It’s Not Just About Marijuana

Recently, I have been in correspondence with Tim Beck, a personal hero of mine. He is the fellow who single-handedly got the Michigan Marijuana Initiative on the ballot and made sure that it won in all 51 counties.

He recently told me that the DEA and local narcs confirmed that they were coordinating attacks on legal medical marijuana patients and dispensaries throughout Michigan. Since April of last year, California has also been suffering from a logarithmic increase in medical marijuana arrests that seem to be innovated and coordinated by the DEA and the narcotics officer’s associations.

It is sort of like a secret Cabal society that seeks to influence and control policy, regardless of the fact they are the minority and the policies they implement weren’t projected by popular votes.

It is for this reason, and the stories of harassment people continue to tell me, that I have been advising groups all over California to stop negotiating with medical terrorists, or at least seek alternatives while negotiating.

“What’s a medical terrorist?”, it is somebody that would keep medicine from a patient or make it difficult for them to obtain it. The perpetrator of these attacks is every bit as much a terrorist as someone who would bomb, kill, or steal. Think of the terror of not being able to obtain medicine that will stop the excruciating pain of progressive diseases such as Multiple Sclerosis (MS).

Tim Beck proved in Michigan (and I think every state where medical marijuana has won legality as a result of the initiative) that there should be more new local initiatives defining zoning, operational policies, and other matters that take permanent decisions out of the hands of the hands of politicians.

I am beginning to believe that the initiative process is the most important vote that we have in this country.

I didn’t vote for him, so I have no right to complain about Obama’s change in policy views. I thought he would do this, so I didn’t vote for him, but the people who did vote for him must really be disappointed. I was listening to Pacfica Radio (KPFA) today, and to brighten my day the morning news announced that Obama supports the construction of more nuclear plants in the United States. Because of his religious views, he is opposed to gay marriage—that one really scared me. I thought that his religion was a matter of convenience, but to have someone who talks to his invisible friend to make major decisions—which is essentially what he said he did— is something that my children stopped doing at five-years-old.

Obama must be slowly losing his mind. He is under the pressure of being the casino croupier surrounded by a bunch of con artists, pick pockets, and people with a knack for the slight of hand. Oh, you don’t know who I am talking about? Paulson, Geithner, the crews at AIG and Goldman Sachs, the Republicans who promised to deliver but didn’t… you know Obama, you have to compromise, and then compromise again, and then compromise again until there is nothing left to chip away at.

The sad thing is Obama doesn’t even realize it, the longer he is away from pot the weirder he gets. Everyday without pot he begins to look more and more like John McCain to me.

When we do the initiatives, we don’t need to compromise, and we should be very explicit, you know this is important, this is not just about marijuana, we are the front lines in the battle against the police state!