Two ACC Patients Tell Their Story

Many thanks for Chris and DJ for being brave enough to do this interview with WAFF 48 in Huntsville.

Also, many thanks to Robyn McGlohn for doing this story in such a respectful way.

Couple Discuss Reasons for Medical Marijuana Use
By Robyn McGlohn

CULLMAN, AL (WAFF) – The debate over medical marijuana use will soon be a topic on Alabama lawmaker’s agenda. A state lawmaker from Birmingham is again pushing a medical marijuana bill.

Chris and DJ Butts are both users of medical marijuana because they both suffer from illnesses. They say it dulls the pain, and it’s the healthy alternative to what they are prescribed.

Chris and DJ have been married for 12 years and have three children. They tell their story in hopes House Bill 207 passes through the 2010 Legislative session.

The bill, sponsored by representative Patricia Todd of Birmingham, wants Alabama to recognize certain illnesses, like cancer, anoxeria, and chronic arthritis, are alleviated by the effects of marijuana.

The bill also states if passed, doctors will not be penalized for discussing or recommending the use, and those who qualify will be allowed to grow no more than 12 marijuana plants.

But for the last 4 years it’s failed in the legislature. Which means the Butts do what they can to get it.

“Right now it’s a drug deal. It’s a street transaction just like anything else,” said DJ.

They know their actions are not right, feel the choice to smoke is a better alternative than what their doctor’s prescribe.

“First of all there are about 535 pills per month that I’m supposed to put into my body, opiate based,” said Chris.

“It’s a snowball, and before you know it you’re taking 10 pills a day and most of them are to counteract symptoms from the original pill,” said DJ.

The Butts want to make it clear they’re not hippies or pot heads looking for a good time. They belong to a church and they say they’re Alabama citizens who want the right to make their own decisions with their doctors.



  1. Anonymous on

    That’s real classy yepitsme…bringing peoples children into this. Chris and DJ are fine people. Their children have nothing to do with this. I’m sure you are an absolute saint and have the perfect offspring so, the next time a TV station calls me wanting patients to interview then I’ll have them call you…what’s your number? And no hiding behind a fake name or having your voice changed and face blurred out.

    Loretta Nall

  2. yepitsme on

    By the way i am not against the bill being passed,just think a better representation of who should benefit from it should be made. Thanks and God Bless!

  3. yepitsme on

    oldest daughter is a stripper with twins at 17 years of age ! Middle daughter is a puff the magic dragon but a sweetheart! Youngest is a smart young man but unruly as all get out and will grab his crotch and make some wild remarks! Church members!! Firewoman is moms name and believes any & every religion on the earth . POTHEADS period!!

  4. Brian Kerr on

    The news person said that “they know there actions are not right”

    I would disagree. It is right. What is not right is Prohibition.

  5. Flying Goat on

    Way to go, guys! I’m very proud of you! So brave you are for outing yourselves!

    Hugs from the Goatwoman of Mobile Bay…

  6. Anonymous on

    Hey foam…We’ve got them covered if anything bad should happen. Got a lawyer on standby and are prepared to launch a massive media campaign in their defense. Hoping it doesn’t come to that.


  7. foam on

    ‘course some jerk off will probaly get a warrant and bust them up. It’s tough being right when the govt is wrong but glad they are fighters- fighters for all freedom loving peoples