One Man, One Vote

I met this fellow recently who was telling me all about America and all the advantages that Americans have in terms of democracy that are wanting in other countries.

He said, “Here, every vote counts, no matter how rich you are, how poor, no matter where you live, every vote counts!” I listened for awhile as he ranted on and maybe at another time I would have argued or discussed the point with him, but I just listened.

I have a different opinion of things than he does. I have written about it on this blog—you know like, how in Iran the mullahs are still facing resistance when they steal elections, but in America when a similar group of rogue, medieval, inquisitional court judges did the same thing, people just went back to their televisions (remember Bush/Gore 2000?).

I got to thinking, Rhode Island has two senators, Nevada has two and California has two. You can add up a whole bunch of those low population states to add up to the population CA with its two senators. So as far as the senate goes, your vote counts a lot more in Rhode Island or Montana than in New York or California. Fewer than 25% of Americans vote for half the senators. It isn’t quite the one man one vote that this man envisions.

In most countries when there is an election for president or another office of that sort, they count up the votes and whoever has the total votes wins. We function with an archaic system—an electoral college that functions in a way where the popular vote doesn’t count only the number of electors that you win. The smaller the population the more disproportionately the voters vote counts. A voter voting in Rhode Island with three electors has six times the voting power of a Californian. Well—that doesn’t sound very one person one vote to me!

Here is what has happened as a result of this: a majority of the voters believe in birth control, gun control, staying out of wars, and changing America’s focus from war to peace, but with the way the government is setup now — the people who believe in those things have less say than the minority.

Oh, speaking of the minority! Let’s look at the Senate itself! In order to get anything passed there these days you need 60 votes, which means it is controlled by the minority. That doesn’t sound very one person one vote—when the minority can stop a bill that the majority wants.

But the latest outrage of all was delivered to us by the supreme court—you know those same mullahs who gave us Bush, wise decision on their part! Now they say we have to protect the corporations, that they are more citizens than human beings— after all, they last forever! Wasn’t it Caligula who made his horse counsel of Rome?

I knew that if I was to bring these things up to this fellow he would just get very upset and I would ruin his afternoon. So where do we go from here?

First, lets de-citizenize corporations. Then we will see where we go from there. Write Obama tell him what you think, make sure to send him a joint as well—he is still suffering from MDS.