence. The raid on our home may have set us back a little but we are more determined than ever to continue busting korrupt kops, releasing our prisoners and teaching ways for citizens to stay out of jail for non-violent drug offenses.

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Enjoy Show #2.