Don’t Like the Laws? Make YOUR OWN!

Did you ever have a friend ask to borrow something, and when you said no it was taken anyway? I have, and I felt ripped off and betrayed. That’s exactly how I feel now.

I am not the only one, the voters in Colorado, Michigan and California have made it amply clear that they are tired of the cops hassling them about pot, and the cops just don’t seem to get it! They don’t seem to understand that people want them out of their personal lives. They don’t understand that they just can’t pick on somebody because they happen to own some pot (or be incinerating it).

It is clear that we are not going to get true legislative relief from these bullying thugs who use their badges to usurp patients’ rights and create their own interpretation of the law. Instead, we are going to have to use local initiatives to remove the police and the criminal justice system from marijuana and its regulation.

Many of us feel like things are improving so rapidly, so much, that we don’t have to push, but Obama’s first year disproves that. When the arrest reports for 2009 come out, they will show that marijuana arrests have gone up in the last year.

When I was first informed of this, I wasn’t surprised. The narcs’ anger is palpable. They feel unloved, even hated by major parts of society, they often read of their irrelevance, impotency, incompetence, and ineffectiveness. They feel betrayed by politicians who have been going “ra ra!” for the drug war during their entire career, who are now turning 180 degrees. This anger, despondency and feeling of isolation, of walking the plank, has made them more destructive than ever, it is there last stand, and they are going to take as many with them as they can.

It is not just the cops, after all, states’ attorneys are just cops in suits. Some of them are wannabe cops. The judges, all come from the prosecution school of judging, where they learn how to overlook cops’ testalying, disregarding defendants’ witnesses or the facts of the case.

I was just at the grand opening of the new extension of the original Oaksterdam University campus in Oakland, and then the next day, I attended the opening of Cannabis Buyer’s Club of Berkeley. A single council member from Berkeley attended both openings, he was joined by Oakland City Council member Rebecca Kaplan at Oaksterdam. It was soon apparent that the city government had little to do with the success of the industry in the Bay area or its expanding culture- that includes education, entertainment, as well as medical relief. It was all “do-it-yourself”.

We though by now that Obama would legalize medical use by executive order, but marijuana is going to be legal in California on November 3, 2010 thanks to Richard Lee who put up the money and effort to put Tax and Regulate on the ballot. That was a big, expensive effort, but you can do it in your town! You can collect the signatures– especially if it is in a small town– that takes enforcement of medical laws out of the hands of the criminal justice system and puts it to the health department. The public is ready to approve initiatives about zoning, use, limits and possession, cultivation. It is up to us to put the initiatives on the ballots.

We don’t have to negotiate with terrorists who disregard the voter’s will. We don’t need them, we don’t have to beg, we don’t have to compromise with people who want to put us in jail. If you don’t like the laws, go out and make some of your own. Richard did it, you can too. Right where you are. That’s right, if you don’t like the laws go out and make some of your own.