Don’t Like the Laws? Make YOUR OWN!

Did you ever have a friend ask to borrow something, and when you said no it was taken anyway? I have, and I felt ripped off and betrayed. That’s exactly how I feel now.

I am not the only one, the voters in Colorado, Michigan and California have made it amply clear that they are tired of the cops hassling them about pot, and the cops just don’t seem to get it! They don’t seem to understand that people want them out of their personal lives. They don’t understand that they just can’t pick on somebody because they happen to own some pot (or be incinerating it).

It is clear that we are not going to get true legislative relief from these bullying thugs who use their badges to usurp patients’ rights and create their own interpretation of the law. Instead, we are going to have to use local initiatives to remove the police and the criminal justice system from marijuana and its regulation.

Many of us feel like things are improving so rapidly, so much, that we don’t have to push, but Obama’s first year disproves that. When the arrest reports for 2009 come out, they will show that marijuana arrests have gone up in the last year.

When I was first informed of this, I wasn’t surprised. The narcs’ anger is palpable. They feel unloved, even hated by major parts of society, they often read of their irrelevance, impotency, incompetence, and ineffectiveness. They feel betrayed by politicians who have been going “ra ra!” for the drug war during their entire career, who are now turning 180 degrees. This anger, despondency and feeling of isolation, of walking the plank, has made them more destructive than ever, it is there last stand, and they are going to take as many with them as they can.

It is not just the cops, after all, states’ attorneys are just cops in suits. Some of them are wannabe cops. The judges, all come from the prosecution school of judging, where they learn how to overlook cops’ testalying, disregarding defendants’ witnesses or the facts of the case.

I was just at the grand opening of the new extension of the original Oaksterdam University campus in Oakland, and then the next day, I attended the opening of Cannabis Buyer’s Club of Berkeley. A single council member from Berkeley attended both openings, he was joined by Oakland City Council member Rebecca Kaplan at Oaksterdam. It was soon apparent that the city government had little to do with the success of the industry in the Bay area or its expanding culture- that includes education, entertainment, as well as medical relief. It was all “do-it-yourself”.

We though by now that Obama would legalize medical use by executive order, but marijuana is going to be legal in California on November 3, 2010 thanks to Richard Lee who put up the money and effort to put Tax and Regulate on the ballot. That was a big, expensive effort, but you can do it in your town! You can collect the signatures– especially if it is in a small town– that takes enforcement of medical laws out of the hands of the criminal justice system and puts it to the health department. The public is ready to approve initiatives about zoning, use, limits and possession, cultivation. It is up to us to put the initiatives on the ballots.

We don’t have to negotiate with terrorists who disregard the voter’s will. We don’t need them, we don’t have to beg, we don’t have to compromise with people who want to put us in jail. If you don’t like the laws, go out and make some of your own. Richard did it, you can too. Right where you are. That’s right, if you don’t like the laws go out and make some of your own.



  1. not annonymous Brian J on

    dude. are you here to rip and look stupid in front of non-prohibition-followers? you are doing great!!!
    you are a blind sheep. your flock heard is lead by thugs and corrupt authority thriving under the cloak of prohibition. they too, laugh at your ignorance and stupidity, because without numbskulls like you, they would have no support to run their free enterprise businesses without profit-restricting laws and only profit protecting laws…
    so again, you are doing a great job helping to murder innocent families… you are doing an even better job at locking up hundreds of thousands of people each and every year, burdening society by telling those who may be addicted to tobacco or alcohol that it’s okay and even good to do THOSE drugs because they are “legal” (i.e. money makers for gov’t)

    so thank you.
    keep up the work you do to help no one but you.

  2. Riley on

    Obviously the dude who posted this is the biggest looser on the planet. Why is he on this web page? Go drink some alcohol and beat your kids a few more times you obnoxious pigfart scumbag.

  3. David Dureault on

    I guess The Anonymous One is one of those who listen to what they have been told their whole life. To read between the lines. Those are blank spaces and your writing reflects the same.

  4. Chris Bennett on

    There you go again with your bad smells. No more beans buddy, no more beans.

  5. Anonymous on

    Go ahead Chris Bennett
    claim all the stray farts you sniff down and then write a book about it and name it “Gassa de Canna Fortuna -a Secret History of Called Farts in the Bible – One Mans Journey “

  6. Anonymous on

    I’ll take a small tax over jail sentences and fines anyday, bitch all you want.

  7. Anonymous on

    “Simple smoking on private property by adults without exchange of money? Nobody has ever cared, not in 70 years of prohibition..your prisons are full of commercial pot criminals, all of them third strike offenders”—?!?!?! Have you actually read the fucking news? Rachel Hoffman ring a bell? How about the 90 year old woman gunned down in her home cause the cops had the wrong fuckin address?or Venkat Milligan, Alberta Spruill,Donald Scott, Jim Montgomery,Robbin Prosser…the list is nearly fucking endless… DEAD people with families who loved them NOT from pot, but from cannabis prohibition! These are NOT 3 timers, they were NOT bad people, they were victims of the establishments irrational war of cannabis and their often times incompetant drug warriors.

  8. Dan-o on

    no doubt…

  9. Anonymous on

    Cannabis should’t be taxed or regulated! That’s more slavery….

  10. Chris Bennett on

    Read genesis”The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.” Genesis 3:22

    Now go look that up in your Bible Sunday School Flunky.

    ie “he must not be allowed” in reference to “the tree of life”

    How does “must not be allowed” become “may eat” in your little brain?

    With your twisted spin on things, no wonder you are anti-pot. You once again reveal your dangerously low THC levels.

    The number one reason you stay anonymous is so there is no track record left of how full of shit you are. Lol.

  11. Sorry Grumpy Anonymous on

    Anonymous sorry you lose, because soon you will just be grumpier than ever

    At 12:01, November 3, marijuana will be legal in California.
    Cultivation of a small garden will be legal. When the cop stops you andyou have an ounce in your pocket, the most he can say is “looks like good dope,” because you will have every legal right to possess it.

    The voters and people have won

  12. Anonymous on

    there are two trees on the garden of Eden
    the tree of life all may eat of
    and the forbidden tree-

  13. Chris Bennett on

    Ah come on yah little stinker, your posts are like a silent fart that will not be claimed, emanating from an anonymous ass…

  14. Chris Bennett on

    gee another bible thumper who never read the Bible. There are lots of those.

    Re “The TOL is one of two trees God planted out–in the Garden of Eden and all may eat of it..and we do and its good.. ”

    Genesis 3:22 (Right after eating from the TOL) “”The man has now become like one of us, knowing good and evil. He must not be allowed to reach out his hand and take also from the tree of life and eat, and live forever.”

    Maybe read that book you tout so much Mr Assanomynous.

  15. Anonymous on

    You find the time in your busy schedule to pity

    that’s just super
    wowser I am so touched

    if anybody knows the pity business
    I guess its a mail order reverend
    trapped in a dope smokey bad mood..

    just another farty old goof who thinks they are special
    because they are wearing a superman costume under their street clothes.. well don’t go jumping off any balconies, OK

    thanks for your pity
    it made seven minutes of my day

    If you have become the man you always wanted to be,
    tell us why didn’t you have higher expectations ?

    Bong on Grampa Munster

  16. Reverend J. Shaffer on

    Oh, you poor, ignorant, slave. . . I pity you.
    Not because you’re a slave, but because you locked the collar and shackles on, yourself.
    If you spent as much time educating yourself as you spend here spewing your verbal diarrhea, you wouldn’t be so afraid. . . fear is a cancer. . . and you, O He of the Yellow Belly, are jumping at shadows.

    It took a long time, but I finally became the man I always wanted to be, intelligent, educated, and unafraid. . . to bad for you.
    Your fear has imprisoned you – let go of your fear, and be free!

  17. Anonymous on

    Wednesday, January 13, 2010
    Goodman: Holding Corporations Accountable for Apartheid Crimes
    Holding Corporations Accountable for Apartheid Crimes
    by Amy Goodman
    A landmark class action case is under way in a New York federal court, with victims of apartheid in South Africa suing corporations that they say helped the pre-1994 regime. Among the multinational corporations are IBM, Fujitsu, Ford, GM and banking giants UBS and Barclays. The lawsuit accuses the corporations of “knowing participation in and/or aiding and abetting of the crimes of apartheid; extrajudicial killing; torture; prolonged unlawful detention; and cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment.” Attorneys are seeking up to $400 billion in damages.

    yea the very same corportions YOUR PARENTS? maded that big money,that sent some of you thru college, but ya still havent learn anything yet?

  18. Anonymous on

    You windy old fart
    you have become everything you ever hated

  19. Anonymous on

    Well I agree that Capt Ed and the THC All Stars are toilking to bring about pan stonerism that is not exactly welcome. Nobody is exempt from a little ribbing,nobody Chris .. .. not even the THC All Stars

    Since when did fucking pot become the tree of Life? The TOL is one of two trees God planted out–in the Garden of Eden and all may eat of it..and we do and its good.. now the tree of knowledge.. the so called forbidden one that causes all the trouble.. has become the stoners latrine as they fear kmowledge and insight when it rubs against their notions
    Thats why you get nowhere in law reform,. we smell your lame self serving schemes a mile away.

    Simple smoking on private property by adults without exchange of money? Nobody has ever cared, not in 70 years of prohibition..your prisons are full of commercial pot criminals, all of them third strike offenders



  21. Chris Bennett on

    Ah mr. anonymous, you need to wake up and smell that sweet incense. California is going to legalize soon, and Heroes like Ed have been leading the way.

    What have you been doing but trying to bring that party down with your chickenshit anonymous little swipes?

  22. Anonymous on

    I’m very pleased to see that I’m not the only person who enjoys heckling Ed, The Pot Nazi. Just look at his photo. Clad in full Pot Nazi regalia, he glares at us from behind those tinted goggles. Ed is leading us all to the same humiliation that ultimately befell the followers of the Third Reich. We’ll all be lined up to face kangaroo courts, and be funnelled into prisons across North America if we follow the directives of this little Hitler. Don’t be seduced by his wicked pipe dreams. Overgrow Ed with your voices, fellow Canadians. Don’t let this weed take over your backyard!

  23. LaVona on

    dan-o – stupid is, as stupid types……

  24. LaVona on

    NO, you would just rather be anonymous period. You are a coward and a follower, a federal pet sheep.

  25. Reverend J. Shaffer on

    First, I’m not “self-appointed,” I was duly Ordained in May of 1997. . . nor am I a “reverand.” Be careful, Anonymous Coward, your ignorance and illiteracy are showing. . .

    When you support Prohibition, you are an accomplice to every abuse, murder, and imprisonment of non-violent people who have committed No Crime.
    Here’s how it works, O Ignorant One – No Victim, No Crime.
    In the case of Cannabis Prohibition, the Victim is the poor slob who is assaulted and kidnapped (or worse) by the Gestapo.
    People like Rachel Hoffman, or Kathryn Johnson, or Donald Scott. Or Marc Emery. Or the hundreds of thousands of others assaulted, killed, or locked in cages every year for failing to support Coors or Anheuser-Busch.

    YOU are an accomplice, an accessory, a co-conspirator, and a Traitor.

    Go be ignorant elsewhere.

  26. Anonymous on

    I would rather be anoyomous than a self appointed reverand, what is to revere about YOU, pretending to be special.

  27. Reverend J. Shaffer on

    first, I’d like to remark that the wannabe cop who disparaged Ed was too much a coward to post under anything even remotely resembling his real name – “Anonymous” is, as far as I’m concerned, just another word for “Yellow-bellied Coward.”

    Now. . .

    I find it interesting that we “mere Civilians” are expected to follow the law unwaveringly, but those who are ostensibly “Upholders of the Law,” get to make up their own rules, and disregard the law as they see fit. . . such a double-standard cannot last.
    The police have no more Right to make their own decisions about somebody else’s MMJ use than they do to decide what treatment one gets for the Mexican Flu. They’re not M.D.s and need to stop pretending they have a clue.

  28. Davus on


  29. Dan-o on

    “You’ll need something like a medical exemption to get you off your next brush with the cops.” That’s your real problem isn’t it? Your old road is rapidly fading as the song goes.

  30. Anonymous on

    Hey dipshit, if you knew anything about cannabinoids you would know that if Ed whent for an alzheimers test he would pass with flying colours, or he would be the firt pot-head to be afflicted by the disease. And yes pot is illegal, but that is what he is getting at…. If democracy is anything short of a falacy then “the people” have the power to resolve this issue of legality.

  31. pZ on

    What chance do people with lifetime criminal careers and global transnational organized criminal activity CV s that due to volume need to be examined with cloud computing datamining have to do? Redefine what the term “crime” includes, If it happens to be that they have done their entire criminal careers in one branch of criminality, Cut off the branch from the tree of “government designated criminal activities” and once again they have obeyed the **true, meaning current** law from day one.

  32. ArchbishopDamaskinosWasRight on

    Any place that allows referendums is ripe for change.

    Senator Webb has introduced a bill for a complete reappraisal of drug war penalties. Support Senator Webb, who amazingly enough , is a Nam Vet , Reagan’s secretary of the Navy and a Democratic Party Senator.

    Also, i hope people are helping Jack Herer. We owe him.

  33. Anonymous on

    After all the legal trouble you have been in, you still don’t know pot is against the law ? like duh you old hippy fart
    Holy crap Eddie boy, get an Alzeimers test while you still can.. You’ll need something like a medical exemption to get you off your next brush with the cops.