Mobile County Commissioner Stephen Nodine Busted for Marijuana

This story broke a week or so ago and I am remiss in posting about it.

Tests show substance found in Commissioner Nodine’s car is marijuana

In short Nodine took his county issued truck into the county garage for servicing and the mechanic claims to have spotted marijuana scattered across the floor board as well as in a prescription bottle bearing Nodine’s name. At our Compassionate Care meeting yesterday in BHAM one of our members from Mobile said the prescription bottle was for hydrocodone.

The whole thing seems weird to me. 1) If you are a county commissioner who smokes marijuana in private but carries on the ‘law and order anti-drug’ stance in public you probably aren’t going to carry your weed around in a county vehicle. 2) What are the odds that sheriff’s deputies just happened to be on hand at the county garage when this went down? But, how would someone come by a prescription bottle with Nodine’s name on it? Did someone steal it from his home? His trash? Was it a fake?

I wonder if Mr. Nodine, assuming the marijuana is his, is a medical marijuana patient? If he is using hydrocodone then he obviously has some pain issues. If this is the case it would be mighty fine of him to step up, say he is a medical user, and call for comprehensive medical marijuana legislation to be passed in Alabama.

Yeah…I know…I’m dreaming. In the event he is charged with possession it will be a constructional possession charge because he was not actually caught with the marijuana on him. Chances are this whole thing will disappear and he will never have to face the music….unlike the normal, everyday people and medical marijuana patients he represents.

Must be nice to be an aristocrat.



  1. Classyathome on

    Anyone but a polit would have been full on busted, perp walked, arraigned, tried and convicted by now.

    Polit, or celeb, or rich man/woman…

    If I drove co. vehicle, and left herb in there – I’d be unemployed, and arrested, and…

    The oxy is the scary part – that shit will kill you (or the poor SOB you hit while narc’d outta your tree).

    He prob only bought it for his gay lover – the televangelist.


  2. Flying Goat on

    Dear Sir,

    Welcome to the ranks of the disenfranchised. Help us move forward into a world without unrealistically harsh criminal penalties for marijuana use. Help us stop families being torn apart, jobs being lost, etc., all in the name of the “War on Drugs.”

    I am a medical user with a disabling illness who needs to be able to access my medicine without being made out as a “criminal.” I have tried all available pharmaceuticals available, but the side-effects have been horrific, including the horror of being on a liver transplant list for over a year…

    Help us legalize, regulate & tax marijuana for all purposes (especially agricultural uses) here in Alabama. Some of us need the medicine; others need employment; others want their loved ones out of jail.

    Good article, Loretta! Hugs from the Bay.


  3. BG on

    Carry it in a county vehicle, who would suspect he’s got it??
    Prescription bottles are great, but always peel the label with your name on it off the bottle, dummy.

  4. Anonymous on

    That’s pretty bad. Not only does he use weed but he’s very messy too. You’re supposed to get it on the paper, Nodine, not the floor. He probably lied about back pain to get that narcotics prescription too. We’ll see him on the intervention show soon.