Nodine Passes Drug Test, Polygraph in Marijuana Investigation

According to The Lagniappe in Mobile, County Commissioner Stephen Nodine has passed both a drug test and a polygraph during an investigation into marijuana that was supposedly found in his vehicle by a mechanic at the county garage.

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I’ve said all along that the whole episode reeks of a set up. A county Commissioner would not be very likely to ride around with marijuana stuffed inside a pill bottle in a county issued vehicle. They would also be unlikely to roll joints inside said vehicle and spill enough marijuana on the floor board that anyone would notice it. I also find it most strange that there was already a cop at the county garage when this marijuana was supposedly found. How fucking convenient! Now, who has the most unrestricted access to marijuana and all other illicit substances in the entire universe? Why, police officers and sheriff’s deputies, of course.

If I remember correctly Mr. Nodine had some harsh words for the police department in Mobile not too long ago. Coincidence that the cop just happened to be at the garage when this happened? I think not.

That being said…if marijuana were legal then people like Mr. Nodine would no longer have to fear being set up by vindictive assholes out for revenge and would not have to fear their lives and careers being over because someone planted a small amount of green leafy plant material on them.

Isn’t it just hard to fathom that ones whole life can be wiped out in an instant over a plant that grows naturally on this earth and has never killed anyone?




  1. Diane on

    Please explain the reference to nodine and Palm Beach Post. I want to look it up.

  2. Anonymous on

    He’s been a pillhead and pot head from the age of 20! check out the post in palm beach, killed an old lady there back in 1980…accident! right!

  3. Anonymous on

    obviously you dont know him as well as i do!

  4. ToxicSludge on

    Wake up dude,this was a classic non-thinking pig set-up in retaliation for coming down on the local oinks,as Loretta reported earlier.If you were in his shoes,after coming down on the local pigs,would you carry a weed stash with you in a county vehicle?And would you be sloppy when rolling a bone in the county vehicle?I don’t think so…..your much smarter then that.A sloppy half assed attempt by some pissed off redneck asshole cop to “git even”,and it didn’t work.What I am curious about now is will the pigs,or the DA investigate further to see who in fact planted the weed,where they got the weed (like maybe the evidence room)and will they pursue the many felonies done to try to set this guy up?I’d like to know.Loretta,would you keep us posted on this lame attempt by the pigs?

  5. Anonymous on

    Pfft, like he wouldn’t know how to fake a drug test. Polygraphs are notoriously unreliable as well. If it was his stash he should man up.

    Man up!