So, that’s what Circular Dick-Sucking looks like…

Below is one of three articles in the Clay Times Journal about the large drug bust that was conducted in Ashland and Lineville in Feb. 14…hence the name ‘Operation Heartbreaker’. My, my aren’t they clever?

Basically, the entire paper was taken up by this article scanned below, an article about the Mayor of Lineville’s comments on the drug bust (I used to go to church with him) and an editorial about the drug bust.

I’ve really never seen such circular dick sucking in my life. They were so busy fellating each other that they never even got around to saying what kinds of drugs or how much/many drugs they found in connection with all of these arrests. Wonder why they didn’t all get woodies when Judge Rochester’s son Alex Rochester was arrested and agreed to lead them directly to his actual kingpin in Atlanta? Actually, I know why. Cops and government don’t want the kingpins in the drug war….they only want the small time, poor whites, and any socioeconomic status blacks, because, without the kingpins they cannot justify their jobs and would have to find another line of work. Plus, they probably like getting all those free drugs and being basically immune from any sort of suspicion and prosecution.

This whole operation really reminds me of the Tulia, Texas drug bust about 10 years ago. Except, in the Clay County bust there were actually a few white people. Ashland only has a population if 1,885 according to the 2005 Census Bureau. Lineville only has a population of 2,401 (2000 Census Bureau). Both populations may have grown a tiny bit since then, but I kind of doubt it. That place is tiny and never changes and new people never move there because there is absolutely no industry to support population growth. Could there really be 34 drug dealers in a population of 4286 people?

More to come as things develop. I will find out from some legal friends of mine what kinds of drugs are involved, bonds the accused received and so forth and so on. Stay tuned….