Drug Offenders: War on Drugs a Failure

The following letter from my friend Don Seibold appeared in response to my letter which was published a few days ago.

Drug offenders: War on drugs a failure

The recent letter about a way to save Alabama taxpayers millions of dollars yearly by releasing nonviolent drug offenders is spot on.

The so-called “war on drugs” has been a miserable failure that has cost our nation’s taxpayers probably billions of dollars — if not more — of wasted money. It’s past time to stop wasting our money on a failed effort and to use it in a more productive way, both nationally and here in Alabama.

Don Seibold

Don’s letter also appeared in today’s Mobile Press-Register

I hope that if you are reading this you, too, will write a letter.


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  1. Anonymous on

    after obama has taken office decisions that he would not go after the pot groweres and small dealers was bullshit clearly he was made too look like a fool. cuz not even a week later swat was at my door. also these thousands of dollars u say r goin to waste are really not thea goin to put us in chains and thea gettn paid good for it their worried about one thing and thats what the scale says when they drop ur work (ur stuff). thats how the exual out thea balance and u gotta understand the president is mearly a puppet in time of need we all face him but when the well oiled american mechine is running local states inforce the law meaning rebulicans and democrats decide wtf too spend thier money on all a corrupted system and their aint really shit we can do about it thats the land of tha free for u.