The People’s Podium Salutes the Prince of Pot for His Hospitality

GOLD to Prince of Pot Marc Emery for his unstinting Olympic hospitality. Over the weekend, his partner Jodie posted this to her Facebook page: “Downtown Vancouver is frickin’ packed. Ugh. So is our store… there’s been a stupidly long line up all day to have free bong hits with Marc. Thank god I hid away my own personal stash away — he’s smoked all of our weed with strangers. It’s definitely a LOT. I hope those strangers are supporters and actually DO SOMETHING to help Marc and the greater cause.”

Marc posted to his own Facebook page the news that he “is choked that VANOC officially refused to let Jodie & I in the Molson Hockey Tent as guests of CNN’s i-Reporter to watch the US-Canada game because they are afraid to have “The Prince of Pot” near the Olympic athletes who are there. The Prince of Pot NOT allowed in a beer tent lest the shiny reputation of these athletes is compromised by being in close proximity to a political party leader!”

How un-Canadian! The man gives out free bong hits to people from all over the world and VANOC won’t let him in a beer hall?

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